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  1. I love how Salem just looks like he has all the time in the world ball in hand.
  2. Unfortunately it's a very small ground so unless we are on a fast break, the forward line is just too crowded to reliably hit open targets.
  3. Great use of the body! little bump and another set show for Hulk
  4. Jesse marks, GWS player follows up with a tackle, 50 meters and jesse has a shot from 30 out
  5. Another midfield clearance to Kent in the forward 50, who sprays it off to the left
  6. I reckon we'll see the Melbourne boys get right into him round 12, or maybe he'll sit out with injury.
  7. Exactly. We're all sitting here arguing over the events of a game where neither team was Melbourne. When we play Geelong I would hope our players don't sledge Mitch for his illness, until then could not give a stuff.
  8. Podcast is an audio or video serial, anywhere from 15 minutes to 4 hours. Think like a radio show, sometimes on video. Looking forward to it. Been needing something new to listen to on a run.
  9. There was no backdating for Saad because he fronted up and copped his punishment immediately ASADA have also said that any provisional suspension will be backdated to the last date of competitive play, training is fine under a provisional suspension. Maybe not fair, but i guess the trade off is that they've already had the heat of the spotlight on them for 2 years.
  10. It may just be me, but i would prefer the lynching "jokes" be kept to a minimum.
  11. This whole thing has seemed like a stupid argument to me. They're under suspension, provisional or not. You either don't play, and have your pending suspension backdated to last year, or you play, and cop it on the chin when your suspensionj starts from when it is handed down. (´・ω・`)
  12. 100% agree, I honestly think Dunn is my favorite player on our list (´・ω・`)
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