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  1. So it comes down to strategic training loads as is indicated by the doggies camp for their slump just before the finals?
  2. Young and Bold v tired & old
  3. Geelong has had a easy run in their backline and facing very mediocre pressure up forward. Dees by 30+ Friday night
  4. I was sad to see him go too. This dedication to the team and not the individual has see some of the current players develop in a winning team. Why would it be any different if Jack stayed at the club and was given the opportunities to developed a defensive, team orientation mindset along with them.
  5. Obvious Greene had a brain fade from his inability to justify his actions when questioned about it later in a post match interview. Angry little man!
  6. Smith stays. First player in weeks able to stay with Cameron and stop his goal fest
  7. And to top off that mark did anyone notice Hawkins look around for someone to blame!
  8. Jordon will be back. I have been so impressed with Sparrow's energy, marking and contested possession abilities. Some other shortcomings can be rectified. I expect we will be impressed with what's to come with this young man's game in the finals. So excited!
  9. Daisy Pearce has the temperament and the footy smarts to be the first female AFL coach. Come on Daisy, blaze the trail!
  10. The media have been notable quiet when it comes to reporting on the Dees achievements so far this year. Is this an advantage for us as we head into the finals?
  11. Begs the question " Why did this AFL club continue with this man as their Captain' I remember a game a few years ago when Sloane was concussed and in his confusion refused to get off the field. It was Eddie Betts who went straight to Slaone to support him off the field while Tex was unmoved in the forward line.At the time I was thinking Eddie showed more leadership than that boofhead. Could have made a difference to the Crows culture if changes were considered then.
  12. Harmes had similar stats the million dollar Man. Brayshaw is the after party band leader. Both say in!
  13. When we start to get the ascendancy I watched on in awe at the Dees desperation in the 2nd quarter. 5 minutes to go- tackle by Jordon then Spargo followed by Jackson then win the ball up and go forward. Also loved the smiles all round after a huddle before starting the third quarter. The Tigers are renowned for their fighting spirit but the players weren't concerned. Out there to enjoy Jones 300.
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