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  1. Might head down to East End for a snack and then off to the park for a kick of the footy. I expect to see lots of Demons colours out and about
  2. Bugger. I ordered last week as soon as the new batch was announced, but it didn't make it in time 😪
  3. Beautiful! Needs more replays of that tackle on the Saint though!
  4. Yeah I disliked the way he and others got stuck into Harmes after a Hannan goal from a dodgy free kick. I hope Viney and others put him in his place tomorrow
  5. He knew it and it hit him hard in the week following his last game. He was shattered. I heard this from someone close to him
  6. Whilst getting a coffee this week I scanned the QR code. The guy I was with said "are you sure you want to do that?"... And thus we are still in the situation we are in... 🤦‍♂️
  7. Immature me still finds this one of the funniest scenes ever
  8. Its good news for any of you who missed out last time. The Fuchsia Gin is back in stock and on sale until the GF!
  9. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from the passed 2 weeks it is don’t trust the food at hotels in Perth….
  10. Geez that bloke behind the goals must be plastered by now, having skulled that many beers in quick succession.... 😄
  11. I know completely well that if we play our game, we win easily, but I'm so nervous that we will have one of our off games.... Struggling today. Karcher'd all the backyard tiles and the gutters and the fence.... just need to keep myself busy for another 2 hours 😅
  12. So am I right in thinking that the medi-sub in the grand final is just a free sub? You could freely sub any player off and say "nah they won't be good to play for 2 weeks....
  13. I tooo was sad to see him go, but I had a chat with one of the coaches who was there at the time and he effort off the field just wasn't up to scratch. Wouldn't cut it in our current team.
  14. The brownlow lost value for me after Mitchell won it...
  15. Yeah I'm pretty sure he is out the back there somewhere. I think you can see it from Teddy's.
  16. He definitely looks for contact as he picks up the ball
  17. Watching it again, Lever handled this ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY. Lined up like he was going for goal, forcing all those big defenders further back. Gawn knew exactly what he was going too. He gave a little point in front of him to the hole. So many players would have bombed it further into the square and had it punched through. Shows we are a smarter team now
  18. I would love to see the full ground vision for that moment of play. He got out of trouble and had a fair bit of time to deliver forward, but I reckon the Cats had a main in the hole, as he didn't just bomb it long, he gave off a (fairly tired) handball to Clarry who crumbed and gave it back to him, then he bombed it long. But that bit of extra time would have given our boys more chance to eliminate the extra man advantage that geelong had...
  19. What a beat up. There's no way he can receive any weeks for that
  20. Yep no longer any discount promotion. You can just order for full price from their website.
  21. I was with a friend at Cheers/Caseys Nightclub in Hawthorn in the early 2000s and ran into Wheatley and Godfrey. Paul bought us a few drinks and we had a great chat to him while Godders disappeared away from the bar.
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