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  1. Reckon we'll get away with it this game. But I agree. They still haven't found the right mix in the midfield or the backline.
  2. I wonder if it is (after all the talk) a management decision. Play Rivers against North, rather than back to back games. Jones should have no place in the team, but let's see where you lines up.
  3. You're right. I'm getting caught up in what I'd do.
  4. Yeah, they have talls, they just don't particularly take marks in their forwardline, outside of Walker, who May should take.
  5. Playing Gus in the middle might actually help him too. Given Tomlinson's inclusion, I'd expect Gus to play more midfield minutes against Adelaide.
  6. I actually like the changes. I'd have Oscar in against North, but happy to have him out against Adelaide. They don't pose a big enough threat in the air to warrant another tall. AVB and Bennell replace Hannan and Kozzie. Tomlinson to a wing. ANB brings more forward pressure and another option for the wing when Tomlinson provides Max a chop out. I'd keep Jackson forward, unless he struggles to get into the game and then I'd play him for spells in the ruck with Gawn and Tomlinson. Bring the pressure and we'll win.
  7. Lloyd definitely deserves to have his name spelt incorrectly in this thread title. He's irrelevant.
  8. I reckon we'll get there. I'm in fundraising mode myself and it just takes time. It was always going to be a race for the EOFY and we got half of what we wanted by then, which was a great effort by our supporters. Reckon at the very least we'll be $150-100k out.
  9. It's a strange media strategy, but it has the impact of both putting the coaches and players on notice, and paradoxically seeming to me, like the club is all on the same page. The performance was unacceptable and we'll do better. Let's see.
  10. It's funny. I don't think I'm going to have much anxiety for the rest of this year. We either make the finals or Goodwin's gone. Let's see how we play.
  11. So the reduction in soft cap and any likely pay out could easily be covered with a restructuring of the FD and the number of line coaches...
  12. We're in a time of great economic uncertainty. Goodwin has three kids (I think) and a house in Melbourne and Rye. He's also clearly an incredibly driven person. There's no way he offers his resignation.
  13. It's like News Corp are stirring the pot and daring the club to sack him. You can't say a job is guaranteed. Ridiculous. This makes complete sense. The AFL will micromanage any decisions from clubs with economic consequences in such a difficult time. Further, I'm staggered by @Mach5's comments and allusions, but maybe he knows something we don't. From my point of view, it sounds like we're in a very strong financial position, all things considered, and I can't remember our club ever being in a strong position in my lifetime, let alone likely to be one of only four clubs without AFL assistance. He's clearly got the off field, business side of things spot on. The club's landing of various sponsors in a time of COVID is evidence of this. The guys that should be under pressure and are, are Goodwin and the footy boss that did his own internal review at the end last year. Whilst I admit that an external review clearly should have been done, to avoid the obvious conflict of interest, I think Bartlett's been an excellent president, that's overseen a reign of stability. Eventually, you have to pull the trigger on certain things and make strategic decisions that will upset certain people.
  14. So there was no need to point it out, I would have thought. Seemed a strange post, but each to their own.
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