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  1. Given Tommo's injury today, I think it may be time to move Tom MacDonald into the backline to trial Weid and Brown up forward. He is much better suited to this shut down role then Petty, who is predominately an intercept player in the mould of Lever (all be it much worse). Discuss...
  2. Lewis was gutless today - second to the contest and unaccountable. Not sure what game you were watching
  3. Another great find by the recruiting team with this guy (57th overall). Was a very left field selection but has been getting better every game he's played this season. It's not the run that he provides that has been impressing me lately (although I do love it and it's what our backline has been sorely lacking for quite sometime), but his willingness to defend as been really impressive as I hadn't seen this from him before. Can also take a decent mark and as some others have pointed out I think his kicking can still improve. Considering this was his first real full pre-season, excited to see what he can achieve with another couple under his belt.
  4. "Along side Carlton aiming to take free agent Dale Thomas they are also preparing to launch a $600k a year (over) five year deal to Tom Rockliff." This was just posted by the AFL trade rumours, draft and offseason news site on Facebook. Wouldn't say its anymore than a rumour at the moment but I hate to see him end up Carlton knowing we had a chance to get him.
  5. I seriously hope you're joking.
  6. Whilst this is obviously hugely disappointing, I think this is a great opportunity for fitzy to try and cement his spot in the 22. I think that if he proves simply too good to drop then we should consider playing Hogan at centre half back until Clark finishes up in a few years time. I could see Hogan playing a similar role to Hurley at the dons, playing based where we need him most during the game and throughout the season.
  7. Agree 100% Sylvia's efforts on Saturday night were outright embarrassing. Was at the match on Saturday and we watched him closely for most of the game. He simply doesn't work hard enough to get to the contest. I've always had a lot of hope for him, but after watching him closely on a number of occasions I can't see him ever fulfilling his potential at Melbourne.
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