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  1. This pre season is going from bad to worse. If MD plays due to injuries we are absolutely shot. Great he has overcome obstacles but another injury prone player from a bottom club. Complete waste of time
  2. Buckenara is spot on. It really is a depressing but accurate assessment. We have been bad for years and a seven year rebuild has changed nothing. Bartlett is delusional about this list. An absolute non negotiable if we are to improve is offload TMac and get B Brown.
  3. If this GWS story is true massive for Dees. We should be moving heaven and earth to get Brown. TMac has been a great servant but he is part of our problem not part of our solution
  4. Petracca will look good in a cats jumper in 2023. They will need another top up by then.
  5. What free agent will Richmond snap up next. Seeing Lynch run around for them confirm equality in the AFL is an illusion.
  6. We were spared humiliation by not playing the Weagles. Seriously the top teams in this comp are in another league compared to us. The Weagles have a deep list we simply have to many D grade players.
  7. The biggest plus for me is for the first time in years we have a genuine superstar in Petracca. He make the game worth watching. Rising the ladder in the AFL is hard if not nigh on impossible. With a draft it should be equal but how since 1987 does West Coast miss the finals 8 times and Geelong in the last 15 years only miss top 4 four times. They have thing we don’t like large memberships; permanent home base. They also have stability. As dfficult as it is now is not the time for instability. We need to support the CEO in the search for new home this issue alone is a massive impediment.
  8. Ralphy just cleared up the Bennell issue he evidently confused the Maroochydore hub for pub an easy thing to do after a few schooners.
  9. We can never escape Melbourne even when where barracking for Freo. I swear it Dees running in Freo jumpers
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