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  1. Yep, I'm happy to keep our percentage as healthy as it is and bank the 4 points.
  2. Always brilliant to see Carlton lose. McKay is a deadset muppet. Kick a drop punt, you joker. Carlton 12+ on the free kick count. Won't see a more one sided umpiring display than that. Carlton are still an ordinary defensive transition team. If their mids aren't on top, they leak goals. (yes, I know they were missing key talls) Hill vs Walsh was interesting. Hill killed them, Walsh ineffective. They gambled on each other. If you make Hill accountable, you can really exploit him defensively the other way. Terrible coaching from Voss. There's no way our half forwards would let Sinclair, Hill and Wanganeen run around like that. Just about every time St Kilda had a stationary ball at half back, one of those three guys would run around the back of the kicker and handball receive. The good sides don't allow that. Anyway, excellent result. I still harbour a small hope that Carlton miss the finals altogether.
  3. This is a very school holidays type post haha.
  4. I dunno. I've watched him the last few times and he's super ordinary, might get a cheap goal that's set up by a team mate, but that's about it.
  5. Is Cam Rayner the worst number 1 pick of all time? Maybe Andrew McGrath. I don't see any elites traits. Rayner just doesn't have the intensity.
  6. Oliver's handballing is poetry.
  7. Given Clarry's durability, he's every chance to break our games record now. Brilliant.
  8. This is the big one. Our midfield is set for the next 8 years. You beauty. Well done MFC and well done Clarry.
  9. In the footy side I coach at Caulfield Grammar, 5 of the 22 are MFC supporters. Not a bad strike rate, but then it is an APS school.
  10. The MFC Turley came to is not the 2021 Premier variety.
  11. He seemed pretty confident to me. We don't normally go to press with excitement and positivity unless we know a deal in our favour is close or already over the line. I reckon he's staying.
  12. Interesting... it's almost as if Scott never hit anyone behind the play. 😉
  13. Glad they had such a great win for you mate.
  14. https://www.afl.com.au/news/781691 "It's what we do during the middle period of the year. We double down, even more than we might have done in previous years," Scott said. "We might cost ourselves a little short-term, but we set up our program to be at our best when it counts. "If we finish ninth because we try to prime ourselves to be at our best later in the year, then we'll live with that. "We haven't been able to execute that over the last few years anyway. That's a reason to do it better."
  15. I agree mate although we will bomb it in at times anyway as that's how go to if we can't move it in quick enough. Having two talls for this strategy is still plenty though.
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