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  1. I think he is meant to take over from Yze, which was roughly match day leadership.
  2. My comparison wasn't about their positions taht they play
  3. Because we're getting rid of Grundy tells me we're not going to bring in a player with similar attributes, if that makes sense.
  4. Most of the sports are also dominated by the "big" teams so they can usually afford to buy players as required. Take baseball for example, small clubs will ahve a small window to win with rookies and a stable core, then their talent will get poached as the players demand big $$$. I think that also drives the urgency to win now in US sport especially. I also find it hard to love a team when players move all of the time. But i wouldn't say eihter model (US or Aus AFL) is perfect, while they yanks don't have loyatly like us they do generally have integrity (i can't say i follow super close to know for sure, theer have alwasys been scandals) but i would say the AFL model is tainted as well as the AFL get too involved in outcomes either via the draft, fixturing, FA and trade restrictions and umpiting.
  5. Yeh i agree, Lever and May both took a season (called failures by a lot of Demonlanders) or two before they settled in. The biggest issue with the combo has been that they both can't play forward or have had litle effect going forward. Would we play only one at a time and can one (for example Max) be played exclusively as a forward in throughout the seaon? Would another offseason help the duo or have the cards already been stamped?
  6. Obviously the Clarry news has put this in teh background, but i see the Grund situation as being similar as the Oliver albeit that instead of behavioural issues there has been management/expectation issues. I wonder if it is possible for Goody or the club to put their arms around Brodie and say if we can't find you a home you'll play and shre the No.1 ruck spot with Max (but one or the other won't play every game). Interesting times. If teh realationship is dead though i doubt we will play hardball and i can see the above article being correct.
  7. Yeh this a rumor thread save the crying for the main page. @Nudge what else U got?
  8. Great news. First step in becoming more efficient and a better scoring team.
  9. Thats also what makes this offseason an interesting one.... will we stick with the plan or change it up a bit? I personally think we don't need to change a lot, but bugger me we need to fix F50 enteries and possession chains.
  10. Got to talk about something since there isn't much to talk about.... But i kinda agree with Corn, i don't agree we are "under pressure" but you could argue a few teams have gone past us this year. Will be a big off season for the Dees.
  11. Unless someone like Petty was involved. I doubt the Dees let Petty go, but if he has told the club he wants out, then that is a different stroy.
  12. Any indications of who the player is or when news might surface?
  13. Why would St kilda bother doing that? If the AFL let blatant draft tampering happen i am giving up my 30 year membership and support something else.
  14. If hes cheap can take a grab and kick a goal why not. Can't be any worse than an injured BBB
  15. They did it... they gave the pies a flag
  16. There hasn't been any news on Harmesy, i suspect he will be in the red and blue next year.
  17. i was about to comment the same thing..... Massive play haha Ralph what a [censored]
  18. They're just generating clicks, there is little to no real news ATM.
  19. Im all for rumors, and they should be taken at a grain of sale, but the above is 100% spot on. There is no way he would have signed if he was leaving.
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