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  1. Another bizarre coincidence - Years since we've won a premiership (prior to last night): 57 Years - Age of Norm Smith when he passed away: 57 Years Old - Points we scored in the final quarter last night: 57 Points
  2. Solid win, bank it and then move onto next week. In all seriousness. OOOOOHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD! WE'REEEEEE THE PREMIERSSSSSS! 'ahem' Some notes from the game - Petracca. What more can you say? A modern day Demon superstar - For not the first time this year, our comeback in the third quarter can be attributed to one major change: Playing Jackson in the ruck. This kid was an absolute monster tonight and allowed Maxy to take one of the Dog's key defenders. - Fritsch had an absolute shocker of a second quarter but kickstarted our demolition job in the third. Just has that uncanny knack of finding space. An absolute nightmare matchup for opposition defenders. Most goals in a Grand Final since Darren Jarman in 1997! Unreal! - Can we take a moment to acknowledge Jake Bowey? This kid was playing in his SEVENTH AFL match and had 8 touches at 100% efficiency by quarter time. Was a big factor in our great start. Was playing a Weightman for a good portion of the game as well who had no influence whatsoever. - Bittersweet feeling for James Jordon who sadly (or in some aspects, fortunately) wasn't able to get on the ground tonight as the medical sub. Nethertheless, he still receives his premiership medal and played a key role in getting us here tonight. - May and Lever were arguably both down on their usual impact but both toiled hard. Neither Naughton or Schache were influential tonight so they played their roles just fine. - Salem oozes class with whatever he does. I know we tied him down for five years earlier in the season, but is there any chance we can extend that? More to come, maybe, dunno, feel like running around the block naked wearing only my Demon scarf before I do anything else.
  3. We should know the winner by Tuesday at this rate
  4. Loved watching him in the rooms after the match on the Fox Footy coverage. He's just like anyone of us, absolutely thrilled that we're where we are now after years of mediocrity. Here's my highlights contribution to this thread honouring the great man.
  5. Many thanks for [email protected] Mighty Demons! Would it be too much of a stretch to do Max's goal from the boundary in the 3rd as well? By the way, loved your 'Anything Is Possible' vid! Max certainly proved that on Friday night!
  6. No way in hell May misses the Grand Final
  7. With no football to worry about until the big dance, I finally have time to do what I've always wanted: write the great American novel. Mine is about a futuristic amusement park where dinosaurs are brought to life through advanced cloning techniques. I call it 'Billy and the Cloneasaurus.'
  8. Been fantastic since he's come back from suspension. Will fittingly play his 150th game for the Demons in the Grand Final as well.
  9. 6. Gawn 5. Viney 4. Petracca 3. Salem 2. Oliver 1. Langdon Apologies to literally anything and anyone else that represented Melbourne tonight. Coaches, runners, supporters, dogs wearing Demon jumpers etc.
  10. Logged on to Demonland about 40 minutes ago and and I swear I've been staring at my computer screen during that time in total disbelief, unable to type even the slightest semblance of a sentence as I'm simply at a total loss of where to even start after what we've all just witnessed. Never in my wildest dreams (and boy have there have been some wild ones), could I have imagined what transpired tonight. If Maxy wasn't already immortalised in Demon folklore with his goal after the siren to give Melbourne the minor premiership, he is a certainty now after single handily ripping the heart out of Geelong during that third quarter. No one, NO ONE, played poorly tonight. This was perfection personifed. Magnifique...
