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  1. Cripps should have been rubbed out but he a great player and would love him in our midfield. Clayton at a clear disadvantage he has great mid fielders taking votes off him. It tough on Clarry
  2. So agree Dees were woeful. Just so many excuses for what was a soulless performance. Supporters were let down so much. Watching Lions make you sick they are just average.
  3. It really is inexplicable it has to be linked to fitness preparation. But the complete lack of football common sense and flexibility is astounding. Seriously we are back to the bad old days. Massive chance we slide down the ladder.
  4. Make a change and see what happens Goody lack of change is a liability
  5. Have to agree just same crap week after week. The writing was on the wall in the second quarter.
  6. You would think the goals were in the pocket
  7. Jackson goal such a stupid play so typical
  8. Make some changes we just do the same week after week
  9. How is it we never have any space in F50 but Lions have acres
  10. Sparrow brain fade BBB brain fade uninspiring
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