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  1. Still weak at our core. Look at other teams around us, Collingwood (Beams) Hawthorn (Wingard, Scully)and Richmond (Lynch), all improved their list. There is no way our list has improved from this.
  2. I'd be staying away from any draftee from WA or Moggs creek
  3. If I hear that we took unders because "we think it's the right thing to help Jesse with all he has been though" I'll spew up!
  4. Since being at Sydney he's kicked 350 goals, been their leading goalkicker every year, won the Colman twice and been All Australian 4 times... Wish we had a few more serviceable players!!
  5. Exactly! Big bodied forward, coming into his prime, under contract, right as our premiership window opens! We hold all the cards here!! If we don't get overs, or at least what we want, then he plays for the dees again next year and we have a tilt at the flag with +50 goals coming from him. Still not a free agent next year so we have nothing to lose.
  6. Might be something getting organised: https://www.3aw.com.au/neils-big-idea-to-get-behind-melbourne-players-in-the-west-gaining-momentum/
  7. Can AFL members with Melbourne club support enter the ballot to sit with other Melbourne members?
  8. Just had a fight with the missus who washed my Melbourne polo. Hadn't been washed since the West Coast game...
  9. Turn over king that cant hit targets? 76% disposal efficiency, one of the highest on the ground. No composure and just bombs long? Only 10 of his 29 disposals were Kicks, 6 of them were Inside 50's. People will keep seeing what they want though.
  10. Not sure if mentioned already, Max Gawn during the week on SEN was saying most of the guys had played finals in under 18s or VFL. "so it wasnt really new to them" . 1. No clue on what it means to play AFL. 2. Huge lack in desperation to make it, that was clear on Saturday. 3. unbelievable lack of respect for the supporters. Oh cool, you played finals in junior footy. Get a grip mate this is AFL!!! How about you (as a team) start to give something back to thr club and supporters that provide you with such a privileged life.
  11. Hogan for Lever is the most ridiculas thing I have ever read on demonland. More realistic is Watts and our first round pick. Plus some other swaps.That's if we're even nominated as the choice from lever.
  12. I actually cant believe people think that bump is worthy or suspension. 100% going for the ball (and nearly got it) until the last split second. Not sure what you think he should have done!!??
  13. Bugg should never play for Melbourne again. Wasted so many good build ups.
  14. What a circus this is becoming already. This is not Jesse's fault as he is within his rights to wait until his current contact is finished before he makes a decision, however this will undoubtedly be a distraction for a young team looking to make finals for the first time in a decade. If he is any kind of a team player and really does want to stay, then a contract must be signed this summer.
  15. Alan Jackovich destroying Nth Melbourne with 11 goals 8. That scissor kick!!
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