  11. C'mon Demons! Get it done! This made for decent pump material prior to our first final.
  12. First: Although I was taken to many games prior to this one, the earliest game I can remember attending (which fittingly some people have selected as their 'worst') is the 2002 Semi Final against the Crows at the MCG. I would've been around 6 at the time, so what turned out being a 40+ point final quarter turnaround that led to a Crows win was mostly forgotten on the train ride home. Best: The 2018 Semi Final against Hawthorn is an obvious choice, but I'm going to lean towards a slightly deeper cut here, being our win against the same team back in round 20, 2016. I actually went to this game by myself mostly as a spur of the moment decision as some other plans had fallen through for that afternoon. I never expected for us to get close to the Hawks let alone pull off what might've been the upset of the entire 2016 season. Sam Weideman made his debut that day and scored two goals with his first two kicks while Billy Stretch's burst through the 50 to slot a goal to give us the lead in the final quarter will be forever etched in my mind. With that win, we were able to keep our SLIGHT finals hopes alive which would come crashing down after a dour performance against Carlton a couple of weeks later. Honourable mentions go to... The 'Comeback Match' against Freo in '08 ANZAC Eve/Jonesy's 300th earlier this year Queens Birthday 2017 with Watts kicking the sealer For the sheer randomness, our final quarter comeback against the Giants in 2013 Worst: While it would be easy to select any of the 10-15 games I attended while Neeld was coach, the occasional 15 goal belting was sadly hardly a surprise at the time. I'm instead leaning towards the Roos era, and Round 21 in 2014, where fittingly during Member Appreciation Round, we managed to kick 3.16 against a GWS side who for the entire second half, could barely interchange players due to a calamity of injuries. While 2014 was hardly an inspiration season from a win/loss perspective, everyone (myself included) expected that we would account for the Giants quite easily. Saying that, you could tell we were in for a rough day when Rhys Palmer of all players roved a loose ball and slotted an easy goal within the opening minute. Dishonourable mentions go to... Our capitulation against the Essendon seconds in Round 2, 2016 Round 23, 2017 against Collingwood. Anyone still have their finals pamphlet? The beginning of the end for Mark Neeld: Round 1, 2013 against Port Adelaide
  13. Not sure if that Guthrie kick was 15m.
  14. 20 points... Giants have kicked three in three minutes.
  15. So based off that number of games, you could be saying that it's like he's been playing for five years already.
  16. That's a terrible decision against Draper.
  17. Bontempelli is a shadow of his early/mid season form.
  18. Dogs struggling to maintain possession at the moment. Bombers have looked impressive so far. EDIT: Doggies with just the 4 tackles in nearly 15 minutes of footy.
  19. I rate Justin Leppitsch as a football commentator, but come on, really? Putting the heat on Stevic for not moving out of the way?
  20. I still can't get over how good the kids were last night. Sparrow, Rivers, Kossie, Jackson, Bowey, Petty etc Seven players in our starting 22 have played less than 50 games and are all seriously having an impact.
  21. I'm hardly a superstitious person, but if we win this year's flag, I might believe that the curse is/was real. How long has it been since we won our last premiership - 57 years How old was Norm Smith when he passed away - 57 years Spooky...
  22. Always thought Matt Jones was stiff to just miss out on a top three placing that year. Goes to show the amazing depth we had at the time.
  23. Haven't had a chance to post my thoughts yet as I've been to busy liking other people's comments! Holy moly! Where on earth do you start with that one. - I'm not sure what's changed in the last few weeks, but Oliver's kicking has now reached Yze levels of mastery. This kid is now officially the complete package and is quite possibly as good as any player we've ever had on our list. - Gawn fought hard after the 'Big O' got the jump on him in the opening 10-15 minutes. From there, it was all Max. - Brayshaw was sensational. Possibly one of the best game's he's ever played for the club. Speaking of wingers, Ed Langdon also played his best game since the bye. Looked to push hard forward on several occasions which makes him a far more dangerous player. The guy is our own personal energizer bunny, he just never stops running. - Although the loss of McStay obviously didn't help the Lions, Both Petty and May did a great job in holding Daniher to his first goalless game of the season. Smith was decent in containing Cameron after his first quarter burst, but I think I still would prefer Hibberd in the side. Happy for the club to stick with Smith though. It's clear they see him as an important part of the side going forward. - All of the youngsters were outstanding tonight. How about Jake Bowey in his fifth game? Yes he got caught a couple of times, but on other occasions he showed great commitment to the contest and using his speed to burst out of the pack. Sparrow has come on in leaps in bounds and looks like a player who will thrive in finals. Glad to see the coaches back him in after they started him as the sub several times earlier in the year. Jackson is such an important part of our structure. Brisbane's mini surge in the third coincided with this stint on the bench. Took an absolute beauty early in the game as if to say, "look out world, here I come!" Rivers was crucial during the opening stages of the last quarter. His opening five minutes were as important as anyone's one the ground. More thoughts to come later...maybe. I'm still on Cloud 99 here.
  24. What a game, well played to both teams. Exactly what finals football should be.
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