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  1. I actually hope we practice for oppositions sagging back with multiple spare players in the backline. That is where the challenge is for us. We will beat sides on contested possession but can we prevail against the ropadope/slingshot game plan.
  2. Have been thinking along some similar lines. Not that Spargo is unworthy of his place, i just think he represents the most likely possible upgrade within the 22, as he has his limitations. I was hoping Laurie wld be that upgrade but that is TBC. Id be happy for Chandler to get a decent run at it though, to see if he can find is feet at AFL level. Just think we could improve our team with a more damaging small hf.
  3. Was Taylor aware of Jefferson's father being 199 cm, and was that noted as a possible upside to his recruitment? On Adams, did we have multiple options open at this pick or where we just hopeful that he would fall through to us? Sestan - having not come through traditional pathway, when and how did he decide to nominate for the draft? Will we expect to see behind the curtin footage of MFC draft nights etc - i love these! Cheers!
  4. He elevated to mascot status in my mind - think we shd crowd fund and get him back!
  5. Damn! Just seems a great fit for our on field needs. Experiened winger with good foot skill who covers the ground. Has some tricks and is creative with ball use.
  6. Howes is a good prospect but looks like he needs a few pre-seasons before being ready.
  7. Has my support! Money ball. I wld certainly want him as a possible option coming into the season rather than not. Its not like there is a better available option. On 2022 form he won't get a game but definately wld on 2021 form. We may end up with too many key fwd options, but BB and Tmac have question marks over their bodies, so throw another option in there. Its probably 2 KF positions being fought over between JVR, TMac, BBB and Bruce. Then two rucks and Fritch. Makes sense if its a Tommo swap.
  8. I wonder if we thought we would use a Bedford type if the interchange bench moved to 5 rather than the sub. It would explain to me our comments about our expectations for him next year if he stayed.
  9. If it is slightly true, it might be a rational for us to have offered Bedford the 3 yr deal.
  10. We cld push the Freo low ball onto the Pies Grundy deal. Ie. ' we wont accept Freo deal and therefore look to sign Jackson up for another year or two, thereby forgoing the Grundy deal, unless Pies accept a late 2 rounder rather than 1st (incl cap support), to which we would accept the Freo deal.
  11. I blame the game plan not Jordan. I observe players across the team doing the same thing, so it must be coaches instructions. I thought that was the central problem in our loss to the swans in the finals.
  12. There appear to be a lot of trades dependant on other dominos. Freo's Jackson offer dependant on what they get for Lobb, Logue etc Melb Gundy offer dependant on Jackson deal getting done. Pies trades subject to Grundy.
  13. Doubles our kick out options. Tough ask for opp to nulify both Gawn and Grundy targets.
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