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  1. Bowser also more comfortable kicking with non-preferred. I laughed when I saw the official AFL teamsheets that had him matched to Ratugalea but figured he could always reach up and tickle him. To quote Spargs "If you're good enough, you're tall enough.
  2. More power to you. Outstanding effort. Thanks for the research and splicing.
  3. Up there with the most important signings this year.
  4. Definitely transferable up to now; presume also for GF: "If you know someone who would like to attend you are welcome to pass on the membership barcode/s ....."
  5. Add me to the list of supporter for 65 years who will miss being there but happy to hand on 2 barcodes = 16 possible tickets. PM me if you are an interstate supporter of the mighty Dees.
  6. Maybe his left eyebrow - training vision on club website.
  7. Melksham, Majak, Joel Smith, Vanders all made the trip
  8. Nice to see Bowser named in the best on The Age match report.
  9. Either it's getting easier or the old bloke's finally following the instructions properly :) Took a very short time to get tickets and although not the exact seats I pay for they are in the same bay so all good.
  10. My favourite - Lou hasn't got any enemies but his friends don't like him.
  11. Done. Look forward to the results and recommendations.
  12. He went on to say it was a player recovering from injury and had not been in close contact with the main group of players in the last few days.
  13. Sam Edmund "We know who the player is and have chosen not to name him. He is in the rehab group".
  14. In the Casey match only Bowey and Lockhart made any claims for promotion. BBB hardly touched it and Jones showed spirit but not outstanding.
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