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  1. Are you saying we are a fast team? Or are you just repeating narratives from games where everyone is a world beater?
  2. I agree, it is pretty boring and dosen't generate any excitement. But listening to Lamb yesterday, it sounds like its more about security and looking after the young players. Its a long season and they need to be ready. I trust the coaches on this.
  3. Hahaha we are scraping the barrel in this thread
  4. Love it or hate it. Dees get deals done
  5. Agree. All the best Hunty, you'll always be a Dee
  6. Pick 7 for Lobb and change. Pick 7 to dees with Freo 1st for Jackson. Funny how it all works out. If it pans out like that I'd say the deals were done a while ago.
  7. Nudges rumours are more plausable than this thread.
  8. https://7news.com.au/sport/afl/melbourne-utility-adam-tomlinson-in-the-mix-for-shock-move-to-third-afl-club-c-8330309
  9. I should have stated I was not directly commenting on what daisy said, but rather the political hijacking of current ssues. I have no issues with what daisy said, my concerns are around institutions and politicians deciding what we should feel and think. My comments were about the hypocrisy on both sides
  10. WTF has Spargo got to do with Trade rumours. Can we start a pointless jabber thread? or is this it?
  11. Just more white fellas telling black fellas what to think. Or is it as simple as if you disagree with me you are my enemy. What happened to moderation?
  12. Yep 100% on board with you @WERRIDEE We saw in the last 5 mins of tthe SF how damaging a good markign forward significantly improves our side. Unfortunetly BBB is not that player and T Mac was injured, but the mechinism should have been in place to throw Petty up forward to help Gawn and BBB. Lets hope for season 2023 we see a bit more flexibility and less injury interuptions.
  13. 100%, we have the cattle, it is all about leadership and flexibilty towards structure now.
  14. If we have Disco, Lever, May, Petty, Smith as KPD, surely one has to move forward. I know he is a preimeriship defender but i'd think Petth has to go forward in season 2023.
  15. Interesting anyalysis, isn't it. Not an easy list to really wrap your head around but creates good discussion. I've highlted 3 that off the top of my head i reckon we got a lot more out of last year and showed our lack of KPF depth in the the end. We really lacked T Mac as a solid CHF replacement, as well as a drop from (due to injuries/form) Level and Salem. We know Oliver, Tracc, Brayshaw, Gawn etc can play but really saw a drop from role players in some areas for FY 2022. Personally i would love to see some more flexibility in seasons 2023, and some young kids stand up like JVR, Bowey, Howes, Turner to give us that additional depth and flexibility.
  16. I haven't commented on anything post Friday night as I wanted to let the emotions die down. But i have to agree. I was on board (and still am) with the stategy that won as a flag last season. And I liked how Goody backed in his players and the plan. But from halfway through the season even us mug supporters could see that our offense was an issue. And the last 4 mins of the SF proved how wrong we were by not trying things. How good did we look with Petty taking grabs and being an ariel threat? I didn't buy in to the lack of creativity until i saw that. We butchered this season there is no doubt. Goody and the boys need to have a look in the mirror, we have enough defenders (all be it not always fit), to expeirment with a Smith as a KPD and Petty as a CHF. If we can't improve significantly in offensive conversion for season 2023 then dont' worry about turning up again.
  17. Thanks for sharing. I know a lot of people on here love to hate, but true or not it's good food for thought. And what would we talk about if no one shared? Thanks 🙏🙏🙏
  18. I think we are overlooking the Swans were able to stop out offense. Very concerning. All of the top teams have been able to stop us coring. It sounds stupid and simplistic but if teams bring the pressure and can score more than 80 points we will lose.
  19. Great convo mate .thanks for contributing.. I love the irony of you trying to insult me because you're upset about what I've got to say. Don't look in the mirror anytime soon mate
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