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  1. Can I suggest that is the first time the words ‘bespoke tailor’ have been heard on Demonland? Great get as a sponsor. All we need now is RMWilliams and I’ll be fully clothed with a 20% discount!
  2. Dee-jà Vu, What’s the French for that?
  3. Great rundown of the game and where we are at. Thanks so much for the effort you put in lads. You are not taken for granted and the value you add to the supporter experience (that sounded awfully modern and BS!) is very much appreciated From all the Demonlanders who rarely post but often listen… thanks enormously.
  4. The Ryan decision is the error Hard to comprehend
  5. Love this move So we can’t chant Melbourne … Melbourne That’s fine we will have to do Narrmy Army…. Narrmy Army… !?
  6. Remember the cry of the anguished Demon supporters ….. across the wilderness years Hasn’t been heard for the last 3 or 4 years ‘Just KICK it!!!!’
  7. When we turn the ball over, watching the whole team run back to defend, while staying in formation, is a thing of beauty. Unbelievable discipline and fitness
  8. Pity poor Petty Petty better potter until Petty pretty better
  9. Can’t thank you enough for recommending this Podcast. Great interview and a great guy. The player we see over the fence, is of course 1% of the person. And we only need to see that 1% to enjoy the game, but it’s lovely when you have an insight as offered here. And no matter how errant be the kick, the handball or the decision…. I will NEVER boo this guy, ever!!! Make that never boo any one. My private list of exceptions will remain private!
  10. Terrible Deepest deepest sympathies to his family What can you say
  11. Sincere thanks for all the reports over the year and for what’s to come I’m sure from you all in 22. It’s a huge amount of work, and Picket and all the training correspondents I’m sure do feel a responsibility to file that report each week. Honestly, its greatly appreciated and thank you, and have a wonderfull break And sharpen your pencils and charge your camera batteries! Looking forward to next year
  12. Umm... 'Train with' bloke with the beard is going to find it tough to make the list? Well someone had to say it... Go easy on me!
  13. Last bit of merchandise I bought, beyond a cap or Tshirt, was the Woewodin Brownlow commemorative Port in 2000 Never drank it. Lost it in a bet after a Collingwood game. Ill be getting some more I think. GrandFinal knife set looks a bit threatening mind you!
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