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  1. Clarry flat footed? Harsh very harsh. Thought he was outstanding. Not Gawn best game but stood tall when needed him. Some of the criticism of our players are way to strong but hey it a free world.
  2. Those who bag Melk ignore the class factor
  3. Met GS at the Ormeau tavern where Qld Dees supporters gathered. Really enjoyed his posts pity he has retired his posting as had a deep knowledge of the club and game
  4. No negatives none most complete performance in 50years following Dees
  5. Some of the comment about Melksham on this site are ridiculous. He a class player. Also dropping Jones one game out from 300 would be a disgrace. Heart and soul of club.
  6. For all the Melksham haters take a deep breath. Give the guy a break he been out for ages
  7. This is the best Melbourne team since early 90s when Schwarta and Lyon were doing there thing. The day we wiped Blues in a final was the pinnacle. Have been watching for 50 freakin years
  8. BT May will get a few staples and be back on! Good call
  9. 16 losses to Geelong and 187 no win is sweeter. Duckwood how good watching him blow up
  10. Can someone tell BT to just shut up
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