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  1. To be fair there would be very few Dogs fans who live around that area. The 200 out of 7000 fans, is about the same ratio of Dogs fans who would have made it to that game had it been full capacity. It is very difficult to get tickets to games in Geelong, as the capacity of the stadium is about the same as Geelong's membership numbers. I wonder if the Dogs cheer squad would be allowed to attend, given they said you can only attend if you live in the region. Another absolutely idiotic rule to be honest. Fair enough if you have to be a member so you can be contact traced, but why can I
  2. 3 of those games are at the team's respective home grounds. While I completely appreciate our record against top 8 teams, the only side we beat on their home ground was the Dogs, and I wouldn't call Marvel a foreign ground. We lost to Adelaide in AO, so could very well lost to a much better team in Port there. Playing in Perth is always a very hard task, and I suspect West Coast will be close to full strength by then, and the less said about that dump in Geelong the better. These are very different propositions to playing a Cameron and Dangerfield-less Geelong at the G, Brisbane in S
  3. Geelong in Geelong is under 20% chance of a win. The only way we win this is if Geelong is injured or sewn up a top 2/4 spot they’re happy with and so are resting the old legs.
  4. There is no resting of players after the bye, unless we get to round 22/23 and have a top 2 spot sewn up. Every single game matters now and we will not simply rest players unless they are actually injured and cannot play. If we don’t finish top 2 or at least in a top 4 spot that ensures we play our finals at the G, we are unlikely to win the flag this year.
  5. The VFL is the only organization in Victoria more poorly run than the actual government of Victoria
  6. 7000 regional members allowed to the game on Friday. Lucky Geelong. Once again KOTD.
  7. If Hibbo is going strong Maynard can replace Hunt and make us instantly better. I also believe Rivers should end up on the wing eventually.
  8. We lack serious depth in the small defender department. Hibbo is 32. Salem is elite. Hunt is meh. Jetta is finished. If we lose one of Hibbo or Salem to injury we are in trouble. Maynard can defend and attack. It’s a good combination and his age profile fits perfectly into our list. I would definitely pursue him. He’d be second on my list to Merrett.
  9. JJ stiff. He was way better than Trac. If we had any cash in the coffers I would go hard for Maynard. Perfect replacement for an aging Hibbo.
  10. I wonder if Brown was dropped for lack of fitness. When you play a whole team defense and have a strong focus on applying forward half pressure you need your forwards to be able to cover a lot of ground and go for repeat efforts. Maybe BB has been doing a mini pre season and will be picked once his fitness improves.
  11. Call in sick. Best thing about COVID is nobody expects or wants you in the office if you so much as sneeze. Plus a COVID test is way better than talking to anyone about how we lost to Collingwood.
  12. I am quoting myself for truth
  13. How to beat Melbourne, hope they don’t turn up to play. Full stop. We have countered every single one of the above tactics this year and won against every top 8 side we’ve played against. The only games we dropped were due to poor application and poor defensive mindset.
  14. Don’t disagree but they are two completely different players. Petty is a better comparison. Holding down a key position as a defender with 20 games is much much harder than being a forward. Ever. Petty didn’t have a good game, but from day one has always attacked the contests. Weideman is either timing his run poorly, or his hands are not strong enough in a pack situation. He doesn’t have the reach or the strength of Ben Brown. He is more athletic and mobile, which is why I suspect they have kept persisting with him. He does ok at ground level, better than Brown, but he isn’t creating enough c
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