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  1. An outside smokey or odds on?
  2. I don't think we shold pretend we'd have won a flag with Parish instead of Clarry.
  3. Genuinely excitied if this is true, make me wonder though if this is some sort of plot from Freo to get ND5 back.... :)
  4. Whats the bet WC get up now?
  5. Where has this Oscar Allen fantasy come from?
  6. Ralph needs to stop reporting on Essendon big footy trade ideas. Wouldn't we just rather Georgiadis?
  7. I don't think we'll get him but I reckon he would compliment Oliver and Viney.
  8. Darcy Parish seems available. Personally i'd rather take our picks to the draft, but that is an interesting watch.
  9. Agree, the risk and reward factor. I do think you could probably accuse a lot of players in bad teams of those attributes though, I guess you'd call it the art of coaching, getting the most out of players and getting them to buy in. Im not saying it would work, but if he could buy in to the Melbourne way he'd be a very handy player. And rumours are Norf are willing to part with him.
  10. If GWS get up they could play the Blues again in first week of the finals
  11. Now that is stuff of fantasy, would love to get Holmes but he isn't going anywhere. It is early you never know, but i don't think so at this stage. I think a more realistic target could be Tarryn Thomas, bit of a rascal but can play. Forward and mid adds something we dont' have a lot of. And apparetnly on the outer at North.
  12. Sounds like it was the same people who helped us dodge the bullet of picking toby greene in the pick swap with GWS (was the Dom Tyson trade i believe).
  13. Wrong thread...... Oh wait... Haha thanks for sharing
  14. So no rumours in the trade rumours thread again this year?
  15. Yeh the egirls and Norf are flying. We are too inefficient going forward to win the flag. Hot tip - I'd U can't kick more than the opposition you won't win. I won't be surprised if we bow out in straight sets. We win a lot of the ball but can't hot the side of barn when the heat is on.
  16. You might be right, and I agree they won't change anything. Fritsch isn't the mesiah, let's not kid ourselves. The style we play we need tell marking forwards. Facts don't change that we are too inefficient to be a real contender. We're good enough to win on our day but if it's not our day forgot about it
  17. With petty out and not a lot of options I'd consider throwing May up forward. We seem to have a glut of defenders and a lack of quality up forward.
  18. I think Petty is a viable option, but i generally agree with the rest of your summation.
  19. This, if we can't be clean and hit targets in finals, don't worry about it.... We have a couple weeks to work out the balance with Oliver back, but the awkward truth is the midfield was better balanced with Oliver out. What does that mean? I think we carry too many one dimensial players in the middle, and our Forward line is not strong enough to overwhelm opponents. Grundy/Gawn are a great ruck combo, buf both are not forwards and it is hurting our balance. I think Petty out hurt the balance as well, can hit a pack, take a grab and kick a goal. We lacked that last night.
  20. I think people are jumping the gun here, Flagmantle look like they want to finish off the season strong. They could win the next 2.
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