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  1. Not much in the game. Biggest factor is Bont is a superstar. Thought Viney was very good big positive. As for the umpiring it make the game unwatchable. There is simply no logical explanation for the free kick count. Inexplicable plus throwing is clearly allowed.
  2. Good stuff by BB contesting hard. For the haters that must hurt
  3. Tackle dogs play on there are two different set of rules
  4. The umpires just lack any game awareness. Papley is a serial ducker and get rewarded with a free which leads to a goal. Umpires should black book players like Daniher and Papley and assume they are effectively cheating.
  5. All the permeations mean diddly keep winning it becomes irrelevant
  6. If we win the flag I so hope Viney plays a blinder to shove it up so called supporters. Absolute heart and sole player.
  7. Sorry but if you have beaten every top 8 side you have played you deserve to top the ladder. Full stop.
  8. Absolutely spot on. Went apoplectic over that non decision
  9. Yes it was woeful but calm the farm where still clear on top of the ladder. We are being hunted by teams who lift there intensity. It is so disappointing where not responding but we are still in pole position. Those two points are invaluable. Rivers showed his inexperience when he bombed that ball. He will learn from that. For those who say we won’t finish top 4 take a grip where 2.5 games clear of fifth. Our best is good enough just need to find it. Doesn’t help when the umpiring is shameful. Summed up by the mark in the last where Hibberd touched it and then it hit the ground. Also duck your head and smash it into a Dees player hey presto fee kick. It was horrendous.
  10. Rivers blind kick cost us the game in the end but we were pathetic and the umpiring was pathetic
  11. Losing is one thing listening Luke to Darcy is another thing. He actually barracks
  12. Hawthorn are out working us pure and simple. But my god umpiring that 50 set a standard. Hawthorn player ran into one of our who marked and nothing.
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