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  1. Geez Ben Brown has a straight kick. Can’t wait for him to get a bit more separation on his defender and he’ll kick a bag
  2. I don’t think we are ever going to smash teams this year. I think we are only going to stick with our opposition on the day and then pull away in Burgo-time.
  3. I reckon Papley would be insufferable to be around this week....
  4. I reckon if the siren didn't go, it might have been called
  5. Cats absolutely shafted on that last call. I reckon it went 20 at least
  6. My ability to see Rance's quality is clouded by my view of him as a [censored]...
  7. Reiwoldt is such a grub. When he knows he’s going to lose the contest he just tries to hurt them
  8. Yeah give him a rest. Bradke been doing alright to ruck for half the match
  9. I love this kid. His repeat efforts in some of those highlights are amazing. Tackles well above his weight
  10. I was about to see I didn't see someone running around burying blokes into the turf...
  11. Not sure if players just didn't read the ground conditions last night, but so many players from Victory and Wanderers were slipping over while playing there last night
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