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  1. Rubish If we are relying on a mature age rookie we are in my trouble than anyone could imagine
  2. If we say that a player will retire at 31-32 (I know thats a huge generalisation but play along) in 4 years time we will have lost Green, Jamar, Davey, Maloney, Macdonald and Rivers. Sylvia and Martin will be around 30, in the so called twlight of there years. But in 4 years the list of players between 25-28 is huge, Clark Jones Garland Bail Petterd Frawley Jurrah Grimes Mckenzie Strauss Howe. An there is more that will be knocking on the door at 24 yrs old, Watts Gysberts Blease Tappscott Trengrove. There is 16 players who in my opinion have the ability and can play together for 4 years and they will all still be between 24 and 28 years old. Add a few quality kids and maybe another trade or 2 and we are looking at a quality team And that is only in 4 years, I think our "premership window" can start to crack open in 3 years but may last a while, realisticly we should be looking more towards 2016-2020 IMO.
  3. totally agree, he has had time off with a wrist problem and he is getting into fights? If it was family issues then thats fine he made a choice to stand by his people and his family, nothing to be ashamed off. But now the Melbourne Football Club must make a choice, and make a stand and not accept this kind of behaviour from anyone for any reason, no matter who you are. I think they will too, offer support to him yes help him through this time but never represent our club again thank you theres the door
  4. Totally agree, we are in the middle of the pack and have been the last 2 years, to make the finals we will have to have a win against collingwood or geelong or one of the top 5 or so teams, then we need to win more than we loose against oother teams around the middle like essendon north richmond and then beat GWS port brisbane and the other teams at the bottom, as for my opinion I think we will finsh very similar to last year and the year before that, a game or 2 out of the eight but I would love to be proven wrong and we are starting to run out of excuesses
  5. If you had to upgrade one of Magner and Nicholson after last nights performance which would it be?
  6. For some reason I can just see him playing as a CHB in a similar way to Tarrant and Reid, just defending at all costs on one of the best 2 fowards, huge man, very strong, fit and quick for his size, and very clever too, should be able to read the ball coming down the ground easily. And even if he ends up on the end of a line a play I wouldnt mind him rebounding either his skills are pretty good. With 2 rebounding defenders Grimes/Nicholson and Bail/Tapscott, Fralwey and Garland are traditional defenders and at the moment Rivers as well, I would rather see Martin instead of Rivers. And I also think we are missing a small defender Bartrum isnt up to it, I love him and his work ethic and huge heart but his skills are no where near AFL standard IMO
  7. Is the general public allowed to take signs into games especially at the MCG? Is there a size limit or a certian section you have to be sitting in? Ive always thought a big banner with "WELCOME TO HELL" would be good, whats everyone elses ideas?
  8. Love OOOOOOOOOzey hope he does really well,
  9. Hopefully see flash return to the foward line and pick up a few this year but hope he dosnt lead our goal kicking... I think Green in a return to a lead up full foward type like 2011 and kick 60 odd but its good that there is so many to share the burden, gone are the days of Tony Lockett and such, I wonder now if anyone can ever beat his record?
  10. I am 24 years old and recently completed a leadership course through work as i move up the ranks of a rather large company. The single most important thing we were taught was communication which included everything from talking, listening, body language, the way you dress and present yourself, everything about you when you interact with other people. Positive and negative feedback to players, coaches, media, everyone. I also remember reading an article somewhere about Hawthorns captiancy. From a spectators point of view on the field luke hodge is the leader of that club. but off the field someone has to go and meet sponsors and do media commitments and things like that, a very busy person. I think there is a whole lot more than I could imagine involved in being an AFL captin. Maloney and Frawley seem to be our on field leaders but from what i hear Grimes is so very professional off the field and apparently held in very high regard. Having siad that I still dont think think there is a stand out captian which is probably why we have these disscusions.
