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  1. I posted back in July that Melbourne are totally focused on getting Parish and nothing has changed. In fact, my source has only re- confirmed the fact it will be Parish at 3.
  2. Guys, I don't know how negligent Josh Mahoney has been in this, however, I've chosen this as the catalyst to document some very negative feedback I have received recently about Josh. You will have to respect my sources, however, please be assured that these comments are 100% factual. I play tennis with a guy who had a role for the years 2013 & 2014 within our football Dept. and let me assure you this guy has has had involvement in at least two other very successful football Clubs. His feedback of Josh Mahoney paints a picture of someone totally out of his depth and well below the standa
  3. It's a no from me. Seems to have been a few seasons since he regularly was in the best.
  4. Seems to me that as the Kangas have become a more consistent & reliable team who now wins the games they should win, it is Ryan Bastinac that has become one of the casualties at selection. FCS, even Nahas still gets a game ahead of him. Not for me.
  5. The earlier Posters who suggested we are after Parish are correct. Parish has been the key target for months.
  6. Saw it on a Facebook trade page. You might as well have just said "I made this up completely". It might not be your fabrication but it's certainly someone's. I really doubt the club is looking to trade Dawes. Wow, I'm really amazed that someone would be surprised the Club would want to try and offload Dawes.
  7. Is considered an absolute spud amongst the Hawks playing list. No thanks!!
  8. It will be exceptionally rare for Clubs to match offers for several reasons particularly if that player has provided great service eg Judd & Dangerfield because they (a) don't want a player in their environment that doesn't want to be there and (b) they don't want to risk a court case. You must also remember that when a Club goes to a player who is out of Contract and says we are delisting you, the Player can't say no, I'm staying.
  9. You'd be very surprised what is in the top drawers of Player Manager's & Football Manager's desks weeks before the end of the season.
  10. According to Stuart Fox, the deal with Geelong was signed months ago. Laughable that anyone would even think he was coming to Dees. The Hawks never made an enquiry, in fact, never even contemplated Dangerfield.
  11. You couldn't be more wrong. The Hawks will be totally inactive in player signings this year as as they don't have a dollar in their salary cap. Stuart Fox mentioned today that this will be a year at the Draft for them so as to bring in some youth.
  12. Had lunch today with an AFL club CEO who said that the Dangerfield deal to Geelong has been agreed to for sometime.
  13. Yes, that's right, it's all the supporters fault for being so negative.
  14. We have so many more problems than MacDonald but he is absolutely pathetic with ball in hand, which actually goes to show how bad we are.
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