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  1. Oscar is our best fit for Walker. It also allows for Lever not to cover key defender. With Gawn being suspect he may not be able to push back as he has. We are limited for talls if Max is unable to play out the game. If that was the case Jackson would need to ruck leaving Weids the only tall target up forward. Going short has not worked. A very risky selection
  2. We have a tough draw ahead. Bris and Collingwood are amongst the hardest teams to play. On paper Adelaide and North should be wins but Adelaide are a 4 goal better side on their own oval and will have the crowd factor. A small crowd the other night definitely influenced the umpires. The North game is at ground where they do not drop a game. The wind howls at that ground and the crowd factor will again be against us. Our last three matches have been close there but the free kick differential was well against us in all of these games
  3. Defenders covered him more than would normally happen. T Mac looked good early in game because defenders needed to cover both Weid and Tom. When Tom went of the defenders then just needed to cover Weid. This made his efforts yesterday even more commendable. He will get better with more games under his belt.
  4. Desperately need another tall up forward. An extra tall allows for kick to options when moving from defence. It also means the defenders can not all mob T Mac and thus allow Bailey to become the third marking option
  5. Eddy would be happy going to the hub in Perth 1. Collingwood will get three interstate matches with only one lot of travel 2. Having Geelong in the hub means no trip to the cattery 3. Playing in front of crowds good for sponsors with these games guaranteed prime time slots 4. will give Collingwood a run of games at the g later 5. Eddy will brag Collingwood put their hand up for the good of football 6. Ensures Collingwood play on MCG size ground which suits their game style. The pies would likely struggle on the smaller grounds due to lack of space and harder to pl
  6. The player is possibly Scott Sutcliffe. He wore number 44
  7. The Melbourne cricket club was formed in 1838 and the Melbourne football club in 1858
  8. Watched early part of training. Jackson showed skill and determination both in tapping ball in ruck situations as well as at ground level. This was a solid season including all of the ruckman involving continuous repeat situations. Pruess also impressed covering the ground muck quicker than last year. In match situation I was impressed with Rivers. His disposal was good. Gus left early. He appeared to be rubbing his lower back
  9. The AFL works in strange ways Essendon heavily sanctioned and falls to the bottom of the ladder. Rewarded with pick one. Melbourne crippled with injuries and fall to the bottom of the ladder. Reward push back their draft pick. It would only happen in the Afl
  10. It doesn’t help when we only have six day breaks for both N.T. Games when both Adelaide and the Eagles had Extended breaks. The A.F. L. Do not give Melbourne any favours
  11. We have had trouble keeping players on the field due to injury and recovering from surgery. Dave Misson has already indicated he we be moving on at the end of the season. Should the change be made now. Appointing a new fitness head now would allow time for that person to get to know the players and their needs thus allowing for a more thorough preparation for our next pre season.
  12. What Eddy wants Eddy gets. It is no surprise that we have lost the Queens Birthday. We have over time made this into a marquee match with high exposure and great revenue potential of course Eddy now wants it. Let them throw it in with all the other benefits Collingwood seem to be given. While we are out it let them go to Geelong or play a Sunday night game. No that will not happen because Eddy doesn’t want it
  13. I have watched Jake since primary school and I have not doubt about his ability, dedication and application. Jake will be a gun for this club and a great mentor to others.
  14. Is the trading of Jack the precurser of the announcement of a new sponsor?. Expect to see Cheap as Chips on the back of our jumpers. This was a poor decision and probably the worst trade in history.
  15. I have stood in front of the statue of Norm in the avenue leading to the G before each game and asked him to lift the curse. On Sunday before the Richmond v St kilda game I again went to visit him. It was quite unnerving. As I stared up into his face a huge black cloud passed behind him and appeared to surround him. Within moments the heavens opened. It worried me that much that I called my wife and told her. Next time you walk by observe his hands, his fingers are making the missed it by that much symbol. Collingwood buried the wobbles at Vic Park maybe every supporter needs to stop and talk
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