  11. I keep hearing Matty Bate's name, he is looking fit and involved, starting to believe the hype about seeing him in the midfield next year, good luck to him
  12. In around the eight, realisticly probably just miss out but hope to see more consistancy and be happy with 20 odd more games into all the young brigade... Also fingers crossed we can get a whole season out of my main man Grimes Collingwood Hawthorn Geelong Westcoast Carlton Fremantle Sydney Stkilda Essendon North Melbourne Richmond Dogs Adelaide Brisbane Gold Coast Port GWS
  13. Josh


    I had Zac Smith and Brandon Matera from GC last year and both were brilliant, there is obviously good choices in the new sides, its getting the right ones. I agree Patton will not score very well but 90% of there team will be cheap (150000 ish) and play alot of games, good value for money if you get it right.
  14. Josh


    Range Rover - Gysberts could be really good, do you think Grimes if he can stay un injuried? Trengrove and Watts I fear will be too pricey. What are you thoughts on Pendels Swann Judd Abblett, managed all 4 by half way through last year, is this still the premier midfield? Also a big fan off Dangerfield and enright scored well for me, had problems with my foward line not scoring huge, going to try for smaller mid field type fowards this year as apposed to key forwards Am thinking Ivan Maric could be a good pick up for 3rd ruck also last year was my first go and I loved it! I would recomend it to anyone who isnt involved
  15. Last year a friend of mine who saw a few practice matches and training runs said get Tappy he will be a gun. I didnt know much about him but turned out to be a great pick up. I also went with Stef Martin and I think I remember reading he had the highest price rise in the whole AFL. Just wondering if anyone else knows of any gems, Melbourne or otherwise, I'm thinking Col Sylvia is gonna have a break out year ... but have been saying that for a few years now.
  16. Would love to see Green and Clark in the goal square, IMO Green played a great year at full foward 2 years ago. Let Watts Sylvia and Howe lead up from the half foward where all 3 have good hands, good pace and especially watts and sylvia long penetrating kicks. Have Jurrah and davey running back with that kick, sounds pretty dangerous. think the back line is still a worry, Frawley can take the No. 1 foward and Garland is a solid defensive third tall type, between Grimes, Bail, Blease and Nicholson there is good rebound leg speed there its the second tall, CHB the rivers is playing at the moment that im not convinced about. Someone compared Riversto Maxwell and I think he would suit that role but a true CHB we lack.
  17. My mum is essendon and we have a family joke about gumby gumbleton, makes her angry. I can recall thinking cloke was a dud especially kicking for goal and he turned out all right. What about the north bloke who cant kick a goal, and the jetta from sydney who kicked 19 points was it?
  18. Mono - Without question the lowlight reel is long... very long, but surley there is still potential there, without knowing too much about anything that goes on in house, maybe its just morton isnt up to it, or maybe he will do as this thread sudgests and thrive under a new coach, fingers crossed, but i would love to see more of evans anyway...
  19. I think Morton moves really well and just manages to find the ball, if you watch his highlight reel from this year its not as bad as some of the things people say about him. Can potentially be a very handy wing/hff.
  20. "Hurley steams at every contest, as if believing the match depends on him winning or losing at that moment. That competitiveness cannot be taught. James Frawley has it, so does Kieren Jack, so does Buddy Franklin. It's called intensity." what a great comment, its so true... just waiting for the day jack watts kicks 5 or 6 and wins the game for us and sees that he can do it, and i think it will come. would love to have hurley am a big fan of his but watts is better
  21. To understand the full potential of what someone like Clark will do imagine we were playing agianst ourselves. More often than not your best defender goes to there best foward so Frawley goes to Clark. Second best to second best and so on so Rivers to Watts... now things start getting interesting, Garland to Green? which would leave Macdonald to Jurrah... its the match ups for jurrah and green and petterd and and these blokes where we can really exploit other sides
  22. Howe Watts Petterd Green Clark Jurrah Am worried that Green will be taken out of the foward line for a role on the wing but I hope not he plays his best footy in the foward 50, also hope petterd is favoured but wont be surprised if he is left out Interesting to see if Davey plays foward or back, or keeps a spot at all?
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