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  1. Irregadless if we land anyone or not, i hope we are looking at a ready made. Pick 13 in this years draft seems pretty flat
  2. Interesting isn't it. As Dees supporters who have lived through it (the kicking out of experience for youth) it will be interesting to see what happens at the Hawks. I would love them to stay down the bottom for a a long time but they always find a way to rise again.
  3. 100% spot on, Whiel I agree we could only get what was on offer (thanks AFL and your terible restricctive rules) although there is a part of me that thinks every other bozo club plays hardball, we should have threatened to send him to the PSD and said pay up or F off and let him walk.
  4. Looks like the Dees are the only club getting deals done.....
  5. Looks like on face value it isn't part of the Jackson trade. Makes it a bit more interesting....
  6. It is as much about the AFL rules (inability to trade players to clubs without approval) as it is about Freo. If there was an actual threat the Jackson could have gone to WCE, we would have gotten a better deal. But the reality is that he was only ever going to Failo.
  7. While i do understand Jackson is uncontracted and could walk for nothing, and we have had some pretty generous compensation with players leaving in the past (Chip Frawley comes to mind), this trade will leave a bitter taste in our mouths. We should take it and move on, but i have zero sympathy for Failo, i hope they fail miserably. Lets hope we can do something with the picks
  8. Good luck to Weeds, i really did hope he could find his groove at the Dees, but it looks like it will never happen. I really do wish him all the best.
  9. It was created by the AFL, and now it is being exploited by teams who can manipulate the salary cap. The bit that stinks the most for me (and yes the MFC will do it as well), is how the cats can take on a contract and smooth out the terms. The contract should be honoured in full under the current terms. If that is possible why is pick 7 required to be traded out? Its a joke. The AFL is a joke when it comes to integrity of the competition.
  10. Was still exciting for 5 mins
  11. I reckon Schache wasn't far off.
  12. So if they don't offer picks, surely player get involved. Jackson's manager initiated this so he needs to sort it out. Otherwise Jacko walks or re-signs. Don't take unders. Make a stand
  13. Sounds like we will get that big fish KPF afterall
  14. See below I am not saying we have all slow players or always play slow but our game plan is slow and contested and our players are built for contest not speed. It really is a moot point becasue there is no real way to measure it against other clubs, but i stand by our game plan is contested and slow. We got beaten this year by teams who took us on outside of the contest with quick ball movement and leg spped. Again i am not saying we are unable to do that, but we were clearly unable to do it for long periods. Call it stamina or call it style, fact is we weren't good enought to compete with the faster sides so IMO that makes us not fast.
  15. I agree overall with what you've said, the key difference in our arguements is 2 part. a - our game plan is slow & Contested - but yes if we are winning the ball we look fast. b - Overall our players aren't fast. Compare us to essendon, we are a big bodied contested team, we are not fast.
  16. Plus it is about loyalty and buy in. Lots of posters on here sink the boots in the Hawks and their handling of players welfare and then in another thread posters are happy to bag out player or the club for rewarding loyalty and perfomance. Sorry for ranting SWYL, your point on protecting the kids is spot on.
  17. @Axis of Bob, @Damo has said it perfectly. On pure footspeed and gameplan we are not a fast side. You always look fast when you're winning. If you're going to argue we are fast state the criteria. If it is ball movement i think it's obvious we were not fast this year.
  18. Sure cheif, anytime a team wins they are world beaters, that in itself is an obvious statement. The reality is though we are not. Collingwood, Geelong and Sydney exposed us outside of the contest. We are not a fast side even if we look fast when we beat up on sides early in the season.
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