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  1. This is the thing. Aside from last night, which was clearly a statistical anomaly, our midfield will keep winning stoppages and being able to defend and transition defensively. So we need to be ultra aggressive going the other way. We have enough good kickers down back now to attack the corridor and change the angles more readily. I hope we take the game on more, because even when we do, we don't leak goals. Let's hope this is the go from here on out.
  2. One thing I will say is that I much prefer us using the corridor and the central kick going inside 50. And what's interesting is that we don't seem to give up goals on slingshot, despite allowing three potential exit lanes with the central kick. Gus' kicking always worries me off half back. He's such an inconsistent user of the footy that I want him keeping it simple if he's getting the ball so much. Ideally, he's giving to a passing Salem, Bowey, McVee, May or practically anyone else in our defence. But he did get that central kick right to Brown at one stage, who took a good mark and using the corridor, we scored quickly. Perhaps it was Max going off that rattled us, but even before Max went off we were fumbly and never really in the contest, despite the score at the time. It was a truly incomprehensible display by the midfield. It's all well and good to have rotations and a midfield of Brayshaw, Viney and Harmes, but if you're going with that set up, you need to defend the front of the stoppage and that combination was dreadful, not helped by our rucking either. Our inability to defend forward fifty stoppages, where Brisbane are usually ultra dangerous, cost is severely all night really, but particularly early on. How much did Max's injury play into this psychologically and personnel wise?
  3. Well, it's tough now for JVR, because unless he's playing second ruck, it's likely TMac will keep his spot to play second ruck to Grundy.
  4. We were actually -26 for clearance at the break in play and then weirdly lost clearance by 2 after the restart.
  5. If we won some clearance, we'd overpower them. We lost clearance -28! Is that some kind of world record? A truly pathetic performance by our midfield unit tonight.
  6. Totally, that was absolutely it. As for Carlton as a threat, they rely on their two key forwards and Cripps and Walsh. Even though we rely heavily on Max, Clarry, Trac, May and Lever, it's the sophistication of our defensive system and organisation in transition that puts us ahead of Carlton. As for Collingwood, l'd be interested to see what happens if someone hard tags Daicos. I think they'd struggle to move the ball. We wouldn't tag, we'd just send an ANB or a Harmes to Daicos and try and exploit him/make him accountable the other way.
  7. He started forward and moved back later in his first year.
  8. Saad is like a small version of Sam Frost. Runs off half back like a hyperactive nuffy, with no idea where he's going half the time. Most times he turns the ball over and the occasional time he'll create a score by taking the game on. He's a liability for mine. But then we had posters on here complaining that we got rid of Frost, so what would I know? Also, why was Michael Voss crying? Calm down mate, you haven't won the flag.
  9. Ideally, no, but that's how this business unfortunately. I remember we used to go to games when there were 12,000 in attendance and we'd get flogged every week. Pretty different these days, because the fair weathers are back on, and attendances are healthier as a result. The trick is to not be down for decades like we were previously. Rebuild and do it properly by all means (although that's a philosophical discussion- do you top up ala Geelong or do you go the proper rebuild?), but it shouldn't take more than a decade to be fighting for a flag if you're a well run club.
  10. I reckon we get the kids of the kids of Melbourne supporters who became Hawthorn in the 80s. 😜 Only way to grow is through bandwagoners.
  11. Maybe we can pinch back all the bandwagon jumpers from the 80s that were Melbourne supporters?
  12. That's the most attacking combination. I loved it, because Kozzy can still defend and attack.
  13. It took Collingwood about 10-15 rounds before the run and gun stuff clicked. It worked sometimes tonight, but it's still not quite instinctive to give the handball and move the ball quickly with overlap, ala Collingwood. It was a good start however and winning by 8 goals without Fritsch, Viney, May and Salem, and an incredibly fumbly first half, we showed how powerful and devastating we can be when we're clean at ground balls. Our game flows beautifully from there, and with our midfield, if we can start to roll in this quicker, more corridor orientated gear, I think we're going to be very difficult to beat. It was obvious we were trying to be more attacking, which resulted in some unusual turn over kicks in the defensive half. It's still a case of getting to know the right time to flick the switch and go, because I think ultimately Collingwood's model is all duck, no dinner, it's one style, on the whole time. If we're going to make to the GF, we need to be able to play fast when appropriate and conserve energy at other times. All in all though, a great team win.
  14. How has no one fixed McKay's ridiculous kicking style yet?
  15. Well, I'll be having the most vegetarian of vegetarian pies at probably a going rate of $15 in the MCC, having a soy cappuccino and hoping that May's injury doesn't set us back too much. Meanwhile, I'll be hoping that I can control my swearing and incessant commentary a little better in preparation for bringing my son along next year and not annoying my family too much. I have one year left before bozo attends and I'd rather he wasn't a nuffy like me.
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