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  1. Shoudn't the question be Tyson and Salem or Kelly or Tyson, Salem, Vince or Kelly and your 3 others? troll rating 2/10
  2. I dont think Blease has much currency and Shiel is worth more than pick 9 imo
  3. Would not be surprised if we get lucky and one of Kelly, Aish, Freeman or Bontempelli are available at our pick, and if they are it will be a big result. Boyd, Scharenberg, Aish, Billings, Kelly, Bontempelli, Lennon, Mcdonald, pick 9 Freeman Pick 7 would get it done pick 9 just stretches that bit further
  4. I would do Blease and pick 9 in a heart beat for Shiel, would also do Howe and 9 among other deals
  5. do we know we are upgrading clisby? he still has a year on the rookie list i thought?
  6. yep, i heard the same, like 10 fold on the second best
  7. Sheed or lennon would be nice but so would many many others, pick 9 will be a great pick imo
  8. I think he is currently a better if slightly different player to tapscott
  9. Maybe we dont like aish or Sharenburg and will ikley get one of our top targets at 9 also ect Like Freeman?
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