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  1. Until Petty plays a full (good) Casey game, and Tommo plays poorly, they surely will stick with the current defensive group. We are really hard to score against, no need to mess with that.
  2. I love Hunt but this is my thoughts, he has great run and carry out of defence but way too often butchers the ball. Had we not had the injuries we’ve had I think he wouldn’t be in the side. I have also been actually impressed with what I’ve seen of Smith this season, he’s still got a ways to go but he’s no longer doing some of the crazy kamikaze stuff that just causes chaos. I’m more interested in the other end of the ground though, the decision of Brown/TMac, Brown/Weid, TMac/Weid is going to be difficult. I personally think Brown comes in without any second thought, his early form had been very solid and is clearly our most consistent tall forward. So it’s down to Tommy and Sam. I would like to see Sam given another 1-2 games to prove that the Essendon game wasn’t a fluke. Two matches at the G (where he seems to thrive), both against stiff competition. Throw down the gauntlet to him.
  3. I was speaking a bombers fan and a cats fan at a wedding over the weekend (I know 🤮), and they said what we’re all thinking and saying, we’re in cruise control and when we get challenged we have levels that they other teams can’t match. We all agreed the only thing that would stop us is if we had injuries to all of our midfield guns at the pointy end of the season. Geelong and Brisbane seem to be our only current rivals, the Lions going toe to toe with the Cats at home is impressive even if they didn’t get the chocolates. I tipped GC this week, Carlton are going to make finals but there’ll be ups and downs. In no way are they a contender.
  4. I just wanted to lend my congratulations to the womens team on a great season. Adelaide were a class above on the day and that’s a bitter pill to swallow but it is what it is. If that was Daisy’s last game, she goes out a champion and a trailblazer no matter what.
  5. Agreed, I love Spargo but his start to the season has been very underwhelming.
  6. Kozzie had a poor night but kept going at second and third efforts. There was one play in particular where about 4-5 times it looked like Port would come away with it but he just kept going and going. Casey won’t give him any additional confidence or anything, but a game like GC come come from nowhere. I would like to see Sam given time with BBB but I think TMac still has runs on the board, plus he played a better game. I expect it’ll be as simple as BBB for Weid, though Hunt must be of shaky ground.
  7. Yep even though Tom was marginally better I think Weid needs to be given proper time in there. Whatever was going on with the style of game if very rarely open to the point of talk forwards having an impact. I’m not giving them excuses but almost every contest were massive packs and the only one on one I think Weid got he was clearly being held. Sam should be given a body of games to prove his Essendon performance wasn’t a fluke. I think those who are frustrated by the win tonight need to remind themselves we’re we’re winning in similar ways this time last season. The game tonight was never out of our control and coming off short breaks plus the interstate travel the fitness staff are likely managing the players a bit. GWS next week will be a much sterner challenge I’d say. As for Port, they looked lifeless tonight. Tried to strangle us with no way to attack, baffling tactics. We look at our most vulnerable when teams keep the ball in motion to shift our zone. I think Hinkley could be in some trouble.
  8. Never looked like losing it to be honest, but won’t be rewatching any of that. That was a grind. Well done James Jordan, best game he’s played for us.
  9. I have no words for this game, between the diabolically embarrassing umpiring (I actually don’t think it’s favouring one team) and Ports zero system approach, I feel like vision for this game should should be deleted from the archives.
  10. Not that I’m complaining but how is it 50 as well? EDIT: free kick right but what created the 50, was it back chat?
  11. Trac massive then, great finish Harmes.
  12. Thought the same thing! I heard Dwayne Russell say on the radio, time was you came through a proving ground with training before you got to call or be special comments for AFL. Now they just shove the mic into any former AFL player they think has a good profile.
  13. TMac! That’ll help his confidence!
  14. I think May might have copped one in the nads. I know it keeps being said, but this umpiring is nothing short of disgusting.
  15. That is one of the worst quarters I’ve seen of AFL. We’ve got the game on our terms, though didn’t have a great amount of rebound. This is going to be a slog.
  16. Lol these umpires should be at Auskick next weekend.
  17. Love hearing the Port fans boo, they’ve had a bunch of dodgy frees but one goes against them and it’s 😭.
  18. So apparently you’re allowed to flip an opponent at a ruck contest?
  19. Someone explain to me how Spargo could possibly have been HTB. Tackled as soon as he got it, every tackle after that has to be HTB.
  20. One for the W team, first team to crack 100 and current highest score ever. (Did we also beat the record margin that day?) The one I’m most proud of right now: shortest time since last premiership! 😄🏆
  21. If he doesn’t that will tell the major story that the Wied/TMac combo goes around for one more week. If this match was on any other day after Thursday I wouldn’t have an issue picking him, but no training aside from at home, plus flying in on the day leads me to think the better way to go is have him cherry ripe for next round. Nightmare for selectors would be Tom having a big game with Weid playing solidly as well.
  22. Apart from the third quarter I’d agree with you, the worry was that when we lost our structure there really seemed to be a few headless chook moments. Thankfully May brought them all in and steadied the ship, but the Stringer mark inside 50 was something we haven’t seen for a long time. I think that’s the best thing about this team though, when the oppo has the run on and even takes the lead there isn’t panic or blaming. Each line comes together and knows what they need to do to reset.
  23. 6 - Gus: he’s criminally underrated by some on here 5 - Clarry: gun, don’t need to say more 4 - Langon: on top of his incredible goal, a typically tireless game 3 - Weid: 4 goals on return with the pressure on, probably should’ve had at least one more with accurate kicking but so happy for him 2 - Bowser: how is such a young player doing such cool things under pressure? 1 - Harmes: not a complete game from him but kicked important goals and had some big moments
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