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  1. Brilliant! I feel warm and bubbly 😊. I'll re-read this before I go to bed for the rest of the season.
  2. He did. From memory, thought that was also a function of being overly double teamed and suffered from not having more key pos support.
  3. Be handy if he signs before winning a Brownlow EOY.
  4. I'm the same. Thought Weid showed a lot last year. I also suspect Weid is a better option than BBB as I believe Weid has a better rounded game. I'm also bias b/c I'm nervous his moving on EOY if he doesn't get games and we need his age bracket.
  5. I think we made selection for the tigs game which valued proven team dynamic, wet weather conditions and need for pressure to play against tigs system. If I was selecting to play the dogs I'd want to exploit their shallow key def. posts.
  6. We need a FF. Jackson's being playing great around the ground and a fwd competitor but he's not a fwd (yet). Tmac is best suited to CHF. We have been making do because our other areas are so dominant. Time to cash in with a dominant FF. BBB or Weid in for a managed Jones. Maybe Sparrow in for Melk.
  7. Ripping news! Gotta say I appreciate he's vibe on the field, like he's really he's own self. Mix between enjoying the hell out of himself, [censored] stirrer and super competitive. He pulls it off b/c he's so damn good!
  8. Kinda glad Petty gets a chance. Can't replace AA FB, but I'm bullish on Petty. He deserves to be playing AFL now and in time, I think he'll become a very good key back himself. Glad we got him on contract until end 22, hope he signs longer. So, we'll get a good look at him.
  9. Cats will play 7 behind the ball, so how we going to deal with that?
  10. We've played dumb wet weather football last couple years when you'd think our contested game wld suit it. I think Goody and Co are finally coaching to our strengths so trust we will adjust our approach to work with the go off the ground approach. Our intercept game however is much better suited to dry conditions. I'd expect Geelong to have the advantage in the wet with experience and big bodies, but doesn't seem like they have been playing too great, so will depend on whether they're up and about. At lease we have small fwds going well this year. Hope Melk adds to some fwd efficien
  11. At the beginning of the season, I thought to myself, if we can just hang in their until BB and or Weid get back, claim back a decent fwd line. To have both our first choice keys out and be notching up wins has been beyond my expectation. We have though, had luck going our way with all three teams we've played having a fair injury list and previous week travel adversity. And this looks to continue with Geelongs key outs and I note Hawthorn are playing in the West next week ahead of our game. So I reckon we've had some fortune align our way. Not withstanding the umpiring was terrible
  12. B Brown will make a huge difference to our goal kicking accuracy. Put him in Fritsch's position and move Fritsch to half fwd to deliver into the 50.
  13. Played as a fwd he wld be an upgrade on Spargo. But I also like him back.
  14. Like ANB, we'll shop him around, but if we don't get any interest or a worthwhile offer, his asking price goes down and we keep as depth. With the various players up for trade we might be looking for trade return or we might be looking to clear up cap space.
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