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  1. As a Ninthmond supporter yes, but I was under the impression she severely disliked him over some personal issue? Moreso when she said she didn't know the full story, he gave a look at the camera as if to say 'Then why are you talking about it'
  2. Was discussed last night on Footy Classified. The general gist is that the original complaint was fairly exaggerated, Caro said she was of the belief Martin never threatened to stab the woman
  3. Mark my words, Jobe will keep his Brownlow. The betting company money coming into the AFL will see to it.
  4. It seems that the indigenous boys played in an exhibition match that has pushed their suspensions further out
  5. This whole episode shows that Australia's public is still stuck in archaic times. It's 2016 and everyone is still losing their mind over a black man asking out a white woman.
  6. The crowds this year showed some questionable behaviour towards Goodes for some pretty weak reasons. Lets hope those same people get as vocal when Dustin gets his hands on the ball next year. Scum
  7. No chance. Gawn is one of the players I look at and just don't see a bloke who would leave the club. Howe probably, but Gawn, no chance
  8. A day in the life of Lance: 5.30am - Wake up, shower in innocence water 5.40am - Dress, paying special note to wear victim pants 5.50am - Breakfast - Muesli, the most just of all meals 6.00am - Start daily session reading every news publication in Australia for any reference to Prince James or Essendrug 7.00am - jump on bigfooty main board, ready to mock peasants who haven't read today's newspaper. 8.00am - begin cycling through club boards, fixing wrong opinions 9.00am - head to bomber blitz, demonland and any other club forum that puts up with me. 10am-12pm - cycle between all boards replying to some people in a circular argument we've been having for months 12pm - lunch, Wafers representing body of James, and wine, the blood of James 1pm-5pm - cycle for arguments again, paying special care to mock anyone who hasn't read ever article ever written about the saga 5pm - knockoff, meditate on James 6pm - legal aod9604 injection 7pm- masturbate furiously to picture of James 8pm - early to bed ready to go again tomorrow
  9. Hird crying to the media about it. Last I remember James no one ever denied injections taking place...
  10. I could swear that dean cox said it was Joel and scooter on an afl website video last year.
  11. If you read the comments after the initial tweet the OP replies to say it was during the game
  12. Sometimes a sledge can just be a sledge, doesn't have to be a legitimate personal attack.There's a good story about Joel sledging brother Scott with "my dad slept with your mum"
  13. Basically noone at the club had any idea it was all Dank. If you go to google news and search for "James Hird and Essendon’s drugs scandal: the inside story" it will bypass the pay wall
  14. 100% agree with this.As gut wrenching as it is to lose the game in that fashion, our fourth quarter we looked like a team who was afraid of losing, not like a team who wanted to win. So many wasted opportunities in the fourth.
  15. That's surprising, the ticketing bloke offered a mate of mine tickets on level one for the same price as GA when we came in
  16. This is a legitimate question, why do you day in day out post on the internet flying the flag for the club? Like what do you personally get out of dealing with people trolling you all day?
  17. The best way I've heard it summed up was: 1,2,3,4,_,6,_,8,9 We all know the missing numbers are 5 and 7, but you can't prove it so Essendon aren't guilty
  18. Silly by Clarkson, but really sick of people acting like [censored] idiots treating coaches and players like displays in shop windows to be toyed with. You act like a [censored] idiot, don't be suprised when someone hits you.
  19. This is just outright wrong. World War I, many will concede was a waste of Australian lives, which were used as a distraction for the British. WW2 however, is a different story. The intelligence suggested that the Japanese were trying to take the whole pacific, and some research will show the British were happy to let them do so and deal with it after Europe was won. Many Australians that died did so to prevent the war ever reaching our shores. There were Japanese subs in our harbors, to say there was no threat to Australian territory is ignorant and shows how little you know about which you speak. Despite you're obvious distaste for the reason these soldiers were asked to enlist, surely you can respect that they did it because they thought it was their duty to their country. Attitudes like yours to ANZAC day are typical of a younger generation from a peaceful time who has never really seen their home threatened
  20. ANZAC day to me isn't about the "glorification of war" It is about the men and women who gave their lives for right or wrong because they felt a sense of duty to their country. To me "lest we forget" is about remembering the dead for the lives they sacrificied, not the reason for which they sacrificed them. To others like yourself it's about remembering the futility of the whole thing and not forgetting so we don't make the mistake of sacrificing the lives of so many Australians again.
  21. I get the feeling we were a little lethargic there. Just a step slower to the contest than we were in the first and it showed. Hopefully we can come out after the break and put them away once and for all.
  22. That Viney tackle looked more like a suplex. This kid is it folks.
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