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  1. Im pretty sure hes a FA. I don't think players will be invoived in this deal unless we are offering goodwill to someone ie Harmes/Tommo
  2. Apparently he didn't actually say that, but i say that without knowing the quote myself. It is just what i've heardon the grapevine.
  3. Leigh Matthews would disagree with you BB But i personally did want to see Grundy come in and fairytale our problems. One way or another Goody will either be a genuis or an outcast tonight.
  4. Some would argue rucks aren't important. But i think im with you Clint, i'd have liked to seen Grundy play. Truth is though he hasn't shown a lot this year to fill you much confidence.
  5. I saw this thread and thought this will explode tonight one way or another.
  6. Tigers won a premiership with a wingman as a backup ruck.
  7. Wow I really thought this was an opportunity for Grundy to step up. Him not in the side says a lot. We either don't rate him or don't consider him a Melbourne person anymore. Don't expect huge deal for him. Disappointing but will be good to move on for both.
  8. True, Our execution in the forward half is woeful, it's hard to be optimistic after that. Even though i know it was tough conditions, Collingwood played well and defended excellently, no one stood up. Koz was our closest but great teams have those great players who stand up when needed, and we didn't have that last night. Really disappointing.
  9. That's the sad truth brother. Fingers crossed for Gus but it's not good news.
  10. I'm on board. At least play the bastard. He'd be no worse than Tmac.
  11. Haha optimistic I like it. We're not good enough it's that simple
  12. I'm upset because we should have won that, as bad as they played they could have won against the odds, but fudge me can they [censored] up opportunities. Butchers
  13. Waste of a golden generation more like it. I know we're missing some key personnel but bugger me out failure to execute offensively will be their signature.
  14. [censored] they should have played Grundy tonight. Tmac offered zero. Grundy would have at least pinched hit in the ruck.
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