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  1. He was very meat and potatoes in my book. Too slow, average skills and no real elite trait to compensate for his shortcomings. For a top 5 pick he was no star.
  2. Reckon your side is pretty spot on, although Tomlinson will play lock down FB and May will take Hibberd's role on the dangerous mid size players. Sparrow will likely be ahead of Dunstan too. To begin with...
  3. If it doesn't work with kids, it doesn't work with kids. I am male, I do live in Melbourne and I have a kid under 12. Whatever happens people will always find something to complain about. If it was on a Friday night there'd be some nuffies still saying it's too late for the kids. Well don't take them then. FFS, it's not that hard.
  4. Jeepers, some of you lot are whingers. Looking forward to it. Will be massive.
  5. I was very frustrated by his lack of physicality too, particularly playing along Melksham, but the last 2-3 weeks of the H&A season he turned this around and brought physicality into the finals series. His presence and ability to hit the scoreboard helped us win a flag. Well worth the contract extension. Again, we're likely offering more years at lesser dollars to spread out the TPP.
  6. This is nonsensical mate. PJ aimed lower because where he started was near rock bottom. Pert and co have built on those PJ foundations and looked to grow the club. The idea that we shouldn't aim to be a big club and aim to be a middling club instead is mindblowingly stupid and not at all in line with running a multi million dollar business in a multi billion dollar competition.
  7. I like the idea of another young KPB as the May retirement plan. I still hold hopes for Turner too, but we'll have to see on that one. When you look at our young defensive crop there's Petty, Rivers, Bowey and then Lever at 25. May has at most 4 or 5 years left and given his hammy issues, I doubt anywhere near that long, so we need to be looking at contingencies. I'd much prefer we were strategic about list needs for 5+ years from now this year, rather than in 2-3 years going to the FA pool to keep us going. As we've seen at Geelong and to a lesser extent Hawthorn, it leaves you with a very long rebuild, with middle of the road first rounders to build a core around. So if we can get another Harry Petty and JVR fits that bill it's a no brainer. We can worry about replenishing elite mids down the line and I'd back our list management team to be clever in acquiring the necessary capital to get a look at the elite talent.
  8. FFS, who'd want to watch an 8 part series on Essendon outside of Essendon supporters? Maybe you'd get a few neutrals that might tune in for one or two, but these series' feel super niche to me. And I make pretty niche documentaries myself. Strategically, it probably makes sense for FOX (who are going down and need content to fill Kayo) and Amazon (who are trying to establish a subscriber base), but I'm not that convinced any of them would be successful. It's probably why they haven't commissioned any further docs, to my knowledge, this year.
  9. Really happy with this extension. Now we just need Turner to come along too. Lever, Petty and Turner post May. I'd be completely happy with us targeting another KPD in the first round this year, if we think they're good enough. We want that second wave of elite talent continuing to come through underneath Petracca, Oliver, Salem and Lever. Since you game style relies heavily on excellent defence, I'm happy if we keep nurturing those sort of players.
  10. Being the best post clearance team got us to the GF and kept us in it. Nothing is ever one thing.
  11. Just getting around to listening to this episode and loving it so far, but I am going to pull you up @binman on your point about Oliver not chasing in the Bulldogs pre season game. I reckon it's rather hard to chase when you're not playing in the first place. 😜 Unless I'm mistaken, that was the first game Clarry has missed since his debut season.
  12. A F

    Pickett vs

    I still don't know what's going on in this thread. 🤣
  13. Richmond had the same stat in their premiership years, I believe (and stand to be corrected)? Gee, he reminds me of Harley Bennell, but looks like he plays more back behind the ball.
  14. A F

    Bobby Hill

    Does anyone know if Young manages any of our guys?
  15. It depends. I'm a hyphen and my wife wanted to take my name, so our kid is a hyphen. My sister I think wants to keep her name, so I'd say patriachy will win over with her kids and they'll take her fiance's name. It is good having your name in your kids name though.
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