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  1. The basic reason is because we want to slow the ball down and create stoppages. If we don't score but slow the ball down it is a win. Teams are only scoring on us from transition/turnovers or stoppages. The ball is safe in our F50 unless we allow quick transition, which the pies were able to do in the 2nd half at will at times.
  2. I hope we do. Fact is though, that form says we don't. Our record against top 8 sides is extremely poor. Writing is on the wall
  3. C''mon Master, you know it's true. Might seem like an overreaction but i am pretty confident that offense is the new black and teh Dees can't match the best. We can kid ourselves about loading and bad luck all we want, the writing is on the wall. We have continually failed on teh big occasions. What exactly will change in 6 weeks? Not much
  4. Agree, i accept what you're saying. But to play devils advocate "pardon the pun", out system has consistently been broken by good teams this year in second halfs. I am not saying the MFC can not win it, i am saying based on form and talent, we lack the big guns and offesnsive capability the Pies and Cats have. We apparently pride ourselves on defensive pressure, but the Pies scored at an alarming rate and efficiency last night. You could argue until your blue if it is about coaching, personnel or form, but simple fact is the AFL want offense and will favor those teams who produce it. And in big games this year the MFC has failed time and time again to stop other teams run. It's the Pies and Cats season
  5. There I've said it. I am not jumping off the boys but facts are written all over walls based on performance. Its the Cats and Pies to win.
  6. Keep raining. I don't care how we best the pies as long as we beat them.
  7. I haven't checked this thread in a week. Good to see nothing has still happened 30 pages later
  8. I thought Mark Neelds coaching power point was quite impressive
  9. Maybe he reads demonland and will base his decision on the responses in this thread.
  10. AS long as we get adequately compensated, i tend to agree. While i would much rather he stay, i am not losing any sleep over it
  11. I think we need to wait a few more weeks to see if this is true or not. With Harmes out it all could have just been a coincidence? Or we have shuffled the decks to play Brayshaw in the middle.
  12. Agree. I like Weid. But just not up to it. Has no presence
  13. Time will tell Drop the next 4 and loading might be irrelevant.
  14. Marketing arrangements the ASA and media also come into it. Plus the obvious of being part of a good side
  15. Brayshaw pretty much confirmed this in his interview this morning. Key takeaways for me were, Team needs to buy into their roles for longer and hard to be ultra competitive for 25 weeks. Take from that what you will but I am hoping the boys are preparing to go another level later in the year when it counts. But to the point of the story, I think teams have made it harder for us. And this is due to evolution of the game and afl house wanting fast ball movement. Injury plays a part as well. We will see what happens, good test for the team to work through the issues.
  16. To be fair to @old55 the team has been doing that all year. Bailey is a prime candidate for burning team mates. But there have been multiple other examples all year.
  17. Just to be clear, i am commenting from the cheap seats, i do not know what the culture inside the 4 walls is. But you'd be remiss to think that there have not signs of some cultural issues appearing on field. Statistically we have completely dropped off in some offensive and defensive numbers. I do not know if this is because of changes in the game or cultural or what, but it is there and is worthy of discussion.
  18. Will be interesting to see how this plays out if the LJ news is true.
  19. Settle down, this is not a legal office, it is a footy forum/fan site.
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