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  1. Has a touch of Jeremy McGoven about him, just less annoying. Looks a solid choice
  2. Give him number 6 so his locker can be between Petracca and Viney.
  3. Agree Dazzle. I think he has huge scope, and will surprise many - including some Demon fans. He just has 'it'.
  4. Re Salem, when fit, he's one of only a couple that I trust with ball in hand. He, like a few others, played when they probably needed a break and his form reflected this. Instead of trading him, what would be more aggressive is to instruct him to slice teams zone through the middle, rather than our predictable down the line play to create a stoppage.
  5. The atmosphere will be electric tonight, cannot wait! Ben Brown seemed to move a little better against Brisbane, so with the week off, I think he could be in for a big night. This will be a good test, but I think we may send a shiver through the competition tonight.
  6. The Pig could be a little lighter on his feet when running Palely into the ground.
  7. I reckon he'd be a good fit at Arden Street. Mature, cool head and can hit the ground running. Cannot blame him, tough position to fill at the moment, and Disco looks a real prospect too.
  8. Statement made. [censored] line them up!
  9. It has to start now. Do not entertain a shoot out Match Viney’s intensity Shut down Curnow and McKay Kick straight / give off to someone in better position Tackles / defensive pressure inside our 50 If we can do this, we’ll win by 8 goals. Go Dees
  10. I’m less concerned about the money as I am on the 5 years and his lack of forward capabilities. I understand it’s our window, just think it’s not right move.
  11. I’m hoping this is just a diversion, and we are working on something crafty in the background.
  12. Some wasteful, dumb football. we lost it as soon as we engaged in a shootout.
  13. Reverse psychology, trying to get them to play some tempo footy so we can get numbers behind the ball.
  14. Loading is a secret European tradition. On the way home from work I stop in at my nonna’s for dinner, before heading to my mums for dinner, and then finally home for dinner. I feel wonderful, just not quite seeing any results as yet.
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