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  1. Well I went to work today in the office in Brisbane and wore my Dees jersey. My voice is still shot and I still smell like a raging alcoholic but this was one of the best days at work I have had Also I have never had so many strangers coming up to me to say well done and how happy they were that we won. I never want this feeling to end. How glorious it is. GO U MIGHTY DEMONS. 👹😈🏆
  2. Let’s not forget the sponsors who have stuck with us and also recently signed on or extended. Thank you for ur support. Im sure this will be a massive payback time for them. Go Dees
  3. Thanks A. What is the difference with the $99 one as opposed to the $29 one???
  4. Thanks for postings this David. I had a grin from ear to ear and tears in my eyes. It’s bloody beautiful thing to watch over and over and over.
  5. Thanks for sharing Johnno. Looks like u had an awesome time and given the result I’m not surprised. Happy birthday for last Friday. Saturday will be the best present u will ever get. I still can’t believe we are PREMIERS. 🏆🥇
  6. Thank you Darren Burgess. Our fitness has gone to another level this season and it showed. The boys could run all day. Wish you were sticking around but understand why you want to be in Adelaide. Go Dees
  7. For as long as I can remember year after year after year I watched other teams and players go up and get their premiership medal and the cup and would think , I wonder how their supports would be feeling while thinking will we ever get there. Well I can now relate to how all those successful team supporters feel and it’s a bloody unbelievable feeling. I never want it to end. I love it and I love the Dees.
  8. Gus Brayshaw was SENSATIONAL. What a player. Well done Gus.
  9. Jack Viney, PREMIERSHIP PLAYER. Has a nice ring to it. The drought is over and curse has been broken. Love ya DEMONS
  10. At the start of the 3rd quarter I was ****in bricks. GO DEMONS. PREMIERES 2021.
  11. I am so proud of our club. I have never felt so much PURE JOY for the MFC. I love our club and it was worth the wait. Going through all the hard times has made it so much more rewarding (although I never thought we would get there in my lifetime) HOW SWEET IT IS.
  12. It’s not being sold by us so doesn’t count. Don’t stress.
  13. Would like Hunt in the team as a late change or med sub.
  14. My son drew this for my Father’s Day and I found it again today while looking for something else, which I think is a good omen. I will take any good omen at this stage.
  15. Totally agree. It’s an ALL TEAM effort. All players on the list deserve it.
  16. I have a feeling we will win by about 35-55 points. My reasoning is that the dogs have travelled a lot and it’s their own fault due to missing top 4, they seemed to have really celebrated maybe over celebrated the preliminary final win, had beers too, which is unusual, Bevo was cranky about Trelors criticism during the week, then he cracked it at one of their staff members showing them celebrating the prelim win and maybe us vs the rest of the world crap might be wearing thin. God I hope I am right but time will tell. Go Dees.
  17. It’s a bloody great idea. Keeps ALL the players focused on the gf coming up and reinforces that it’s not party time (yet).
  18. Bloody brilliant news. TMac is an absolute professional to come back this year and perform given the club wanted to trade him last year. Well done TMac now for the big one. GO DEES
  19. Love RDB. Wish Robbie Flower was still with us to share in this experience. I am sure he is watching from above and hopefully help guide us to our first flag since 64.
  20. Some people are just scum and then you have to try and explain why someone would do that, to your kids. It’s pathetic.
  21. They can use the same violin and that Scott uses when he craps on about Geelong.
  22. It’s going to be a cracker of a GF. Both teams play a similar style and if we bring the heat for 4 quarters (and accurate goal kicking) we will win. I am less nervous about the GF than I was about the prelim. BRING THE HEAT DEES and the result will follow. GO U MIGHTY DEES.
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