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  1. I’m predicting a 6-8 weeks suspension and a Norm Smith 😂
  2. Good amount of goal kicking which is excellent. The Ox is on Kayo!
  3. Every time Trac smashed a ball thru the goals I’m like “SAVE THE HAMMY” 😂 I’m not ok.
  4. I’m gonna throw up. It just hit me. I don’t like it.
  5. True. But they’re still close mates and they would have trained together.
  6. Good interview. He’s not happy with where he’s at but he wants to fight it out and be part of our success. Good for him. He has a good head on his shoulders and I’m confident he can play a role in this team.
  7. Libba and Weightman. Hate them both and both are crucial to the Dogs winning.
  8. What happens if we lose a midfielder? Which is statistically more likely to happen?
  9. We also need lock down defenders which Hibbo is better at than Hunt. Hunt essentially lost his spot to Bowey not to Hibbo. Him and Hibbo played together for most of the year. They are different players. Hibbo locks it down. Hunt opens it up. Dogs have really good small forwards. Hibbo is there to shut them down. For me the decision would have been Hibbo vs Smith - Right call to go with Hibbo. No hamstring worries, better defensively, proven over a long time, experienced calm head Bowey vs Hunt- A very tough choice. Hunt gets more of it and is faster. Bowey uses it a lot better. Ball use against the Dogs is very very important. The sub call has to come down to who can best serve us in different roles. JJ played inside mid, wing and half forward this year. Hunt has played half back exclusively. I think they go JJ for versatility, unless they’re worried about May. However I suggest if May goes down early we put Gawn down back to help, or push Tmac back. That will then probably see us shuffle the decks and put Trac forward for longer, making JJ a good sub option as the extra mid rotation.
  10. Remember too he knows Gawn well. Knows how to play him. Trained with him. Played him a fair amount. He’s definitely physically better matched up against Gawn than English. The thing is, the Dogs aren’t worried about Gawn in the centre bounces. They’re used to losing ruck contests and winning clearances. They’re worried about Gawn around the ground. They’re worried about his contested marking and that’s what Martin is going to struggle to stop, without using illegal tactics. I just hope the umpires are watching. Especially bloody Dog fan Stevic!
  11. I have been weirdly calm and confident the last two days, and I do not like it one bit. We are 100% going to lose now.
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