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  1. The guy has 3. We would need Roos to sell him on leaving a legacy by helping to resurrect a near dead club.
  2. This guy doesn't have a loyal bone in his body. I have great concerns about bringing a guy to the Dees, after everything Richmond did for him, and put up with from him, is thinking about leaving for a bit of extra cash. He is a bomb waiting to explode, and could end up as the leagues new Ben Cousins or Brendan Fevola. Not what our club really needs at this point. ...however, he is just about past that immature age, and the next two or three years will have a big impact on his character for the rest of his life. If Paul Roos and his eventual successor believe that they can turn this kid into a gun midfielder, a loyal Melbourne man and a respectable human being, I'd be willing to back them in on this one. Yes for me if it's a yes for Roos.
  3. The rumours about Paul Roos were a lock, but rumours about not getting a PP are just media commentators with an agenda.
  4. The rumours about Paul Roos were a lock, but rumours about not getting a PP are ludicrous.
  5. Thanks mate. Said it out loud at work and got a few sideways looks...
  6. He was just on Footy Classified. Geelong may not be giving him another contract. Pros: Hard as f*** Still racking up touches Wins the ball Finals and premiership player Practically free pickup if hes a free agent Cons: He's 31 Rodan didnt work out May not have the passion to play elsewhere Spends great slabs of time injured. (Tony Tea)
  7. Why are we getting this bloke? Didn't coach a single win this year. Jesus
  8. 2010 - Melbourne's average losing margin was 27.8 over 13 losses. Losing by 54 points to the team that finished second that year doesn't really show "The Darwin effect" you're referring to. 2011 - Average losing margin of 56.8 over 13 losses. We lost to a team that finished third on the ladder and did better than our average losing margin. Nothing to see here. 2012 - Average losing margin of 50 points over 17 losses. We lost to North who finished 8th, ie slightly better than average. Losing by slightly more than our average losing margin would be expected. This is a rubbish thread.
  9. So I was watching this video today: Now after this was filmed in 2004, Australia went on a miracle run in the 2006 world cup. Does anyone want to tweet John Safran to see if he can break the curse of Norm Smith? @JohnSafran
  10. Jack Grimes will be placed on the Long Term Injury List and will miss a minimum of eight weeks. I assume this means we will be elevating Magner too. I like it.
  11. What do you think are some immediate, small or big, changes that can be made around the club to start pushing these boys to compete? Listening to the Dermie SEN interview got me thinking about what we can do with the playing group. -Drop the beards. Beards are for winners. If we lose a game, everyone rocks up to recovery clean shaven. Fresh face, fresh week. -Make their life hell. Don't let them get away with anything. If they want to play like 16 year olds, then they get treated like it. -Come out in the press conference and tell them the players are banned from going out drinking. The players know they'll end up on the news if they go out. They may complain, but if you want to earn the big bucks, then you don't bite the hand that feeds you. The coaching group; -Bring in an experienced coach to do a review. I'm not saying we start cutting jobs, just bring in a succesful experienced coach to make recommendations on what can be improved. -Be hard on the players, but go through the hard yards with them. What are your thoughts?
  12. We started the year With a tough couple of weeks But hold your heads high At least your not drug cheats
  13. What this all boils down to is: sit back and watch while the club burns. I understand that immediate action may seem a tad harsh, but the fact is this club has been going backwards a little more each year since 2006. We are now in a phase of rebuilding a rebuild. I am of the belief that we can continue rebuilding as much as we want, but if the foundations are rotten, the structure will keep collapsing. This change needs to come from the top down, and while I included the board as a whole in my letter, I think more than anything, we need to lose CS and DM. We need to appoint a fresh and competent leadership at the very top of this club, and once they are in place, we can work our way down the list and replace as needed.
  14. What do you suggest is the right course of action?
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