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  1. I don't know what the [censored] this means. I'm just here to say Sigur Rós, nice!
  2. Reminds me of Junior. Tough bugger. Big fan.
  3. Oliver and Tomald match winners. I wanted Tomald to go back, I was wrong about that, but I’m not a fan of Petty at all. Looks a level below everyone. Jomes Jerdan was great, hard at it. Looks like he’ll end up one of those reliable, tough accumulators. Love Spargo’s work rate, that checkside was so cool in traffic. I didn’t mind Melksham’s game, did some nice things. Love how Gawn stepped up and said ok Hickey, that’s enough I can’t stand Papley, worst celebrations in sport. May ?
  4. Useless Bulldogs really let Richmond off the hook. Could’ve put some serious ladder pressure on them.
  5. David King blowing his load over Richmond pressure “no one can handle this” next minute... We handled it, Geelong handled it, it’s not some overpowering monster, deal with it for half an hour and it becomes a game of footy.
  6. Hodge having to explain to a professional commentator what an intercept is.
  7. His post trade week interview is up there with Jacko on Open Mike as my favourite sport interviews ever. Massive fan of train wreck TV.
  8. He was such a character. I’ve never met him but we had some top banter on ol ‘ology.
  9. Yeah, Eddie said one of the dangers was the pressure, big money to perform in all industries can get to you and you can fall on your head, which lead to Lloydy bringing up Grundy lol. Eddie didn’t sound like he was against Trac getting a long term deal though, as much as it was killing him inside that he’ll never go to Collingwood.
  10. Not that low, they were getting coffee not Afghan rugs.
  11. Worst barbie he’s ever had, couldn’t taste any of it.
  12. Can this thread kindly [censored] off.
  13. Please. Poor man’s Jake Stringer more like.
  14. What a trip, I was just wondering about GSmith (Graeme) a couple of days ago and thought about posting, enquiring about what he’s up to. Glad to hear he’s enjoying retirement. We had a good rapport. I remember Rono (TGR) calling this place Strawberry Fields, because it was all positivity and niceties. Yeah nah, add that to the list of [censored] he got wrong. Haven’t seen him around for a while. What about Rollo? Is he still around?
  15. I believe that comes back next week. Would’ve been just so hard to submit teams on 4 days notice this week. I can’t imagine the high level intelligence and technologies needed to complete that impossible task.
  16. Not sure why anyone is worried about the money. We’ve signed all the pillars, unless we get done for cap breach, don’t worry about it. Jetta, Jones, Melksham, Hibbo, Tomald all on the way out. Kids like Kozzie and Jackson aren’t signing money deals until they’re at least 23. It’s an odd realisation I know, but we seem to know what we’re doing
  17. STPSD Shpuld’ve Taken Petracca Stress Disorder
  18. Collingwood will want a bigger fish than Weideman. They didn’t clear all that cap for someone that has only shown a bit. Someone like Ben King (contracted until 2022) would be more what they’re after. And replacing an aging midfield.
  19. I believe he is/was injured during or after the Hawthorn game. Ankle. Should be back just in time to get picked ahead of Weid.
  20. BREAKING: Sam Weideman will be testifying for the prosecution.
  21. That’s ridiculous. There’s 8 blokes in contests with limbs flying everywhere. Accidents happen. You can fly through the air, knee someone in the back of the head and take a mark, one of the highlights of world sport. Are we going to outlaw that too? If you want to completely protect the head, end the sport or use robots.
  22. Even if we lose the appeal I’m very happy the club continues to do the right thing in my eyes. Dunno what happened to the club I used to know, but the recent version ticks all the boxes.
  23. It wasn’t stupid at all. It happens all the time. If you misjudge the speed of the player coming in your arm doesn’t extend. There’s a photo of Brayshaw doing the exact same thing to Simpkin floating around on this site somewhere. And it bounced off his shoulder. Looks bad. It wasn’t bad.
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