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  1. Couldn't be more thrilled with the off field moves. i think Alan Richardson into the GM role will prove to be a masterstroke, Mark Williams imo is the best development coach in the game outside of Brendan McCartney so very good to fill that role again, and Adem Yze is an absolute gun, he will absolutely sort our midfield out. three experienced and high quality football people walking in the door significantly improve our program. it's now or never for goody, he couldn't have a better team, the club is in good hands.
  2. Serious question Nev, if it's the same group of posters, why not ignore them? chuck them on ignore and then you can get on with talking footy.
  3. the interest was, but saw a thing saying this morning it was all but confirmed, wasn't sure if anyone else saw the post i'm referring to?
  4. Word on the street is Chip Frawley is going to join the Saints
  5. Fortunately the recruiting team who watch these players for years leading up made the decision, they've obviously got some players in mind.
  6. Just reading the play BA. i've heard consistently that several of our key players have been frustrated with not just the way the season ended, but also issues within the FB dept. i think we were able to put those spot fires out this off season, but if we miss the finals in 2021 it'll be much harder. I don't totally agree, i think Petracca was always going to take a little bit of time, and i think he was quite solid in the forward position. in 2019 he was right up the pointy end of the league for score assists i believe. i think the those feeling Petracca underperformed are really just co
  7. If we have another bad season next year and underperform, i think there is a live possibility Petracca and Oliver both request trades. that's how important 2021 is for the MFC. i hope they're making the right call backing Goodwin in.
  8. I wouldn't even bother with a phantom draft this year, even the clubs themselves acknowledge that the draft boards are going to be so different due to Vic not seeing games. i think JT and co would have their eyes on some good talents they've seen building for a few years and they'll take a calculated punt that they would have pushed strongly into the first round had games happened, but slipped because they didn't
  9. It's a rumour. nothing connected to any form of inside knowledge or anything, i've just heard it from 3 different people now who all generally know a bit about what's happening, so thought it was worth sharing :)
  10. Something i've now heard from several people, so i thought why not post it in the rumour thread :)
  11. Essendon trying very hard to pry pick 2 out of North Melbourne. they're keen on Logan McDonald and offering multiple top 10 picks for that pick.
  12. Jackson isn't going anywhere in the short term. like Jesse he'll get chased every single off season by both W.A clubs but so will Rivers and Kozzie. any half decent interstate player is going to deal with that most of their career. Everything i've heard about LJ is he's incredibly happy at the club, excited for the future and the club thinks we've got ourselves an incredible talent. I personally think LJ's first 4-5 years are going to be mostly flashes of brilliance with a gradual build in strength, fitness and consistency before absolutely exploding onto the scene and ripping a se
  13. Hibberd May Lever Salem Tommlinson Rivers Harmes Brayshaw Langdon Petracca Weideman Fritsch Pickett Brown Jackson Gawn Viney Oliver I/C: Melksham, Lochart, Baker, Jetta
  14. Josh Mahoney did mention there were a few guys that weren't as high profile that he feels would have gone higher if games were played in Vic so my guess is if we don't move up, it's because we have an eye on 2-3 of those guys that may all have otherwise been first rounders
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