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  1. No change. team needs to focus. collingwood has lost their coach so that may spark the player up, we need to beat them and beat them soundly. Now is not to time to relax or go in thinking we have this won.
  2. we started well, but lost the 2nd quarter, hopefully the coach will use that to spur them on a bit more. We know they are going to switch need to be better prepared for it. our picking up of players on the switch resulted in them scoring. We are ahead we just need to keep working hard, and hopefully some of our forwards will start to put in a bit more, even if that is just leading out so as to not crowd the forward line we we take the ball in. all in all a great performance so far, but the job is only half done.
  3. well our winning streak had to come to an end in typical melbourne style against a bottom side. i think our team sometimes get ahead of themselves and take bottom sides to lightly, as they usually the ones that roll us first. Missed Salem, jetta while i love the guy and what he has given the club he is a close down players and not a distributor like salem, probably not the best choice for tonight. But it is what it is, umpiring was not great, but the crows should not have been anywhere near as close to us. our kicking for goal is still poor at times. it cost again tonight. some of the selfles
  4. a good win, if we could only improve on our kicking efficiency, we would be so better. i hope there boys are hungry enough to want to stay on top of the ladder and come out again week after week with that hunger. Demons sides of old often got complacent especially when playing some of the lower sides.
  5. given the poor performances by the pies so far this year, i wonder if he would prefer to go there rather than a top 5 side. i would prefer he stay with the dees. our stocks are overflowing at the moment that will not always be the case. there are a few players who are still not playing as well as they could which could allow for some changes that may give him a chance to get back into our top 22 and stay there.
  6. Is there anything stopping us from trading next years 1st round pick for someone 1st round pick this year, i.e. someone like GWS who traditionally end up with 3 or so picks in the first round.
  7. we have only had 2 more scoring shots than Freo if they could start kicking straight we would be in trouble
  8. looks like we have gone to sleep and letting freo run over us
  9. did you see any practice around the new man on the mark rule, i.e. have players running around looking for the handpass and just as importantly any sign of how we are going to defend against the opposition using this new rule to run the ball more often.
  10. i am not sure why this fuss over their height, it is their skill at getting the ball and using it well that we are after. Their rolw is likely to be crumbing at browns feet so if brown does not get the ball they do. having less height and more speed can help them get in and under and get the ball, and is likely to result in them getting more high tackles than a taller player would. Their addition to the team will hopefully push our other small forwards to work harder and improve their skills because if they dont they wont get too much game time.
  11. i love the awareness he showed in the video, players coming at him and he danced around them instead of just getting rid of the ball. the couple of tackles he made in the video looked good, just the sort of player we need hanging around brown in the forward line. good pick.
  12. too slow it will [censored] people off waiting so long especially when teams know who they are taking at this early stage
  13. I like to look of perkins, he moves the ball on quickly which is great to see. Would be a very handy addition if we could snare him.
  14. so has the Melbourne FC academy got anyone that we are interested in?
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