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  1. Every time ET posts in here I get excited, thinking he's about to post his next big scoop. But to no avail. I wonder what it would take to prize Devon Smith out of Essendon. Probably too much.
  2. We shall see. If he can kick 30+ I'll be happy. I'm hoping Brown can kick 40+. If qe can get more goals out of midfield, Fritsch and role players we'll be well on our way to the finals.
  3. I meant that it'll take Jackson at least a few years to hold his spot as a genuine KPF.
  4. He changed that to before the end of the year. There's no way.
  5. Completely agree. Can see us holding our forward structure a lot better this way too. Keep one or two of Brown or Weideman or Petracca always deep and the other up at CHF. Gawn and Jackson as the exit kicks as you say.
  6. I don't think so, because Dr Evil actually knows what he's talking about. :P GNF had a few too many strikes in the end.
  7. As @Dr evil said, we approached him, unlikely as he's likely to retire or at the very least not have to move to Victoria.
  8. Let's move on to 2021, Red Rackham.
  9. A couple of days ago. The news has only been confirmed on Demonland in the last two days by @Dr evil.
  10. I'd hope a little later than a third rounder, but at the end of the day, that's probably fair. He only kicked 4 goals this year, so they couldn't ask for much more. I should say I'd prefer Higgins over Thomas, but we need 2-3 of these small guys on the cheap.
  11. And what makes you think we're not targeting small forwards? This is nonsensical. List management isn't about targeting one player and that's it. We're trying to address numerous weaknesses. Tom McDonald is finished and has been since early 2019. Brown is a far superior player anyway. As for Jackson, we shouldn't be expecting a second year tall and a still developing Weideman to be the key pillars up forward next year. Maybe by 2023. In the meantime, we've secured Brown, we also secured Smith as another runner and are targeting small forwards as well.
  12. Higgins has been mentioned on Demonland before. He'd be perfect.
  13. Yeah, great. As for not being able to cope with those less enthused by things - I can cope, I'm just going to call you out on your endless drivel. It's pathetic.
  14. I enjoyed Borat 2 immensely. In fact, it was better than the first Borat. Hilarious. As a producer myself I admire how the hell he gets himself into these situations (and gets out of them). Saw the second half of the game. Martin's last goal was absolute freak.
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