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  1. Donald Trump called. He wants his stupidity back.
  2. I am hopeful Yze takes over the midfield as reported and becomes the mentor to him that McCarthy was. If we don’t make him happy and make sure he stays, we are a failure of a club. Mostly I don’t believe in clubs bending over backwards for players, but some players are simply too important not to do it for. Richmond did it with Dusty. We heard Trac was unhappy last year and he re-signed and had a sensational season. Lots of players, especially young ones, change their mind. I just hope we can do the same with Oliver, and fix whatever has made him unhappy in 2020. God knows if his unha
  3. Mate have you had Covid? Do you know anyone who has had it? If not, please stop commenting. This is nothing like the flu. It’s far more contagious. It has no treatment. It impacts your internal organs and has a long term impact on your health, from energy, to sleep, to taste and smell being impacted, and we still don’t know the long term affects of patients. So please stop spouting this rubbish. It’s been a hard enough year for those of us who lost jobs, businesses, money, battled declining mental health, homeschooled kids and watched loved ones almost die for this thing, without the fla
  4. Our Victorian government are a bunch of incompetent fools, but if you think Covid isn’t real, please go talk to people who have got it, and those who have had loved ones die from it. FMD this world is so stupid.
  5. He’s talked the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk. There is no doubt that it’s finals, possibly at least one finals win too, or it’s goodbye to Goodwin. Unless a meteor strikes the team, there are no more excuses.
  6. Yeah. Same time he told me Covid is going to go away. Only 81,000 new infections today. So close to flattening that curve.
  7. Trump told me one is only weeks away.
  8. I know. Need to draft this guy to run the place
  9. Hated Frawley and hate Howe once they left. We don’t speak of Scully. Scum of the earth and his career went the way it deserved.
  10. Hated Melksham. Tried very hard to like him. Still struggling. His [censored] form hasn’t helped.
  11. The most useless organization in Australia funded by tax payers is Aus Post. They make millions while I wait 9 weeks to get a parcel from QLD. Useless.
  12. Dangerfield retiring a loser couldn’t happen to a smarmier guy.
  13. Watching old squinty eyes lose is just the highlight of this season.
  14. He was in the fetal position just counting down until the game ended. It’s been one disaster after the other.
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