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  1. Gawn Viney Trac Langers Pettty Salem
  2. Oliver Gawn BB Gun Salem Picket Sparrow
  3. ANB B Brown Trac Oliver Bowey Jackson
  4. It's not all doom and gloom. We had more scoring shots (quite a few didnt even register), was severely disadvantaged by the umpiring (it's not just the free kicks, the inconsistency has players second guessing themselves), and was within 4 points near the end. Browns kicking will improve once he believes he has a place in the side . Jackson needs a rest but I would replace him with a midsize player, maybe Bowey (moving Salem to the wing or Hibberd/Rivers forward) or Melksham. I like Spargo, but only one of him of ANB should be in the forwards at the same time as they just don't kick/set up enough goals. Therefore they are not dangerous, allowing opposition defence to focus there energy elsewhere. Viney can play the pressure role and does kick goals. Our Mids get a lot of it around the ground, but not at the centre clearances which requires us to win the Defence to not only stop them from scoring but to initiate our attack. Attacking from deep in defence introduces more opportunity to turn the ball over and for the opposition to push back as we bring it out.
  5. We got smashed in the midfield, yet most our votes have gone to midfielders!!! On reflection I should have given more votes to our backs. Also who was on Daniel's - he destroyed us.
  6. Salem Oliver Gawn Brown Viney Lever
  7. Smashed in midfield, And we don't tackle
  8. Wife just suggested Petty and I now feel obliged to included him.
  9. Trac Spargo Tmac Brayshaw Harmes Hibberd
  10. Oliver Spargo Harmes Lever Brayshaw Fritsch
  11. So we had a Brown / Tmac version going and they kick a bag, or Fritsch does. This may be a pretty big hint. Weid plays more like Jackson and therefore (neither really clunk the ball in the contest). For the dogs game though we need run, they will likely win the midfield and they will also move the ball quicker than the crows. Max's form has tapered as Jackson has been given more time in the ruck. I'd almost be tempted to spell Jackson and bring in a runner maybe Chandler Bowie or Rossman. Unfortunately Jetta goes, if no Salem then Bowie (for delivery) Melks also have to go. Trouble is only 2-3 changed should take place otherwise you risk team balance, cofidenc and rhythm. Out: Weid Melks Jetta In: Bowie Salem BB
  12. Salem ANB Hunt Spargo Tmac Langdon
  13. Should we have rested TMac because he had a quiet game the week before, if so we would have lost to Sydney. Sydney would be build confidence and have an easier run (less pressure) into the finals. They would also draw confidence if they met us in the finals. You play your best team and beat all opposition teams. Note each loss experienced by the opposition adds pressure to win an extra game. This can lead to playing players who are 50/50 and the possibility that they are then not available for finals. Also the pressure from having to win do or die games can build a mental toll which effects performance as time wears on. Winning games is more than just 4 points.
  14. Good pick up.Forgot about ANB he played well.
  15. Tmac May Oliver Harmes Salem Spargo
  16. Salem Tmac Langdon Trac ANB Lever
  17. Lever Gawn Langdon Salem Hunt Picket Want to get Tmac in as well
  18. Lever Gawn Fritsch Salem Trac Brayshaw
  19. Something I noticed a lot was our forwards would lead a lot laterally or to the incoming forward flank; which created a lot of space behind this on a 45 degree (from the square) angle in the other direction, which we never led into at all that I can remember. Of course if this space is so prevalent so close to goal then the remaining space is going to be even more crowded.
  20. Watching the game live provides a different perspective and it was hard to see a lot at the other end so this may be somewhat controversial Pickett Gawn Hunt Spargo Brayshaw Jones
  21. A big thanks to the Melbourne Cheer squad for landing my daughter a flag to wave and gifting my 4 year old one. Made for a really enjoyable night.
  22. I was sitting behind the goals and what I noticed was Tmac didn't drop the ball, the opposition spoilt it. Importantly though was how often he got to the contest despite the kick advantaging GWS, bringing it to ground - without doing this this Kicket, Spargo, ANB wouldn't have been in the play anywhere near as much. It may not always lead to a crumbled goal but with the subsequent applied pressure a rushed kick out can lead to a repeat forward entry and an opposition backline that becomes more stressed and unstructured.
  23. Picket Salem Olivet Gawn Hunt Tomilson
  24. Actually the teams we are competing with also got similar draws.
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