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  1. Dont think I could bring myself to like him at the Dees. Can't stand the way he plays. All about him.... and he flops...
  2. I saw a video of an NRL game when a player relieved himself while taking a knee on the sideline...
  3. Once he develops some clean hands he's going to take the competition apart! I love in that GIF that Vanders was eyeing off Mummy to lay the bump. It was like he was daring Mummy to go for it
  4. Looks bad but not enough in it. If he was knocked out it would be different
  5. May was very close to pulling the trigger, but there wasn't quite enough space between Hunt and his man so May chose not risk the 1 on 1.
  6. I noticed 1 time where we stacked the field to go right late in the game last night, then Hunt made a gut busting sprint out to the left. May thought about going to him but he must have thought he didn’t have enough separation from his man. Good to see Kossie saw this too and took off to the same wing further down to be the next man in the potential play
  7. It looked totally unprofessional when they were wondering why we were wearing it in the first quarter. It seems commentators don’t bother with doing their homework these days. The club media made it very clear what the jumper meant during the week.
  8. I think it was clear enough that Weid was Clearly going to get the loose ball and have the advantage. The umps took a long time to think about it and eventually paid it. Surprising, normally we would get screwed by this
  9. Loving this thread guys. Well done for engaging in this thorough review of the game plan. Having never really played the game passed Under 12s I haven't ever looked into it that deeply. One thing I just completely don't understand is what happened in the doggies game. We managed to shut down the Saints from their backline so well on the weekend, but against the Dogs they had half the ground free to waltz it down. It was like they had spare players on the field. What was going on?
  10. Close. Drop the E. I too love the dish. Best time I've had it was a random restaurant in Tokyo where we didn't speak any Japanese and they didn't speak any English but we just pointed and nodded. I've now been back to Japan almost a dozen times including living on the north island for a few snow seasons, and bullet-training our way across Honshu for our Honeymoon. Would easily move there if I could.
  11. Cornes would be the worst person to be in a Jury with... Everyone could agree on a verdict and he would go the opposite way just to bring attention to himself...
  12. I had forgotten about the first one and had a serious case of Dejavu later in the game...
  13. What is this strange feeling I have towards the umpires tonight? It’s like the opposite of anger..... got very well looked after by them tonight. Makes up for the last few weeks
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