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  1. I quite like the idea, but it will never get through. It should have been packaged with FA as a take both or leave both deal
  2. He is being singled out because as far as we know, he's the only one that spent his Christmas day running sprints. Expecting that from the whole list is ridiculous, They are professional football players, not robots.
  3. It throws a lot up in the air for ASADA. They have hours of interviews with the two they failed to subpeona, but the players lawyers will correctly argue that recorded interviews can't be cross examined. That's not an issue in the tribunal, but this will end up in a court appeal regardless, so it won't be admissible there.
  4. He's just been delisted by North. Worth a punt on a 1 year minimum money deal?
  5. Maybe you should stay away from trade period... I fear for your blood pressure
  6. Not wrong, mate of a mate has him as a facebook friend, and it just gets downright bizzare sometimes
  7. Free speech does exactly that. It just doesn't protect them from the consequences of their words.
  8. Seems more like a good natured joke. Reading too much into it
  9. Even worse than watching us gettig beaten up on by a bunch of kids is hearing the dirtbag melbourne supporters booing the boys. You are SUPORTERS. This is typical of our mob. The supporters give up long before the team did. Disgraceful, just take your [censored] and leave
  10. Jack Watts shouldn't be traded, he should be [censored] shot
  11. Could be that their message box is full as well
  12. [censored] Frawley, if he thinks he's worth more than we'll pay him let him go
  13. The legislation seems to state all claims have to be investigated. How far they probe isn't specified.
  14. Melbourne WILL be investigated for this. The legislation is pretty clear. 131. Procedure if prosecution is not brought If - a person considers that the occurrence of an act, matter or thing constitutes an offence against this Act; and no prosecution has been brought in respect of the occurrence of the act, matter or thing within 6 months of that occurrence— the person may request in writing that the Authority bring a prosecution. (A draft generic letter can be downloaded here) Within 3 months after the Authority receives a request it must - investigate the matter; and following the investigation, advise (in writing) the person whether a prosecution has been or will be brought or give reasons why a prosecution will not be brought. The act however, does not specify what an investigation entails, but needless to say the clubs will be issued a please explain, and probably a tour of facilities by Worksafe. In the 12/13 financial year, They received 14 requests to investigate, and recommended not to prosecute in every single one of them. 10 Were then referred to the DPP at the complainants request, only 1 was recommended to be prosecuted by the DPP. Nothing to worry about. Sources: Section 131 of the OHS act Worksafe Annual Report - See page 85
  15. Tough loss, really disappointing. Hopefully by the end of the year these are the games we'll be closing out.
  16. What tickets do I buy to sit next to the race and throw my membership at them?
  17. I was there, pretty sure he came on in the second. Got 4 kicks, butchered two. He was pretty hard up for opportunity, his defender was bigger, and there were no big targets for him to crumb for. He can be an effective player, but needs real targets up forward.
  18. Sometime I meditate before a basketball game and usually play better. Whatever helps
  19. I'll miss Craigy. He didn't bring us success, but I really liked him in the red and blue.
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