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  1. The way we are playing, not looking forward to Geelong & Hawthorn. Serious record setting embarassment to come.
  2. I haven't had a pie, but I've got the same feeling.
  3. Our percentage went from 28 to 35 - that's got to be a positive.
  4. I was trying to get new members across, but after today, looks like i've lost them to the tigers. What a pity.
  5. Still can't believe we've been handed a home game on Easter Sunday at 1:10pm at the G against a low drawing interstate side!!! Could've been worst - docklands. 21,750
  6. Obviously hatred of other teams stems from the supporter base that surround us at games. For me, Whorethorn stands out as the worst supporter base in the AFL - arrogant, born to rule attitude they have makes me ill. My blood begins to boil the week leading up to when we need to play them - bloody cockroaches!!!
  7. The next best feeling after a Demons, win is a dawks grand final loss. Absolutely hate that team with a passion & at the moment I'll cherish the night. Might even watch the replay.
  8. Im in Rome at the moment on holidays & couldnt wait to get up at 8:40am to listen to the live telecast via afl.com.au. I put up with the crap until half time. So disappointing. Hope there will be some big changes for next week - on & off the field. We cant go on like this.
  9. In: Casey Scorpions Out: Melbourne Demons Just play all on our list. I couldnt give a f*** about this year any more.
  10. Even if we begin winning, it will take years to earn respect. A combination of losses, lack of money over the years & 2nd oldest premiership drought, has resulted in this situation. We sit amongst the bottom 4. In everyones mind, thats where we belong indefinitely.
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