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  1. Im not getting to excited about a practice match, but i did enjoy that result.
  2. 100% spot on, give them a few years and they will be unstoppable.
  3. TBH it's not a bad thing, we've been clearance heavy for a long whil. But it is bad timing.
  4. Jumping the gun a bit, but with likely a bit of cash off the books after season 24 Tmac, BBB & Brayshaw it will be interesting what the club does. Load up in Petty? Or target who?
  5. Covid was already recovered, Gil wanted a bigger payout.
  6. I'm not saying he would fill the hole but i assume the depth would be handy. I guess we'll find out round 1. As I said hindsight is 20/20.
  7. Care to provide the lotto numbers as well?
  8. He might not have if he had opportunity
  9. I know hindsight is 20/20 but ouch....
  10. I think there is a good possibility the wheels fall off this year Lack of F50 firepower and a lot of young blokes and injuries could mean we lose constancy. I think you're naive in thinking all will be fine, but it will be an interesting watch how the boys respond throughout the year. All that being said I'm looking forward to the footy this year. Will that change in 4 weeks?
  11. Has been some good signs and some big flat spots but would be great to finish off with a bit of Thorstrop magic
  12. Agree on that, Bowy, Rivo, McVee, Billings are going to be integral to our ball movement, would like to see them hit targets consistently. Bowey and Billings have been good, surprisingly also Viney.
  13. A lot better ball movement this qtr/eight whatever
  14. Correct. I don't mind it though. We know we can play lockdown footy, it's the offensive exercution that kills us. Good to get some in game experience in.
  15. Anotehr poor turnover, another tigers goal.
  16. Good contest from verell and great run from Windsor
  17. I agree with you though, there are some bad signs. But, Koz looks good on the ball, just needs to clean up some disposal. Billings looks like a handy pick up. Roo looks rady to take the next step. But yes, careless turnovers will the ball are making us look second rate. And that is a big worry. But a lot of them are happening from the younger brigade.
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