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  1. Yep, what i meant was that Sparrow did well to register those 5 tackles disposals with limited game time. I'd say JJ might be in trouble next week.
  2. He had 56% TOG. So much that he does is solid though. Have loved his start to the year. Only 4 touches today though, along with 5 tackles, may be given a rest next week. Sparrow only 39% TOG and had 5 tackles too, along with 9 touches. Maybe it's Sparrow for JJ?
  3. Nope. Melksham has to go I reckon. He was terrible. Half our family is Geelong, so I hear a bit of the way they talk. Mostly anti-Chris Scott stuff, but this week's pearler was we should beat them because they're so undermanned. As for the Geelong supporters around us today, they were smashing a lot of their players and Scott.
  4. Jeepers, I reckon all three are utter FIGJAMs.
  5. If he kicks straight he is. If he misses sodas repeatedly from directly in front he could be a coach killer. I was not one, I don't believe, calling for him to be dropped though. Pies were not 3-0 going into it. Agree with all of this mate, except the Salem comment. I think you'll find Smith took him to the cleaners in the third. Otherwise, Salem was very assured. The way we came out at the start of the 4th and put the game to bed was very impressive wasn't it?
  6. If Jetts gets done for his tackle, I'd bring in Hibbo. Rivers seems to be having second year blues to me, so maybe Hibbo for Rivers.
  7. Thought he played a really selfless team game today and kept most of his possessions simple. Great tackle numbers and clearance numbers. Just needs to use the ball better entering 50. Yep, completely agree. I can't remember Hunt wasting a possession today. I don't think I've ever been able to say that about Jayden. If he keeps playing like that he's a dangerous and dynamic threat to the opposition. He and Langdon seem to link up constantly. As for my man Charlie, he should have had 3 goals today. Clean that up and he's a ripper. I reckon his ball use going inside 50 is now th
  8. My son is 4 weeks old tomorrow. He's seen 4 from 4. This run is all him.
  9. That was against GWS who have legitimately 5,000 supporters nationwide if they're lucky.
  10. The way we are setting up defensively is outstanding. We are strangling teams and they have no answer. We need to start kicking straight because it will cost us eventually, but being 4-0 is brilliant! Terrific team performance. Viney, Oliver and Petracca in the midfield were tremendous. Lever and Tomlinson were great behind the ball. I felt our forward pressure was much more like it in the second half. We really lifted the intensity with Spargo, ANB and Kozi really ramped up the frontal pressure and it is vital to how we're strangling teams. Thought Tom McDonald provided a solid
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Kate is connected to the Victorian Treasurer Tim Pallas. Werribee is his electorate. Certainly a good person to align yourself with. I think the reason they mentioned Goodwin at all is simply a titbit and I certainly didn't read it to mean Goodwin had any factional say at all on the decision that lead to Bartlett stepping down.
  12. Some of our most famous names from our glory period didn't start Melbourne people either. With success they became known as Melbourne people. I think it's a nonsense argument for Melbourne only people in admin positions. You want the best person for the job FFS.
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