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  1. ugh i was on cloud nine 3 hours ago & now i feel sick.
  2. not to mention statistically we’re a greater chance of winning the granny from 3rd than 1st. All part of the grand plan 😎
  3. no this is good… port adelaide in adelaide as underdogs! we love that situation
  4. fmd the dogs were atrocious tonight. port not much better really. have to stop worrying about outcomes not in our control .. gotta just back our boys in to beat whoever whenever
  5. The hawks are a rubbish side that are being made to look like world beaters by us. Again we are showing a complete lack of respect for our opponents. Our worst football this year has come against the worst sides. it’s very disappointing
  6. There is no integrity in the AFL. For those umps to not pay those 2 frees near the end really makes you question the professionalism of this competition. If that was a final.. It would be catastrophic. It makes it really hard to unconditionally love our game.
  7. Congratulations to J Jordon. But seriously.. Yuk!!! I’d love to be proven wrong.. But I just don’t think he offers anything.
  8. James Jordan looks like a deer in headlights.
  9. Would've been a great fit for us... Once again Saints on the ball and making all the moves. Well and truly passed us imo.
  10. Well technically that's still good grounds to blame the club.
  11. Phillips is absolute rubbish. Why aren't we focussing on what we actually need instead of 'Break glass in case of Emergency' players. The only Phillips we should be targeting atm is Tom... FMD
  12. My concern is that Greg Stafford seems to be playing musical chairs with his role at the club. First came in as Ruck Coach, then migrated to Goal Kicking Coach, now he’s our Forward Coach. I guess if we throw enough chit at the wall eventually it’ll stick?
  13. All you can do is laugh.. 1. How good is free agency... & 2. We're far from a destination club once again.
  14. Can someone please explain to me how the heck we are struggling to fit Ben Brown within our salary cap? We must have a side full of superstars..... fmd
  15. I agree with @Demon3 .. I reckon the saints have a very complete list.. can’t think of many, if any holes. Considering how many players they recruited last year, the “taking a while to gel” nonsense that gets overused here didn’t seem to affect them. They will consolidate this off season & push for a top 4 finish next year. Our trading has been very reactive of late & we seem to be behind the pace of most clubs.
  16. A 66 point defeat in a prelim followed by 2 substandard seasons says otherwise. Not sure what’s in the water from where you’re from but we’re MILES off winning a flag.
  17. Yep.. When you watch sides like tonight play you wonder whether we will ever have what it takes to win a flag..
  18. Yze becoming our head coach half way through the season.
  19. Is it just me or does Alastair Lynch gasp for air between sentences way too much? Sounds like he’s about to cark it.
  20. Well considering our 4 year plan from 2020 - 2023 was to make finals every year & win at least one gf. And considering we have pretty much had a healthy list to choose from all year, it puts Goodwin squarely in the fail camp currently. Gary Pert commented at the start of 2020: “We’re not here to make up the numbers. We’re not here to finish in the middle of the pack”. Unfortunately that’s exactly the position we’re in. And if you’re giving that a pass, you’re adding to our vicious cycle of mediocrity. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/demons-design-plan-to-make-finals-every-year-and-win-a-flag-by-2023-20200217-p541ot.html
  21. The dees would’ve breathed a massive sigh of relief
  22. Melbourne are the only side that fall to pieces when they have a spot in the finals on the line. Saints, who many saw as a bottom 6 side at the start of the year, dug in & demolished the previous gf runner up to sow up their spot. We absolutely [censored] the bed in our 2 games, similar to what happened a few years ago against the pies in the last round. The Dogs will put it all on the line & they will get it done. This week has been a media wanc fest over us keeping the fire burning, having it all to play for blah blah blah. The plot should’ve been focused on how we blew it & the last win against essendon is just rubbing salt in our wounds. stuff you melbourne
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