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  1. At least 99% of Melbourne supporters aren't allowed out of their homes now, so nobody can pick on you for being a Melbourne supporter if we lose tomorrow.
  2. The players had their rest against Port. I'm surprised and confused about the Oscar dropping. We can never achieve any backline harmony if we don't play these guys together and Adelaide have the match ups for 3 talls. I just don't get it.
  3. He’s stable and doing a lot better. Thank you.
  4. They should be disappointed. And disgusted. And embarrassed that anyone should have to come out and tell them how disgusting their performance was. If they can’t take the heat they shouldn’t be league footballer.
  5. For the first time in his tenure at Melbourne. His response will be telling. Will he keep backing in his favorites? Will he keep pushing the same game plan? Will he ask for more footy department support or changes? I’m looking forward to seeing the response now that his job is no longer so damn secure.
  6. People will say that we have lost games this year to the top sides, like that is some sort of comfort. We will never be a good side if we can't beat good sides, so I have no idea why that is a valid excuse for Goodwin and his coaches.
  7. I love Jonesy and have a lot of respect for him and what he has done for our club, but I think it's clear the game has passed him by. Since it's unlikely he will get to 300 games, I would just plan a nice farewell game for him in the last round of the season (given finals will be out of the question most likely), and give him the send off he deserves. Sadly, he isn't in our best 22 anymore.
  8. Vanders and Bennell a must. Tmac and Jones a must drop.
  9. Our midfield was absolutely bomb when Ratten was coaching it, despite the average players in it. He is an extraordinary footy mind and people person and St Kilda are lucky to have him. He has made their mediocre list a bloody good team. Instead we got St Kilda’s reject and he has made not an ounce of difference. Not a tactical brain cell can be found in our box.
  10. Doesn’t count if your eyes didn’t bleed watching every minute of it. Weak 😂
  11. In a long series of bad depressing awful and downright infuriating days this year, today takes the cake. Only like 5% can be attributed to the disgusting display of our club, but that 5% just pushed me over the edge.
  12. You mean bringing in a slow tall and a third gamer that is surplus to our needs wasn’t a great master stroke?
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