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  1. It would be a simple fix with cameras in the top of the post looking directly up. Regardless of the angle that the ball comes in, you can tell which side of the post it’s going
  2. She's very uncharacteristically off her game tonight. But damn Adelaide's tackling pressure is top notch!
  3. What’s the format of VFL finals? Same as AFL with top 4 getting double chance?
  4. I had surgery the day before the Carlton game. I was delighted to find that the in room entertainment system had the Kayo app so I spent my recovery watching all our finals games from last year finishing with the GF just before I was discharged. I was very tempted to go to the Carlton game that night but would have definitely popped all my stitches when Kossie sealed it for us.
  5. If anyone is going to be wheeling around for a left foot snap I’d want it to be him. He’s there to kick goals. Sure he’s burnt players a few times but I’m happy he’s backing himself. Remember the days where no one had the confidence to shoot so we’d keep giving it off until someone lost the ball… Those who are calling for him to be dropped either listen too much to David King, or allow themselves to be fixated on a single thing and be blind to everything else that happens This is stolen from someone in one of the Dees FB pages: ************* To all the Fritsch knockers out there: Bailey Fritsch is an opportunist goal scorer. If the opportunity is there he will have a shot, Melbourne's 1st goal in yesterday's match was Kossi's first from a pass from Fritsch. Melbourne's 2nd goal was a Fritsch snap from a Petracca pass. Melbourne's 4th and Fritsch's 2nd was from another Petracca pass. Picket's 4th was from a free from a Fritsch pass. Melksham's goal in the 4th quarter was a long pass from Fritsch. Melbourne's 10th and Browns 2nd goal in the 4th quarter was a Fritsch pass to Melksham, to Brown. Fritsch's stats from the Port Adelaide game: 15 disposals, 2 goals, 2 behinds, 3 goal assists, 9 kicks, 6 handballs, 5 marks, 2 tackles, 7 contested possessions, 11 pressure acts. He has kicked 36 goals this year and had 12 goal assists, and don't forget his 6 goals in the 2021 grand final. What more do they expect?
  6. I reckon there was a split second at the start where he was about to give up. Then he heard Goody's voice inside his head reminding him that everyone needs to put in that extra effort for the team.
  7. Ian has been keeping this project very secret. I am often sitting with him at games and I didn’t even know about it. He is a great Melbourne man. If you’ve been sitting on Level 2 of the G in front of the coaches boxes over the years you’re bound to have heard him
  8. You forgot to mention our AFLW pickup of Rhi Watt. Ex captain of Saints. Was dumped by them while in rehab for knee injury. Dees were more than happy to pick her up while she won’t even play this season. She would have played with Shay Sloane for the Australian Volleyball team. I know her from playing volleyball back in the day. She’s got a great sense of humour and will be a great player to have around the club.
  9. Surely the intentional part of it bumps it up
  10. Absolutely shattered I'll miss this game. The whole family has come down with Covid so I will be watching from the couch
  11. Is the AFLW being umpired by first timers or something? The umpiring in that first quarter was horrendous...
  12. How about that dive into the bottom of a pack and extraction of a perfect handball to a nearby player who delivered it into 50?
  13. Has some great footwork but totally butchers every kick. Hopefully she can spend some time with Chocco
  14. Maybe its an homage to the tyre tracks that were left on the doggies as we ran over them in the granny
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