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  1. Good ! … it’s brilliant Great line I do enjoy reading the vitriol on losing team sites….. when it’s not us ….. I’d love Wines to get pxxxed off and come home, but I think it’s too late, and I reckon we actually have him covered
  2. We need a Full forward We have a full forward We know what to do
  3. I can’t believe you are all getting ahead of yourselves like this !!!! PS (In my dream, Max Gawn calls ‘non playing’ Jones up on stage after our 1 point win and says ‘this is for you Captain and puts his own medal around Nathan’s neck a la Footscray GF….. and we all burst in to tears)
  4. We lost. No injuries. They learned something about themselves We stay top of the ladder. The should now be angry, and hopefully that will sit in their guts until September
  5. He’s hardly selling himself to Collingwood
  6. And we will have to clap Buckley off the ground as well 😩
  7. I’ll be watching the game closely on Monday Which huddle will Choco go to at 1/4 time? If he turns towards the Lombards banner ... ....... we have a problem ! 😩
  8. Born in 1959. Dad followed Carlton, but my mate Ross in grade 1 at Beaumaris North primary said ‘Melbourne is the future’. Stick with the strength! So I jumped on board, with my Ron Barassi plastic footy boots and Hassa Mann living around the corner (he did!)..... Here We Go!, And the journey since has been wonderful. We lost A lot.....but the team gave me pleasure. If the Firsts lost, no big deal, the U19s won the premiership. If we Lost a game .....no big deal ..... Flower took that mark and had the most possessions. Found a way to see a positive! You find ways to enjoy the loss. Voted for the merger because we would obviously take over Hawthorn and stay unchanged, the Demons.... didn’t happen and now are lambasted for voting for what we thought was a take over. So be it. Was Overseas for the Hawthorn GF, read the sadness in the UK Times .....(pre-internet!) Thank heavens I didn’t fly home. Spent the week before the 2000 Final finding a seat for my father in law In the MFC members and queuing up for my MCC seat. Spent the second half in the Bar being miserable. And so on and so on..... You all know the story Have to mention Jim Stynes, and Bailey and Troy Broadbidge, and Flower... they would love this. This club has given me so much over the last near 60 years. A run at the GF, and dare I say a GF, or better.... would just be the cherry on the cake! Now let’s beat the Pies!!!!!
  9. If we’d beaten the Crows we would lose, because we would expect to win We lost .... so we’ll win, because we have to win Friday night is a very important game for us We will respond
  10. I’ve reached the point where I trust the selectors. They have their reasons. It will be matchups, or keeping Casey alive knowing anyone of you can get a game next week if you play your role, or fitness issues we aren’t aware of. What do we know? Harmes will be challenged, and we will know more about him and where we stand with him come finals Melksham will be in our GF side (I think) and he does a job on certain types of players. We need him I think So the changes? No idea . But I trust First time in a long time. Strange feeling
  11. Landed at the Airport at 3/4 time. Asked my good man (taxi driver) to tune the radio to the football. Up by a goal, ..... had to tell him to slow down when we,hit one goal per mile! Great win
  12. That is extremely interesting. The Yze impact seems under appreciated, Hasn’t been spoken off as much as Williams. Bringing in Yze and Williams will prove to be THE switch that turned this club around
  13. Now THAT is my dream retirement job Driving the target buggy i presume it pays?
  14. Arctic ... that Wind has come a long way baby
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