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  1. I was blessed to see all 6 flags and the 58 travesty. I was sitting on the fence in 1963 when Roger Dean threw himself to the ground after RDB missed him by a foot right in front of me. That censored [censored] got Ron suspended at the tribunal and undoubtedly cost us another flag. I have hated Richmond ever since.
  2. He'll be looking for the next goofy. Oops, goody. Great judgement.
  3. I just wish we'd have got mickey mouse instead of goofy
  4. This is business as usual against a reasonable team who have a REAL coach
  5. I forgot 59 as well. I was spoiled but the intervening years have been very poor. I though it would go on forever. The optimism of youth.
  6. Yep. Apart from the birth of my children my most cherished memories are of seeing the 56, 57, 60 and 64 flags. I went home very unhappy in 58. Oh to once again go to the footy expecting to win and rarely being disappointed.
  7. I thought The Red Fox was a good bio of Norm Smith. So the guy can write.
  8. Two 50 metre penalties give casey a 21 point lead
  9. Too much paprika on the burger?
  10. Bruce 197, McCartin 194, Membrey 188 McDonalds 196,194. JSmith191 Where's the big difference.
  11. Tried to join on my mobile. Told me that my email address wasn't real. Meh. So I won't.
  12. As did I in 1954 just in time for the glory days.
  13. Was an absolutely lovely man. Lived around the corner from me for a while and was prepared to have a kick in the street with what must have been an annoying young fan.
  14. John Lord Ron Barassi Allen Jakovich Jim Stynes Robbie Flower Frank Adams Max Gawn Jeff Farmer David Schwartz Big Bob Johnson
  15. The man was a genius. Kept me playing when others said i was gone.
  16. Chris Judd, in his autobiography, reckons these commando type camps are a complete waste of time; they only marginally help bonding, don't improve fitness and invariably lead to injuries.
  17. If he leaves it has to be for big bucks or Freo just matchea the bid and he stays.
  18. Report up on club site by AFL's Ben Guthrie. Sounds impressive. States that there's training on Wednesday as well. Fast-paced style set for Melbourne in 2017
  19. 6 Jetta 5 Gawn 4 Hunt 3 Tmac 2 Brayshaw 1 Omac
  20. Watching Collingwood be embarrassed in the 1960 Grand Final. Watching Neil Crompton break the hearts of magpie supporters in 1964. Sitting at the western oval after the game in 1987 to find that we'd made the finals. Watching us win the 1956, '57 and '59 premierships.
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