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  1. Great solid team win! Too [censored] and excited to write more. Matheson is a dirty dog!
  2. Unfortunately, I think he’s gone.
  3. Like it. Weid needs a solid run, and at his age and with his potential, he is the future KPF we need. What a back up in BBB if he doesn’t perform
  4. And while we’re at it ... how about Brayshaw getting $2k fine for tripping. I’d be very [censored] off if I was him!!
  5. “God help me - I was only 19“
  6. If he keeps playing the way he is, he will absolutely be part of our future. He had a great game on the weekend and I’d be totally shocked and disappointed if he’s dropped this weekend. I’m incredibly proud of Tommy and the way he’s got his body right and fought back from a tough year or two, and going up for trade. He deserves some success. Bloody impressive turnaround so far!
  7. 6.Petracca 5.Lever 4.Oliver 3.Gawn 2.Salem 1.Viney
  8. No change makes sense. I want to see someone absolutely bang the door down to get selected
  9. Some good points Nev! Why Gus in this role - I don’t understand. Can’t he be used in the guts to deliver more impact. Use a less damaging player as defensive winger?
  10. Peter Landy’s commentating!! Drew Morphett’s bloody haircut! Wooden benches at the G Interestingly, 4 N Twenty pies still tastes the same today
  11. Zero clearances to 8 this quarter... although Max getting plenty of hit out
  12. “It was Collingwood's fourth game in 14 days and it showed, as it suffered some uncharacteristic defensive breakdowns”. This is a telling quote from an article today. So while this was one of the best wins I’ve seen in recent times, I think we need to reflect carefully, rotate a couple of our guys around based on form, and with an eye towards having a larger list of ‘match fit’ players for our period of multiple 4 day breaks. Play Preuss if Max not fully fit, bring in Bennell.
  13. Surgery on calves, to remove a minor muscle that inflamed nerve. Great diagnosis and reasonably new or innovative surgery if I remember correctly. Hence he can now train well and get fit without major setback (so far... touch wood).
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