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  1. If Nth come last they might low ball followed by trying to get Weid to walk through the pre-season draft.
  2. Interesting we convincingly won all the game statistics, bar tackles, goal kicking efficiency and free kicks.
  3. We are not good being favourites. Hawks game plan of intense tackling and scrubby kicks fwd at any opportunity with nothing to lose might be the best way to play against Melb. And kick straight. Particularly when you know Melb w'ont lkick straight and can't put the foot down so always leave the door open. Certainly feels like a lose, but handy 2 pts for the ladder - my pride has been whacked, I so hate Hawthorn.
  4. This. Plus add the Essendon players to that. The ump was heard saying to the Essendon player "stop shouting at me". Much prefer the culture Goodie has developed. Also means we are professional and aren't playing on emotion. Essendon, Richmond, Brisbane, Geelong - they're all insufferable.
  5. Genuine question: their Rucks (mainly Daniher) would continually push ours in the back in the ruck contest. Surely thats not allowed or is it ?
  6. Garry looked like a super proud father, barely holding it together. Wish he'd had let it out.
  7. Would love to see some options lead out on the 45 when we have the ball carrier running towards goal from centre break. And if they do kick it directly towards goal, have them pull the kick to land it 15m out rather than kick it to the goal line. Wasting opportunities... need more set plays.
  8. I'd keep the talls as is for one more week to see if either Weid or BBB can distinguish themselves from the other. Jacko back in the following wk.
  9. I believe Carton had an extra at the stoppage and we played a spare back.
  10. Brilliant! I feel warm and bubbly 😊. I'll re-read this before I go to bed for the rest of the season.
  11. He did. From memory, thought that was also a function of being overly double teamed and suffered from not having more key pos support.
  12. Be handy if he signs before winning a Brownlow EOY.
  13. I'm the same. Thought Weid showed a lot last year. I also suspect Weid is a better option than BBB as I believe Weid has a better rounded game. I'm also bias b/c I'm nervous his moving on EOY if he doesn't get games and we need his age bracket.
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