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  1. Off you pop then to create is Burgess is the right guy.
  2. But if we had no 50-25% capacity left in us, we'd have peaked too early. That's why I've been confident the last few weeks that we've still got many more gears to go to. And if we click this year we'll be scary. I think that's more likely a 2022 or 2023 possibility. I think we could win the whole thing this year at 75% capacity - whatever that rather meaningless percentage means. Let's say, the standard of the second half of the Brisbane game.
  3. And yet... we've won 11 from 13 games. Your logic is laughable and negative in the extreme. You could instead frame our footy so far as building, with areas to improve on. Funnily enough this has been a constant theme in Goodwin's press conferences. The fact we've blown the competition away at 50-75% of our capacity is a massive feather in the cap of the coach, but of course you won't see it this way.
  4. Haha, there's so much irony here. Are you a doctor of comedy? The game was highly concerning? 🤣 Your reaction to it shows some mental fragility alright. Go back and look at Geelong's start to 2007 or Richmond's up and down crumbling through much of 2017. Was I frustrated at our performance yesterday? Yes, I thought it was pathetic, but as the dust settles, most of us have an ability to anaylse the game without jumping to ludicrous overreactions.
  5. Sorry, but this is mind-numbingly simplistic. If the half forwards and the mids bring work rate and transition pressure, the opposition can't do any of those things. Certainly not consistently. And you think the key to beating us in lowering the eyes? So the top 4 that we've beaten so far all failed to lower their eyes when entering 50? What does that say about our competitors? Have I questioned Goodwin? Yes. Have I even wanted him gone? Yes. But the simple fact is this brand that Goodwin has us playing stacks up. It's impenetrable when our 22 is switched on. There's a reason we
  6. Dusty is no better than Petracca and only just has Brayshaw covered. The guy dribbles them off his boot semi frequently. A great player, with a penetrative kick, but very hit and miss. As for Cotchin and Prestia, I think we're watching different games. They're okay over 30m, but that's about it. Cotchin was known for his dinky nothing kicks for years. Edwards goes okay, but he's not elite.
  7. The Richmond midfield is no better by foot. I reckon you're looking in the wrong place. It was down to work rate and decision making yesterday. We allowed them to transition the ball through the corridor far too easily, some our defenders were too high on such a small ground (see Salem) and we played hero footy, not team first (see Oliver, Petracca and Kozzy).
  8. Good call. The problem is Fritsch's defensive efforts are few and far between, so if we play a genuine tall alongside Jackson and McDonald, we end up having two non tacklers. When Fritsch said a week or so ago that his game is based around defence I almost laughed. Maybe it's based on scoreboard pressure, not on physical pressure.
  9. Make this guy captain already. It was more Christian's look away handballs that were constantly intercepted that got me.
  10. Our lack of workrate, intensity, focus and decision making cost us the game. Not the SCG.
  11. How about the triple premiers in Richmond? They choked multiple games in 2017 before winning the flag...
  12. It's pretty rare that every player puts in a dreadful performance in the one week. That speaks to mindset. I'd like to say it speaks to mental fragility, but all past premiers failed to turn up at times too, so no need to read into that too much. Our leaders were well beaten today or played Hollywood football. Petracca, Oliver, McDonald, May and Gawn all dreadful. Jackson possibly our only winner, but even he was caught ball watching in transition a few times too. I don't think Rivers had an effective disposal until the second half. He certainly had 3 direct turn overs by foot in a r
  13. Clutch from West Coast, but "the Tigers of old..." what a crumble. Yeo is a superstar. Did he win the last 10 clearances? Insane last quarter.
  14. Definitely outside silk, but in his draft year I thought he looked more like Ben Newton than Isaac Smith or a confident Brad Hill.
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