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  1. Will not come near the club with Pert involved. Pert sacked him from Collingwood and Balme despises him. Anything negative you read about Pert, written by Caro has been fed directly to her by Balme.
  2. Nothing resembling a 'plan' or 'strategy' anywhere near this. This is just a bunch of claims that sound great, tied up with a nice little bow in the claim that 'if' it all happens we be flying and a powerhouse, with lot's more members... Tell us what you're doing right now. How are things going to be different? When Gale and O'Neill rolled out their plan, they at least started by addressing the shift in culture that was required. Followed up by appointing Balme (who was available because he's been fired by Collingwood's CEO at the time...). That's a plan, that's action, that get's results.
  3. Apologies, he's a slightly more decorated, self obsessed crackpot.
  4. Whether you like Pert or not, he has a record of both action and inaction. Moved Malthouse on when it was the unpopular decision, proved to be the correct call, genuine crackpot that butchered his next coaching job. Stuck with Buckley when it was even less popular (partly because of the previous Malthouse decision). Both calls while against the grain and unpopular at the time, were absolutely the right calls, let's give the bloke a little more than 5 minutes to prove his worth, or not.
  5. Oh boy... if your opinion could be classified as 'news' this would be the definition of 'fake' news'. This is categorically false.
  6. Rather than looking for a scapegoat to pin this too, why don't we look at the facts from Pert's time at CFC: - Time at Collingwood extraordinarily successful - peopled laughed when he set the target of 80k members as they are laughing now at the target he has set for MFC - no club in the history of the game has experienced the level of growth that CFC did in Pert's time as CEO - membership, revenue, profit etc. - took a bottom 4 list and built it to a premiership side - Developed a facility that has become the benchmark for all others WITHOUT requiring taxpayer funding - Exited CFC from the gaming/hospitality investments of the previous administration that were haemorrhaging money and returned CFC to profit within 2 years - Removed a coach that looked good on paper but was subsequently moved on by Carlton FC shortly after his appointment (interestingly, spent most of his first preseason at Carlton on a book tour rather than overseeing training) - Appointed a coach that in 2018 took the team to a grand final - In the face of intense criticism that ultimately lead to his demise as CEO, backed Buckley and his system when the easy thing to do would have been to sack Buckley and buy himself time while the club 'imbedded' a new coach and system. Buckley now coaches the premiership favourite team which surely vindicates the club and Pert's support of him. Didn't get everything right; - Appointment of Allen and Eade, potential missteps. Removal of Balme arguably another (although Balme was in favour of removing Buckley so perhaps this has also been vindicated). If we look objectively at the decisions that are now up for debate as to whether that have enhanced or will hamper long term success, they were overwhelmingly made under the leadership of Jackson and Roos and Mahoney (the latter being Jackson's preferred CEO appointment to allow Jackson to stay on at the club as a mentor...). For what it's worth, I think the decisions that have been made over the last 5 years at least, will ultimately prove to be astute moves that will take us where we all desperately want to go. I believe, the appointment of Pert will be another of those positive moves and that at this stage, all be can do is have a little faith. When it comes to faith, every day of the week, I'll give mine to those that have been there and done it and when you look below the surface, have made a majority of very positive calls.
  7. Wow, strategic thinking at it's best. Win the ball in the middle, hit targets and kick more goals... Mate, you have to tell the FD about this... pure genius!
  8. Agree 100%, seems they prefer to throw Jack under the bus and cause a standard media [censored] storm than make the facts available.
  9. He IS injured, take that as gospel. Not emotional, others just have access to information you don't.
  10. Carrying multiple injuries and wearing all the heat for a team underperforming across the board. Absolute joke. Makes a nice easy whipping boy, every time the coaching staff want to look like they're taking a stand. They pick and choose which players they take a hard line on 'team rules' with and it shows. Has McCartney's fingerprints all over it, there's a reason why he was moved on from the Bulldogs and they've never looked back.
  11. I'm hearing Hawthorn are now well and truly in the mix and the VERY early favourites to secure him. If GC want to get near the offers that are being talked about, expect to see Ablett back in the hoops to free up some cap space. Unrelated but the same source also said not to expect to see Brayshaw on the park this year. Long term prognosis positive, but not much to be gained by bringing him back with 3-4 weeks left in the season.
  12. Finally some sense. Has played most of this year as a significantly undersized ruckman, then expected to float forward, take the best defender and consistently kick a minimum of five goals. He's an athlete, being placed, due to lack of personnel, in a position where he has little chance to use his athletic advantages. He's playing an incredibly valuable role for the team just getting out there and giving a contest in the middle. Anything else he manages to deliver before Gawn and Hogan return, should be considered a bonus.
  13. I sat with a current MFC listed player at the Brisbane game and asked directly, how we let Martin go. His response was, "can play a bit but a really ordinary unit". Direct quote.
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