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  1. I was with a friend at Cheers/Caseys Nightclub in Hawthorn in the early 2000s and ran into Wheatley and Godfrey. Paul bought us a few drinks and we had a great chat to him while Godders disappeared away from the bar.
  2. I spoke to a client of mine last week who is very close to Sam, and he said that Sam is absolutely gutted after last week's game. He absolutely felt the pressure of needing to perform and felt sick at half time. The social media vitriol had hit him hard too
  3. I think our 10-1 record shows that he's probably doing the right thing. I recall 1 kick in last night where Rivers went out to the right to a 1 on 1 which ended up having a few more by the time the ball got there. Can't remember how it turned out. I'd love to know how Goody reacted to this one
  4. I disagree. I reckon without a 1-point loss last week we might not have given as complete performance as we did on Friday.
  5. Good to see Weid come in to help him, but how about Razor just telling Weid to walk away and saying nothing about the bloke who kept bumping someone while he was trying to get up.
  6. Geez Ben Brown has a straight kick. Can’t wait for him to get a bit more separation on his defender and he’ll kick a bag
  7. I don’t think we are ever going to smash teams this year. I think we are only going to stick with our opposition on the day and then pull away in Burgo-time.
  8. I reckon Papley would be insufferable to be around this week....
  9. I reckon if the siren didn't go, it might have been called
  10. Cats absolutely shafted on that last call. I reckon it went 20 at least
  11. My ability to see Rance's quality is clouded by my view of him as a [censored]...
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