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  1. Would definintely want North to pay a chunk of his contract
  2. Not sure the game style is the issue here Binman, what i'm hearing suggests it's a lot more to do with people in key positions and some of the decisions they're making, and the way they're handling people and sensitive situations.
  3. Teams come knocking for Clayton every year, last time he was OOC North offered him a huge deal and he didn't even really consider it apparently. I think the frustration with the players is real though, i've heard that a few of our really important players are asking questions of the club about it's direction. I've always heard Goody isn't as well liked as it seems on the outside so could be really interesting times ahead.
  4. Heard today that Essendope have some interest in Jack Viney now as well. if he went there i feel we could match the offer and ask for Saad in return. It does seem like the longer this drags on the more teams are starting to think maybe he is gettable. it's difficult to tell if he is considering leaving or if we're just pretty happy for him to do so.
  5. I think with improved forward craft the output of all of those forwards would improve quite a bit. To be honest i don't think we're going far as a side if any of those 3 are in our best 22 next year. i think it's time for Sparrow and co to step up and grab those spots. I think a better balance with Petracca forward and he could be worth another 25 goals as well.
  6. Not suggesting Oliver and Petracca, but if i was offered Zach Merrett for our 2021 pick and say James Harmes or Angus Brayshaw i'd have a serious think about it. i think if you were going to deal with Essendon for Merrett and inside mid is probably all we have that would appeal really.
  7. Nope. if you want to pry a player of that quality out of Essendon, you've got to be prepared to pay up. i 100% guarantee if Zach Merrett was a Melbourne player and Essendon were trying to poach him, Demonland would be universally saying a first round pick and a player, or two first round picks.
  8. It's a really tricky one to solve but i think it starts with We don't get anywhere near enough value from Max Gawns dominance. we don't have great system around stoppages and this makes it really difficult for us to stop run ons, teams can get hold of us in the midfield even if we clearly have the more talented midfield. when we do get a clearance our disposal inside 50 combined with our poor system and forward craft inside the 50 means we don't get a lot of easy lead up goals I think everyone has harped on this a fair bit in various threads but a team lacking syst
  9. I'd be willing to trade a best 22 player and a first round pick to get Zach Merrett into the side. they need an inside midfielder so maybe there is a win-win to be had there with one of our guys. It feels unlikely this one but he'd significantly improve our side in 2021. i rate him up there with any of our mids in terms of quality an he brings attributes that our team desperately needs.
  10. Weid is going okay, i'm not too upset with where he's at. but he definitely needs a second tall to support him. in a perfect world McDonald would find some form and we would be fine
  11. It seems for even those who are happy to keep Goodwin the biggest reason is the financial component coupled with the likelihood of getting an untried assistant. I would throw out there that the financial impact could be as bad or worse if we have another mediocre year in 2021. we're risking losing all of the momentum that we've build under Paul Roos and Peter Jackson if we don't get this right now. Not only would another bad year in 2021 impact us financially i believe we'd also run the risk of losing some of our key players and take long term damage as well. I also think the
  12. While i agree that there is a level of risk to sacking Goodwin for someone untried, i do think there are options out there we could be pretty confident would improve us in 2021. there are some very capable coaches in the marketplace that are worth considering if we aren't sure Goody can take us forward.
  13. 1. Christian Petracca 2. Steven May 3. Max Gawn 4. Clayton Oliver 5. Ed Langdon
  14. That's the thing about free agency. the price of players gets so inflated. i don't think it's worth chasing a big money free agent unless you feel it's the last piece of the puzzle, or it's someone you can build around. someone like Williams is not worth 900k for the role he plays. i'd argue Saad can be equally as damaging and we won't be paying him that much if he comes.
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