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  1. Sheil has a connection to Williams at dees, I wonder if there is a sneaky chance? Also good work by the hawks, bombers and cats for holding everything up.
  2. So this looks like its booked in to be a trade deadline blockbuster.... The trade period cold have been wrapped up Friday
  3. I don't think it is realistic though. Unless Petty does a Grundy, he's in the red and blue next year. The MFC have no obligation to let him go.
  4. I said this in the Petty thread and i'll repeat it here. Petty is a keeper, he's contracted until the end of 2025. If he wants out before then the crows will need to pay up and pay up big, if they don't then don't worry about it. We want Petty and anything less than 2 top 10 picks won't be enough.
  5. Corn thinks it is a good idea..... haha yep we'll just give up a need becuase Corn says so.... This trade shouldn't go ahead unless we get two top end picks. Guy is 22 and KPF. If he walks in 2 years so be it, but pay up or shove off.
  6. With all the fa compensation and draft assistance getting around I don't think draft picks really hold a lot of value. We might overpay for him, but what does that really mean if it's for a player which won't be ready to play for at least 3 years from now on average is unlikely to make it.
  7. AFL / media need to generate interest in their product. This is all that this is. If it happens or not time will tell but all of this "negotiating" is media driven click bait to fill in time for what generally is a pretty boring time. Most deals are agreed to in principle before they happen.
  8. Spot on, that proposed trade is junk.
  9. Unless that turns in to pick 1, would we do it? We can get out pick back... haha
  10. AFL needs some excitement for next Wednesday night....
  11. Crows don't have the draft capital to get it done
  12. I know he can kick, but isn't he just another Fritsch? Aren't we lacking a bonadife tall? Doesn't fill a need is what i mean.
  13. All the best JH, you'll always be a much loved Demon and a member of a specil club. All the best at the dogs.
  14. With the Petty news floated recently this might have some merrit. I don't think that deal cuts it by any means but interesting times ahead. Not sold on Fogarty, but i trust our FD know what they're doing.
  15. THis is an interesting watch. As hes contracted and a required player we'd want a decent return, what did we pay for Lever, i'd assume the compensation should be equivalent to that.
  16. Well done Tracc.... Does he have to play more forward for us to be successful next year? I think so.
  17. Probably tells you all you need to know about why he won't be there next year and why he didn't play at the end of the year.
  18. Trade radio mentioned potential clubs as Cats, Pies and Bombers. I won't be expecting a trade haul for Harmes, but second would be a win.
  19. No offical news yet, but trade radio reckons he will move.
  20. All the Best Jimmy J, i wanted you to stay but can understand why you're off. All the best young man, except against the Red and the Blue
  21. Thats an interesting point. I wonder if the Swans will move on some excess....
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