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  1. Rivers left as a free agent, he was not traded.
  2. If rants and raves can get them to put Hey Hey back on the air, surely it can get a few flogs who aren't doing their job right fired
  3. As someone standing behind the goals at the essendon end, the cheers were definitely from Essendon flogs. Watts was copping it from there all game
  4. It is easy to throw stones while offering no opinion. Why not share some of the "actual facts"?
  5. WYL, I think your inbox is full, I cant send you a PM. For any having issues, here is the letter. To The Collective Staff At The Melbourne Football Club: Don McLardy opens his letter stating that the last two weeks have been trying for the club and it's stakeholders. I contend that the last seven years have been a staggering disappointment. I, like you, do not believe that the results to date are a true reflection of the quality of our playing list, or the effort and improvement they have shown over a tough and demanding pre-season campaign. The question must then be asked, where is the problem? It is clear from watching the performance and body language of the players that they do not care for this football club. The players that actually show a love for the club are few and far between, and this says to me that the club has lost the players. As a club we need to now make the changes required to rectify the situation, lest we end up going the way of Fitzroy. I am not sure what you are referring to as external pressures, but as a member, I consider myself an internal part of the club, and I count myself among those demanding radical changes. We have dropped two coaches now in the search for improvement and nothing has changed. We have suffered a huge array of on and off-field issues over the last seven years, including but not limited to: two tanking scandals, the loss of a number one draft pick, two record breaking defeats, failing to develop ANY elite talent despite the amount of first round draft picks the club has had. It preplexes me and every other Melbourne supporter I have spoken to in the last few days how some on the board are still on the board. It is even more astounding how our CEO, is still in his job after everything the club has been through since his appointment. I therefore ask the following of the president, the board and the CEO: If you truly love the Melbourne Football Club, then hand in your resignation and give control of the club to AFL administrators. This is the only way the club can recover from it's dire position. A clean slate is what is needed at this football club, not more politics and blame games. Let the club move on, or be destined to fold like other clubs before us. Sincerely, A Melbourne Football Club member.
  6. I have now email bombed The Age, The Herald Sun, Channel 9, Channel 7 and the club with my letter, and I have shared it on Facebook. I encourage those who agree with me to do the same.
  7. I have sent my reply directly to Don and the board by email. To those wishing to get through to these people directly, their club email follows the following structure: [email protected]
  8. Im sure Neelds pregame address wasn't "go out, fumble and run slow." we spend so much time blaming the coaches administration and anyone else we can, but if the players don't give a [censored] it doesnt matter if we ressurect norm smith and put him back in charge
  9. What intrigued me was the quote was "$500,000 fine to be paid in installments" Could be a dollar a year for the next 500,000 years
  10. Listening to the AD and AFP presser now. Looks like there has been recognition of multiple clubs and they have recognized multiple players accross multiple codes using PED's. It looks like there is going to be a further investigation. This is really going to shake up the AFL, NRL and more.
  11. Yea had a couple blokes next to me talking, but I didn't want to kill the sound so you could still heart the players banter.
  12. if the club asks me to take it down I will. I particularly like the stoppage around the 6 minute mark, Jones gets the handball, breaks a tackle, sells some candy and delivers a great kick into the pocket.
  13. No worries guys, had a lot of fun taking it Pretty sure it's Hogan
  14. Forgive the shaky camera. First time shooting on an SLR without a tripod.
  15. I'd say the easiest way would be to create an album on a site like imgur.com it's a simple browse and upload
  16. I went down yesterday, took a few hundred pictures and about 10 minutes of video of the match simulation. I'll clean it all up and upload it tonight.
  17. This is true, though I guess the fairest indicator of standings would be after one game against everyone. We could lock ladder positions to their current brackets, so someone sitting 7th couldn't go into the top 6, they are fighting to stay in the 8. Sort of a mini finals series
  18. We always hear about the draw being the sole reason some teams make finals, and there's always a reason we can't do anything about it. Forgive me if this has been floated before, but here's my idea to fix it. Round 1-17 - All teams play each other once. If you want an "event" game (queens b'day etc) it has to be in this first 17 rounds. Round 18-22 - The ladder is divided into 3. Top 6, middle 6, bottom 6. These are the teams you play the remainder of the season against. From what I see the pros are there. It's exciting. We see good football games, and it has a chance to shake up the top 4/who makes the 8. The AFL has it's Friday night blockbuster set up already. The only flaw I can find is having to schedule mid-season. Anyone else see any issues?
  19. IIRC Jack didn't play TAC cup this year, as he was playing VFL until his broken jaw Edit: Beaten to it
  20. I guess it all depends on Gold Coast. If they are genuinely chasing him with pick 2, then yes, this is harmful. If they are bluffing to burn our pick 3, then this is a good thing and they will think twice before bidding.
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