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  1. Potentially it could mean the Swans stay in Melbourne after the game
  2. Lets be real, i rate Sam Weideman the talent, but he's never put consistent performances together at AFL level, and THAT, is the only reason he's not in the team now IMO, we want to see him doing it week in, week out for a block. and i reckon he'd be clear on that. it'd be a real shame if he left, and i don't think he will, this is all just media stuff
  3. Seriously, HTF did the Saints not take this bloke pick 1? and then after such a disasterous call, how did we appoint their coach at the time as our footy boss! Richo is trying to make up for it by signing Trac up for 1000 years
  4. Collingwood are going to throw Huge money at Harry McKay in my opinion.
  5. Got nothing on Weid unfortunately. i'll ask and see if i can dig up anything but it's all quiet, which makes sense, his value has the potential to sky rocket this season. I do see where the club is coming from though in wanting to see him play well consistently for a block of games before bringing him in, but also get why he'd be getting a bit frustrated. I'd be pretty shocked if he's not in the team in the next couple of weeks, and then signs on at some stage.
  6. \ 100% with you Dazzle, i'm eating Humble pie for calling for Goodwin to be replaced, the players very clearly believe in him, and he's got these genuine guns of the comp to take less money and commit long term. and if the reports are true he's got us firmly in the mix for Z. Merrett as well. Just an FYI, the same person who told me Trac was in talks for an extension (admittedly he got the period wrong) did also say Luke Jackson will be signing on as well until the end of 2024. so fingers crossed for that one.
  7. He will, it's all about building consistency, from what i've heard, he's very clear on that too, the club wants a block of consistent form of 4-5 weeks of him just dominating, the form of Tom McDonald has been a bit of a curve ball but Weid is too good to stay out for long.
  8. Be a very silly time to jump off the Dees Bandwagon i reckon. he might watch a few of his mates winning medals while he is going through a rebuild haha
  9. We won't let Weid go, i'm sure he's frustrated, but i would be very shocked if he wasn't very firmly in our long term plans also wtf would anyone want to go to Collingwood?
  10. I agree, but i think for me to have someone like Trac decide at 25 or whatever he is that he wants to be a Demon for life, it'll be incredible for the club. says a lot about Goody too, i've not rated him much, but if Trac is signing a deal like that, he clearly does, and he'd know a bit more
  11. Outside of Paul Roos, it's hard to think o a more significant re-signing or signing for this club in the last i don't even know how long. i'm speechless.
  12. I knew, and posted a while back? or at least mentioned to @A F that Trac was chatting to the club about an extension, but i had no idea it was of this size/scope. i thought it was 2 more years on top of next year. this is incredible, what a show of faith by Trac
  13. One week at a time. beat the Swans this weekend and then we can re-assess and decide to just worry about the next week
  14. Yes sorry i realised this after, i had mixed him up with someone else.
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