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  1. That is extremely interesting. The Yze impact seems under appreciated, Hasn’t been spoken off as much as Williams. Bringing in Yze and Williams will prove to be THE switch that turned this club around
  2. Now THAT is my dream retirement job Driving the target buggy i presume it pays?
  3. Arctic ... that Wind has come a long way baby
  4. His first game (at 16?) was apparently one of the best first games ever I didn’t see it, but wanting to see a great first game brings you to the ground doesn’t it
  5. Did look poor didn’t it but I think one of the mids will have not done what they were supposed to do max is not a problem
  6. Really enjoyed the interview Well done , very much appreciated Oprah is worried !
  7. I think this might be close to the truth. Makes a lot of sense I’m beginning to trust the decisions the club makes; strange feeling!
  8. Enjoyed the game. Not a fan of the conferences but the format will evolve. A 50 m penalty is a huge deal in the game go dees
  9. From one BigRed to another Gingers rule!
  10. I was surprised. Fall on the outreached hand and pain+++ in the wrist like that is a scaphoid fracture until proven otherwise... Saving grace was he really didn't seem to us that hand much when he went back out... he couldn't.
  11. The Clash hat! Brilliant! I give it 2 rounds before the AFL says.... you can’t wear those colours. It clashes with Phil Narkle’s!
  12. If I was picked for aflx i would do a hamstring
  13. I completely get this THIS is a thread... Irony, humour, a little touch af anxiety as we open the thread and then a silly red and blue mess of a cake from one of our favourites.... We laugh and relax ..... and its back to the serious business of life! I could not be more confident about this year But that cake is [censored] and obviously his heart is not in it..... He’s gone !!!! Sydney can have him!
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