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  1. Good contest from verell and great run from Windsor
  2. I agree with you though, there are some bad signs. But, Koz looks good on the ball, just needs to clean up some disposal. Billings looks like a handy pick up. Roo looks rady to take the next step. But yes, careless turnovers will the ball are making us look second rate. And that is a big worry. But a lot of them are happening from the younger brigade.
  3. yes, but what would your rather. Kids get exposure and a run or lock tha game down in Feb?
  4. I think you need to look at it in presepective though. Lot of young kids and are not as clean as the Tigers on the turnover.
  5. About to say the same thing. Need to clean up the ball movement.
  6. I like Lauies skill and run, but a big question mark for me if he has the body and desire to put on physical pressure.
  7. Pup, how can you not love the kid already, a lot of fight in that dog.
  8. Roo looks our most likely up forward. I like Fritsch and Koz as smalls but will need to find a few more big targets.
  9. Wowee way to announce yourself young man
  10. Kynan Brown getting a run on the wing... interesting.
  11. I liked that ball movement. Fast and accurate was beautiful from that turnover.
  12. Oh dear, i am really saddended by this news. All the best Disco, here is to a quick and speedy recovery.
  13. I was excitied by some of the highlights i saw as well. As a trackwatcher DS are we getting a bit ahead of ourselves though, are teh match sims full on or just 13 v 13? What i mean by that is, it looks pretty now in Feb but come July/August it's cold and the game is on the line the F50 isn't quite so open.
  14. Have we dropped nibbler from the whippin boy list?
  15. Not a lot spoken about in the media or on this site about this guy. Was genuinely impressive when he took over from Hardwick and I'm personally excited for a new voice in to the coaching group and a slightly better style of play. Really excited to see what he bring sro the table for 2024.
  16. I do agree with your points and I've said the whole time I'd hoped they'd give it a go for one more year. But as the season went on something happened to splinter the relationship. (There obviously a lot of speculation about what it was but I have no idea, but it was bloody obvious to all watching). But back to my point was it round 5 vs Essendon? Grundy got towelled up, I'd argue he wasn't worth the cash. Edit. I also like that the real reasons haven't come out publically, it shows we were both respectful in parting ways. Otherwise it have been the brick McLean situation all over again.
  17. To be fair to the club, I think it was as much Grundy not being able to play as a forward as much as it was Melbourne's failure to utilise him. No point having 2x rucks that only play one position.
  18. Don't take it to heart. Media need to media or they won't get paid
  19. I 100% agree, but we have to put faith in the FD they know what they're doing.
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