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  1. Second in the league for marks inside 50. A real hack. Interestingly Tmac is leading the league for tackles inside 50 right now.
  2. Clarry is currently 3rd in overall possessions, first in contested possessions and 5th in clearances in the league. He’s a red hot chance on those numbers alone, and that’s after a poor week last week.
  3. I assume we will know more tomorrow. They probably need to wait for the swelling to go down and then do some more scans. Fingers crossed it’s not too bad.
  4. People’s obsession with dropping Jetta is getting silly. Please name his opponent today and what they did. Please also name what Jetta did wrong. He is going nowhere on current form. Massive challenge for Petty and Tomlinson and Lever to cover May. A huge loss especially with Richmond coming up.
  5. Out: May In: Petty Melksham was woeful but they won’t drop him after one game. We will continue with minimal changes and so we should. 4-0 and you need to reward the players. Gut feel is Ben Brown in for the Richmond game. A massive game and Jonesy’s 300th should all go to plan. They’ll rush him in if he gets thru a full match next week.
  6. Langdon is a genuine star of our team. What he brought to our side is invaluable. Probably our most important recruit this decade. Also thought Gus did exceptionally well when thrown down back when May went down. We showed really maturity to turn the momentum in the last quarter and not let the horrid umpiring get to us. Some of the decisions today were baffling. My only let down today was Melksham. He did nothing offensively and defensively he is trash.
  7. What’s better? Beating Geelong or going 4-0?
  8. Are we really less fit than the retirement village that is Geelong? And please someone explain why we brought Melksham back? He has done SFA as per form.
  9. Isaac [censored] Smith. Every time. Jesus.
  10. Watch us lose this. Only Melbourne.
  11. Stupid over use of the footy. These [censored] won’t go away.
  12. Slow mo looks like his forearm smacked his face in the tackle as he was trying to get rid of the ball. Maybe accidental, but gees Hawkins has form. May looked horrible going off. Hopefully it’s not a break.
  13. Someone needs to get Flabber to learn to control his joints. His elbows seem to have a mind of their own.
  14. You’d think we were playing at that dump Kardinia Park. Absolutely disgusting umpiring.
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