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  1. I disagree i think he has lead us to this moment, with his leadership, loyalty and club spirit that has been built up over the years of him as a player and a captain. This is a close knit team that became that way over the years not just the last year or two. Jonesy was responsible for a fair bit of that. it is now up to his team mates to finish the job he started not only for Jones but all of the other players who were in and out of the team over the year and who were injured at the wrong time or could not make the team because those there were playing so well. I know Jonesy will be disappointed not being there, but he would also have been very disappointed in missing his childrens birth, but he will equally proud of both the team getting there and his new family.
  2. while the dogs have been pretty good, port has been pretty ordinary and that is being polite to them. So many of their players fumbled the ball all nite long, they didnt chase, did not cover their man, could not hold marks, and constantly kicked to the opposition. Woeful performance. But credit to the dogs, they beat what was on the field. They will win by a healthy margin which will hopefully ensure our players respect them and dont get to far ahead of themselves. Play like we did Friday and the dogs play the way they did tonight and it will be a great final, with i believe Melbourne winning. We have a far better backline, ruck and midfield and forward line that should see us home.
  3. What i loved was the team work. Even before the game, our team all had their arms around each other shoulders in solidarity while Geelong players all just stood by themselves.That same team work was there all game for the Melbourne players, diving on the ball, smothering, tackling, chasing. Best game of football i can recall seeing in my 55+ years of watching and barracking for the Dees. Though being 64+ ones memory is not what it was. Gawn, brought tears of joy to my eyes watching the replay and his 3rd quarter. Do it again in a fortnight, please.
  4. Probably one of the best performances i have seen from the Dees for many many years. What an incredible performance, one more quarter, keep it going dees.
  5. heavy tag on oliver as expected, no frees for the constant holding, high tackles, etc.. gawn constantly being held and pushed in the back and gets nothing.
  6. we out scored them in the 2nd which is supposed to be one of their best quarters. Time for the fitter dees to run over the top of them.
  7. Great first half, our kicking for goal was awesome, then we fell back to kicking points. Everyone is doing their job, just keep it going dees.
  8. just heard of a massive out for us Razor ray is out. so what umpires do we end up with this week and what is our history with them, or more importantly what is Geelongs history with them
  9. Happy for the cats to talk themselves up and try to convince themselves and their supporters they are the better side. but look up the ladder and you see Melbourne FC on Top. Look at the games you played and who you lost to and you see Melbourne FC. They knew what they had to do to beat melbourne after their first lose early in the season and still failed. So knowing what to do, and being able to execute it are two different things. Melbourne by 27points.
  10. need to win this last quarter. They came back hard that quarter as we knew they would. our 2 points did not help but they are still 19 points behind. we cannot play defensive , that looks like weakness that they will pounce on, put them away. attack. Go Dees
  11. we know we came back from bigger margins, and the lions will know a 15minute slip from the dees like we did against Geelong gets them back into the game. So the Lions will come out hard this quarter to try to turn it around. we need to stand tall and extend that lead, we need to starve them of chances and impact their confidence around the ball and goal. Go Dees
  12. the whole team is playing reasonably well, as a team. keep going dees run it out.
  13. a good quarter could have been great if we had kicked straight. still a handy lead, now start again and build on it, dont go into a shell and try to defend. Need to continue to attack, and preferably kick straighter. Fritch probably needs to banana kicks more when he is on a 45 degree angle as he seems to miss these the most. Go Dees
  14. both sides playing well, thought they have a high reliance on charlie cameron, time to close him down tight.our ball handling has been pretty good, goal kicking has been pretty good compared to many games. Go dees
  15. I think that is his realisation S**t we will be playing port in Adelaide next week face.
  16. we won and won well and l believe we very much deserved to win it. But I think Geelong lost this, they had ample opportunity to take the points but started to play kick to kick in the 3rd quarter to waste time, that really backfired on them. we only scored a couple of goals in that quarter which gave us confidence yet still had them thinking they had it in the bag, after all how many times would they have lost at home from there. Our magnificent quick burst of goals in the last shook them and they panicked. They still tried to play keepings off, i dont know how many times i screamed at the TV for our guys to man up because they were not looking to move it down the field where they could lose it, they were just trying to run down the clock. At the end when Seldwoods kick along the boundary and out, not deemed deliberate, when Brayshaws was, when it was obvious that there was only one team out there trying to waste time and everyone even the umpires knew that was Geelong. I thought we need a miracle to pull it out of the bag from there. Their kickin from the brayshaw deliberate out was intended to stay close to the boundary so they could bundle it over for another time wasting throw in, if that had worked we would have lost, or even if we had taken the free from that position on the ground they would have flooded the backline and we probably would have lost. But Karma's a [censored]. that punch after it went over the boundary to again waste time was fitting revenge for the numerous deliberates against us not being paid. Great win Dees.
  17. what an awesome win. a bit of umpiring karma there. Umpire judged that Melbourne deliberately kicked it out of bounds when that was obviously not the intent. if they had thrown it in we may not have won. but thankfully the geelong player shanked it and it went out and we got 50, beautiful pass to maxy and a goal.
  18. they have only had a couple of more shots at goal than us, but here we are losing by 30+ points. a little better by the team at least they did not run away with it. but quite frankly we are the team behind they are playing keepings off and we are letting them. dumb football, man up. it would also be good if they actually tackled the geelong players a little more often. The umpires could pay dropping the ball and holding the ball against geelong occasionally just to make it look impartial.
  19. well that was a woeful quarter. take oliver out of the picture we fall apart, especially with Petracca being held. too many passengers, we cannot handle their short game and our kicking efficiency sucks big time.
  20. Was that dalhaus mark really 15 meters? some good play some poor marking of players, letting them pass it around to easily putting all of the pressure on our backline to defend and rebound. need to cover their short passing by manning up a bit more. otherwise a good quarter, if only we could kick straight for goal we would be an unbeatable side.
  21. If we have a couple of players who need a rest to freshen up for the Geelong game now is the time to rest them. Bowey coming in did not weaken us, another one or two should not make a huge difference. I expect our players to come out firing after getting beaten by Adelaide last time. This will be in Melbourne away from the Adelaide/Umpire/crowd, so it should be a very different game. We could have injuries during the finals so nice to try a couple of other players to see how well our reserves slot in.
  22. what a pitiful effort in that last quarter , must have thought they had it won and didnt have to turn up
  23. our chance to go to the top of the ladder again and with a couple more wins, especially against Geelong, stay there. Players need to pull their finger out and get moving.
  24. the second quarter was pretty poor. our players are too slow at moving the ball on. May needs to look for open players rather than kicking down the line all the time. we need to lift and lift badly. The umpiring has not been great, but what do you expect in eagle land. Too many of our players are not chasing and putting pressure on the eagles defense or midfield.
  25. This on paper should be an easy win for the Dees. but the way we have played this year take nothing as a given. we have lost against sides that we shouldnt have. need to stay focused and try to kick straight and well and truly beat them.
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