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  1. Not a lock in the best 22? Wash your mouth out.
  2. Right idea from Bill to take the corridor but poor execution.
  3. Yep, exactly this. It’s all good to rack up 35+ a week at Casey but when you kick out, dump kick out of D50 and consistently lose 1 on 1’s, the stats on the eye really don’t paint/tell the full picture/story.
  4. Jeffo getting his hands on it early. So much better without the extra tall. One of Brown or Schache is ok. But both + Jefferson? No good.
  5. People seem very surprised that our kids struggle against seasoned VFL players. Melksham, Spargo, Brown, Hore, Schache, McAdam (2nd quarter), Hunter (half time) and those missing from last year (JJ, Dunstan Harmes, Munro) not being there as senior players around the younger guys unfortunately is detrimental and it shows 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. BBB in for who? No chance. Surely. Bowey will come straight back in.
  7. Goody confirmed in his presser that McAdam wouldn’t play against Carlton because it’s a short break off the Geelong game. A marathon not a sprint.
  8. Richo was pretty adamant McAdam would get at least one more week at Casey after only playing 2.5 quarters against Richmond last week. No need to rush I don’t think. But excited for when he does finally debut. X - Factor 🔥
  9. Melksham has said for a while and publicly that his aim is to be available by Kings Birthday. Bowey is close. Outside chance for Carlton but more likely the week after.
  10. Not all talls come through and dominate straight away. Some take time, hence Melbourne extending his contract to 26’ so early because they were and are aware of that.
  11. Stats look good on paper. Tomlinson had 37 and was average. Had 4 kicked on him. Kicked out of full back and dump kicked at least 50% of his possessions. Hunter was caught doing too much. A few nice things but he shouldn’t be anywhere near the 22.
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