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  1. Maybe he's a bit batty with a Woo-Who virus .
  2. He famously said he was in favour of the merger out of loyalty to "Tiger" ( Ian Ridley ) .
  3. Lost me ages ago when he supported the dreaded merger proposal .
  4. I actually laughed when Fritsch late in the game attempted an impossible screamer behind the pack in the BACK POCKET ! Kinda ranks with our centremen shooting out lightning handballs to our nearest guernsey often between two opponents .
  5. "Club Legend" Garry seemed to be urging him to kick a couple more in the tight last quarter .
  6. Hunt can trick the brain ( mine at least) . All it takes is several ball-bouncing runs along the wing and one can go home thinking " this lad is a future star " . Next day , reading his full stats - reality hits . The last two rounds he has had five and four disposals respectively .
  7. No argument the game was a poor standard but i'm amazed nobody has commented on Tomlinson's hurried set shot at the death . A senior player should have attempted to settle him down . The game WAS there to win .
  8. A future Garry Lyon chaired panel would get the appointment spot-on................i think .
  9. As Richie would say "Do my eyes deceive me ?" but making the distance from close range set-shots can be an issue for him .
  10. J.K. was as articulate, intelligent and successful as they come but i found him irritating . I remember him as a player in his last couple of years when he was a spoiling short ruckman who delighted in getting under the skin of our Big Bob Johnson . As a coach he admitted to particularly disliking us - a legacy of so many defeats in the 1950's . Another annoying trait was when he appeared on World of Sport Coach's Corner he would often pour extravagant praise on well-defeated opposition . My dad once described him as "flamboyantly modest" .
  11. Strewth......what a relief . I thought it was the Toiges Richo !!!
  12. Ah yes , we had a gale behind us to the South Rd end in the last quarter and even nearby Saints supporters at 3/4 time were worried. Col kicked the winning goal at the death from in front of the small grandstand . It was at least as long and high as the legendary Malcolm Blight shot at Princes Park .
  13. How good was that . Found myself wiping away a tear after Jacka goaled with a banana after the 3/4 time siren . It was bizarre that one of my least fav players , Simon Eishold , played considerably better than champs such as Carey and Lyon .
  14. Wow--eee can't wait..........Jackalenko you beauty !
  15. Lethal was just about best ever but outrageous thuggery was common . Will never forget our Peter Giles (pretty much a harmless hippy type ) being clubbed to the ground from behind as he cleared the ball from defence .
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