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  1. I will give Donald credit for one thing... his administration has led to some of the greatest memes ever seen.
  2. Yep, this is exactly what is wrong with our society. This assumptions that girls are forever 'asking for it', if they choose to wear tight clothes, go out to a bar or heaven forbid, give a guy their number. Women are not allowed to exist without some [censored] assuming they are up for it. FFS unless these women specifically said "hey Jon, can I get some nudes", they were not 'asking' for it and it was an aggressively sexually inappropriate thing to do. It might be shocking to men to find out that women may actually care to get to know a guy and not their [censored] first.
  3. A+ for trolling. Donald would be proud.
  4. A memo to all males: your penis is for function not form. Nobody cares to see it with the flash on but you.
  5. Nobody is better at being impeached than Trump. Just ask him. Now lets hope the GOP has the balls to pass his impeachment in the senate and vote to have him barred from ever running again. The sooner this piece of [censored] is in jail and out of the public's eye, the better this world will be.
  6. Yeah WA can play hardball and Freo and West Coast can spend the entire season in a Victorian hub and not play a single game up there. How sweet that would be! If a vaccine becomes available in late Feb /early March, it would not surprise me to see the AFL community get priority access to the vaccine. AFL is big money and nobody wants another interrupted season, not the AFL and not the states.
  7. I really thought you couldn’t get more insane. I was wrong. Your dangerous disgusting piece of [censored] cult leader will be gone in two weeks, and the world will be a far better place for it. Let’s hope he ends up in jail where he belongs.
  8. Totally agreed. Win the first couple of games and I reckon memberships will go up significantly, especially if crowds are allowed at the G but subject to social distancing/ square meter capacity rules.
  9. I was so excited that we wouldn’t have to go to Geelong finally... and then I read round 23. Every. Damn. Year. Happy to keep both our home game blockbusters that we missed out on last year. Overall not bad and I’m glad to have an easier run in the first half of the season. Good for confidence and memberships.
  10. What a crock... not even the real season and already shafted with a trip to WA. Typical.
  11. I signed up for a digital membership, and I already regret it. Firstly I can already tell given the AFL is running the digital memberships that it is going to be a big dumpster fire, as apparently the membership and tickets are loaded together as the fixture gets released. Trusting the AFL to do anything digitally, especially in combination with the powerhouse that is Ticketmaster (remember the joys of trying to buy finals tickets on their server?) doesn't sound good. Had I known the digital membership was being run by the AFL I wouldn't have signed up for it. Secondly, they still maile
  12. Do you know what medical intervention he received? The drugs he was given are not available to the general public nor could 99% of Americans ever afford this type of treatment.
  13. You’re right. The electoral college means nothing.
  14. Just a few more hours... and then let's see what the narcissist and his brain-washed deluded followers have to say next. We all know they'll desperately try to cling onto power and spread fake news until their last day in office. What an embarrassment this guy and his administration is to American politics.
  15. Correct, and to bring up the Bush v Gore situation is just silly, because that election did come down to one very tight race in a swing state, which when the votes were eventually hand counted after the fact, showed that Gore actually won. This election's results are so beyond doubt, but the Republicans who implored their supporters not to participate in mail-in ballots are now losing their mind that states which count mail-in ballots last (completely legally) swung in Biden's favour after the poll votes were counted. Yet I don't see them complaining about Trump shrinking his lead in Ari
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