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  1. Done. Look forward to the results and recommendations.
  2. He went on to say it was a player recovering from injury and had not been in close contact with the main group of players in the last few days.
  3. Sam Edmund "We know who the player is and have chosen not to name him. He is in the rehab group".
  4. In the Casey match only Bowey and Lockhart made any claims for promotion. BBB hardly touched it and Jones showed spirit but not outstanding.
  5. Still no further news on the Swans' site but here's the link from the original article: " For those who are not able to cheer on the side at Casey Fields at 1.00pm on Sunday, you can catch all the action live via our Youtube channel, with further details to be released closer to the game. " (95) Sydney Swans - YouTube
  6. Hopefully you don't get the duo of Adelaide supporters who sat behind me and Mrs B with clackers. "Clack, clack, clack, Ad-laide' ad nauseum. Only relief was yelling back '3 syllables! 'each time they got to Ad-laide.
  7. Swans' website states it will be streamed via their YouTube channel 'details to follow closer to the game'. We live in hope.
  8. Sidebar comment but many thanks to whoever found and handed in Mrs B's phone after the game. Hope it was a D'Lander or friend. Much relief to see it sitting on the lost property bench when we got there.
  9. Want all my pals to sit in their reserved seats Prepaid to the club, don't scoff We'll happily download the club app See old friends, and tell Ticketek to @#$%k off!!! (apologies to Steve Poltz)
  10. Club site states it runs to end 2029 season
  11. Likewise. Enjoyed the win against tigers with a sprinkle of rain in the Southern Stand as opposed to the undercover Olympic stand seats I have paid for for years. Clues from those more expert at defeating Ticketeck would be gratefully received.
  12. Try this: AFL 2021: ‘Babes in the woods’ - Former Melbourne Demons star Russell Robertson delivers blunt warning (theage.com.au) Else I'll happily post the article.
  13. Another option might be rest Fritta - his hand was obviously still sore, bring in Brown and Chandler (on average = Fritta size :)) and Melksham to injury sub.
  14. Passed through my patch 20 mins ago and not raining here now. Radar looks OK for later.
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