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  1. Shoudn't the question be Tyson and Salem or Kelly or Tyson, Salem, Vince or Kelly and your 3 others? troll rating 2/10
  2. I dont think Blease has much currency and Shiel is worth more than pick 9 imo
  3. Would not be surprised if we get lucky and one of Kelly, Aish, Freeman or Bontempelli are available at our pick, and if they are it will be a big result. Boyd, Scharenberg, Aish, Billings, Kelly, Bontempelli, Lennon, Mcdonald, pick 9 Freeman Pick 7 would get it done pick 9 just stretches that bit further
  4. I would do Blease and pick 9 in a heart beat for Shiel, would also do Howe and 9 among other deals
  5. do we know we are upgrading clisby? he still has a year on the rookie list i thought?
  6. yep, i heard the same, like 10 fold on the second best
  7. Sheed or lennon would be nice but so would many many others, pick 9 will be a great pick imo
  8. I think he is currently a better if slightly different player to tapscott
  9. Maybe we dont like aish or Sharenburg and will ikley get one of our top targets at 9 also ect Like Freeman?
  10. Myers is younger and could be the better player, Vince is older ans is the better player. Vince is what he is, Myers could be alot of things but isnt as much atm
  11. I would sign that off right now, would be as good as we will get imo
  12. Yes and? Aish has shown more than his counterparts, you said he is all potential he is less potential than other draft prospects in this years draft, he has played better than them at the U18, the champs and has exposed form against senior players. these are the facts.
  13. Aish has the runs on the board, dominated his U18 age group and has graduated to playing SANFL reserves and acquitting himself equally well in that league.
  14. I would have thought asking fro there second pick as well would be pretty rich, maybe if we threw something else back with pick 2 but not pick 2 for Redden and 26 that is well in our favour imo. I like Redden, he does all the things we need, can take some marks, tackles and racks up 25 touches a game. Perfect age range also.
  15. I would prefer Jamar to Jolly tbh, there is a reason Collingwood got rid of him, he will struggle to play out the year, unless this is a nice backup/combo with Gawn taking a larger role?
  16. Shiel for pick 2 any day of the week imo
  17. I would imagine trading pick 2 down would be smart if we are going for Freeman as people think he is around the 8-15 range and firming however i think there would be a short list of teams who will take him top 5 and we could bank on him sliding if this is our plan and get something else out of the situation.
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