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  1. hehe what a legend. Just needs to start getting the ball more, then sylvia for PM!
  2. INJURY PRONE? hes had 1 injury in ten years mate. Im for keeping yze. all we need is a good coach who knows where his best spot is. In the forward pocket.
  3. Come on guys. He hasnt stepped up this year. Injured first round, stuffed him completely, has had to content with heavy tagging for the first time in his career. Judge him at the end of next year.
  4. YZE! hhehe. I was hoping it would be uninamious that brocky would step up, but he hasnt set the world on fire of late. Brad green for me.
  5. you know we are playing crap when medhurst is in the best for collingwood.
  6. couldnt even get a touch in the legends game ffs
  7. Terrible. Worst ive seen us play in a long time, and its been a shocking year and thats saying alot. From the outset we're not switched on. Neither was Neale Daniher. Completely outcoached. Didnt bother to man up Polak till the 2nd half when trying to play for any left over pride. White and Paul Johnson were fantastic last night giving our midfielders first oppurtunity every time. Too bad our entire midfield was asleep all night. Nathan Jones, alot of great things to say about him, but last night he was terrible. Sure he tries hard but it means nothing if you arent winning. He needs to lear
  8. how long have we had newton for? ND tends to do this with some recruits, keeps them under wraps. Much like he did with bate, and look how good he is now..
  9. Nah i like the kid. Wouldnt mind seeing brodie holland getting cleaned up.
  10. If Neale cant get our team up and running until the last quarter his message is obviously falling on deaf ears.
  11. I saw matthew lloyd looking at new lexus's in the city. and he said hes quitting the bombers and playing for the dees next year
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