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  1. Q: What was the rationale behind trading next years first round pick for essentially 2 early second round picks this year?
  2. I thought he came across pretty agitated. I was glad to hear him stick up for Max as well. From recollection he also made the point that our on ballers had been copping unfair treatment as well. Hopefully Goodwin keeps raising it as it goes unnoticed most weeks and clearly hampers players like Oliver, who knows the effect it has on the results of games.
  3. We have a major advantage with Max Gawn in the ruck. But we are getting smashed in the clearances. Fix that up and we have half a chance.
  4. I think he might have had 3 or 4 possessions up to half time. Maybe he had a few more after half time but in general play I don't think he did that much. One or two flashes here or there is hardly something for him to hang his hat on as a small forward. Did he hit the scoreboard? How many goal assists did he create?
  5. Preuss is a liability really, not really good at anything in particular. Slow when the balls on the ground, and not overly dominant in the air as a mark. In the ruck he holds his own but that's Gawn's role so personally I'd rather Jackson or Weid who add a bit more as a forward option. Jackson looks to contribute when the ball hits the deck as well. Lockhart generally looks good, seems to cough it up at times though. I think Rivers will go past him sooner or later.
  6. Highlight of the preseason was Langdon and Tomlinson's two way running stopping us from being carved up time and again in transition. I can't recall many loose goals out the back if any through the pre season. It's something that has been irritating to watch for numerous seasons so I'm glad it's been addressed. Considering the amount of entries we were getting inside 50 tonight the delivery, structure and personnel was an issue for us at times. I think Brown added a fair to our structure in the games he's played as well as Pickett. Jackson is probably capable of playing a role as ruck/fwd in place of Weideman so that's also encouraging. Viney looks fit and back to his best, in that type of form he's a top 25-50 player in the comp. After playing well last week against North Spargo was barely sighted. Pickett or Bedford could potentially add a bit more in that role. Hibberds disposal at times was worrying along with a few others in the back half. It's only preseason so hopefully they iron that out and it's not a trend. Overall they must be pretty happy with the pre season. The area of improvement they would want out of tonight is converting the midfield dominance on the score board with inside 50 efficiency. Lots to be encouraged by with the other games and most parts of tonight.
  7. Good forward pressure and tackle by Bedford. Reward for effort with the set shot Goal. Rivers kick a few minutes ago out of the back 50 was a beauty. Allowed us to open up the whole ground and transition quickly for a shot on goal. Hope to see him in the seniors this year.
  8. For what its worth SEN have gone with the same story. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2020/02/05/are-the-dockers-set-to-move-jesse-hogan-on/
  9. How in this day and age with professional sports science teams, physios & doctors on top of all of the other consultants outside of club level get the diagnosis about his calves wrong for over 4 years? Is this legitimately what has happened or is this spin to mask other issues he's had?
  10. SEN Article for those interested. https://www.sen.com.au/news/2019/10/28/edmund-new-victorian-club-enters-the-frame-for-bennell/
  11. Well we aren't going to get pick 5 in return or course. But they need to pay something better than what's rumoured to have been offered so far. 6 and a pick under 12 this year would be more ideal.
  12. No what I'm saying is don't help a direct competitor obtain access to a player for a draft pick that doesn't have equal value to the one they're getting access to by helping them out.
  13. Our first round pick is now with North so we don't have one. The pick from GWS as a first round is likely to slip back to the mid 20's if they finish in the top 4 as the amount of NGA & F/S picks are high. You want a first round pick so you can take away clubs second and round picks? Really? Then why has the club given away its first round next year for pick number 8? That would be contradictory to the strategy to obtain a first rounder this year. You have a valid point about clubs not bidding etc. But if we were to obtain a first rounder from a club like GWS next year it doesn't really have first round value next year, why would you want to trade for it? Our pick that we traded for 8 on the other hand could have gone anywhere in the first round as our finish position next year is not as certain as GWS. GWS want a player like Young for example and they want Green who is in their academy. Why would we give them that opportunity just for a diluted pick in return? It has to be Win / Win to give them a leg up. Those proposing to only accept their first rounder next year are happy with giving GWS an advantage over the rest of the comp and us receiving chump change in exchange. It doesn't make sense to me. The club would be right in holding out for more in exchange. Giving up the rights to the 3rd best junior in the country for pick 6 and an even more speculative 20's pick next year plus giving GWS a crack at 2 top 5 picks doesn't appeal to me.
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