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  1. I'm almost done with this football club.
  2. We've turned into a genuinely bad football team.
  3. Omg, why do they have so many free players outside the contest?
  4. We've gone backwards. Goaless quarter coming.
  5. We're getting completely out coached, it's embarrassing.
  6. The fact we're playing against North Melbourne makes me care about this game more than i probably should.
  7. Does it count as a broken record if we beat North Melbourne or is that wishful thinking?
  8. Yeah. Don't think we will land a player. I think we will trade into the first round of either this year or next year. Something along those lines.
  9. Give we traded so soon for Lever, surely we have something else brewing other than Balic.
  10. I suspect we're going to have to give up pick 27 as well. At least, that's what the crows will be demanding.
  11. An entertaining read for anyone interested: https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/teacher’s-pet-weak-[censored]-jake-lever-wants-trade-to-rabble-melbourne-shuns-charity-part-2.1179474/
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