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  1. Game day, bit weird. Getting through the border checkpoint tomorrow is gonna be a bit dicey...?
  2. I used to start real early every weekend for work and for a while I started nearly every game day thread. I guess this is my new thing
  3. Yeah a bit overcast, typical winter's day I guess. Cops on the corowa bridge have been fantastic. Frustrating that we can't move around freely but we all have to do our part x no matter how great or small.
  4. GAME DAY oh yeah baby. Got a pastrami on the smoker and a Ruben sandwich (if you don't know look it up) for dinner, gotta try stay of the cans long enough though. 4 am start tomorrow isn't going to be fun, especially getting through the permit zone into NSW...
  5. Based on what? I'm not having a go, and I don't necessarily disagree, importantly neither does Goodwin. Does TMac play a role that helps this team win?
  6. Agreed, my original post questioned Lockhart, Melksham and Brayshaw but thought it was a bit controversial. I think those blokes get dropped from a losing team but while we're winning let them go.
  7. Seems hard to talk about after such a good win but does TMac get back? For me no change, tell Jackson it's he's spot to lose now.
  8. To be fair I'm in a Hawthorn Facebook group and it's fantastic trolling them...
  9. How the hell have you kept quiet that long? I'd describe myself as a voyeur and I couldn't help myself
  10. Hannah was massive in last quarter last week, seems to have a knack of boning up when needed. I thought VDB was as well. Perhaps thrown on the ball for small patches to have max impact physically?
  11. Absolute cracker of a day up here on the border. Gonna do a few jobs round the house and enjoy the sunshine. Then it's footy time, light the fire and drink some beers. Don't need to do anything spectacular today, everyone plays their role we will walk away with the W (ferda) We are a 4 goal better side than Hawthorn, get the 4 points and move on.
  12. I thought you could see in the first quarter last week before TMac got injured you could see him playing a high CHF role with the weed deeper, probably [censored] him better.
  13. This is staggering, has anyone watched the replay and seen if they done anything but out to the left had flank to Gawn? Didn't even see the old barrel down the middle (which seems to be our only other option) Seems strange to not mix it up at all.
  14. My wife had to leave the room I swore and yelled so hard, nearly got divorced. Pathetic. Demand a pleae explain
  15. Got some pork fillet marinating in a Chinese BBQ brine, some home made Italian venison sausages, a couple of car from porterhouse steaks all going on the smoker and a bottle of Hently farm Shiraz* The final piece of the puzzle is a pineapple of the sun's paying $2.40 as an insurance policy... *I know that description is a bit to stereotypical for some but I can assure you I am a hairy tattooed pig farmer who has never been to the snow.
  16. It's an actual talent to take Oliver, Petracca and Brayshaw combined with Gawn and be useless. On paper that is the most talented starting midfield in the league, in practice on the other hand ?
  17. None of those players done it until they hit their "peak" Martin specifically was useless and got a game on potential for 6 or so years (admittedly his ceiling was ridiculous) I have this on going joke with a friend who is a bulldog supporter that Bontempelli isn't actually good, he is a product of the media. Footy wire confirms this as he has him covered in nearly every stat. But interestingly if you compare a 22 year old Oliver to any of days superstars he has them covered by the length of the straight. If he can continue his upward trend we will have a multiple brownlow medalist on our hands, such are his numbers.
  18. Already lost the game at selection
  19. Would you care to elaborate on this a little or was it just an off the cuff comment? There has been something not quite right about my team at work and you just hit the nail on the head. We seem to suffer from this (and I think your correct pointing out Melbourne do as well) and was just wondering if there is some team building theories around this?
  20. Hang on, didn't we win? Goodwin is going to be the first coach in history to get sacked for winning. It might not have been pretty and there may be issues but we did win, I wasn't that drunk was I?
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