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  1. Ugly win, but we were by far the better side. I have been increasingly worried that some of our wins earlier in the season came more from moments of individual brilliance rather than our system, so I was particular pleased to see a system based win. We now have to work on our polish otherwise we won't get past Collingwood on Monday. Good chance it's been posted already, but expected scores had us winning very easily.
  2. You'd reckon Hardwick would be absolutely filthy this got out. He didn't want his players to find out this way and to have someone close to him run to Tom Morris of all people, must be particularly galling.
  3. What Port did required a response, but "flying the flag" is a notion from a bygone era. All it does if give away feekicks, possible reports and definetely distracts us from what actually counts, which is winning the contested ball or applying immense pressure on them if they have it. Leave the umpires to sort out these [censored] tactics (which they did to a certain extent), play harder within the rules and win the game. Then those nonsense tactics will stop.
  4. Best guess to where Petty will be playing @kev martin?
  5. Carlton footy club is the very definition of meh. I feel absolutely nothing for them.
  6. That was a horrible non call by the umps in the Magpie goalsquare. Gonna get some airtime this week.
  7. Millera having a mare today. Been much better in the other Adelaide games I’ve seen this year.
  8. Zerk-Thatcher on Hawkins was a disaster.
  9. Dwayne Russell said this week he won’t rule out Richmond until they need to win 10 of the remaining 9 games to make the finals. He can be quite nauseating at times.
  10. Couldn’t agree more. Big step up from VFL to AFL these days and I actually liked quite a bit of his work. He was also on the wrong end of some eyebrow raising decisions against him in the last quarter. Definitely think he deserves another go to get up to speed. Where that leaves Petty I’m not sure.
  11. They both fitted in the team fine before Spargo injury. Why can’t that continue?
  12. JVR 5, Schache and Kozzy 3 each. Not sure who kicks the other 15 goals. North were witches hats the last two weeks and whatever resistance they muster won’t last long. And as I’m a supporter, it doesn’t matter if I’m taking them lightly. MFC by 60+ 😁😁
  13. I think you’re right. Good chance it would have already faded if not for the continued focus by the media and club. People hate being told what to do. The animosity towards him is because there are thousands and thousands of young people out there that would do anything to play AFL. They would play anywhere and for anyone, so to see this kid blessed with all this talent, walk out on the club that drafted him number 1 after just 12 months really angers them. JHF had everything all these young people have dreamt about all their lives and he still demanded more.
  14. Yes the forward line hasn’t been settled and is a work in progress, BUT it has been effective. Second most points scored at an average of 105 points per game. So my suggestion is don’t panic and enjoy the journey as we continue to discover our best forward mix while still putting points on the board.
  15. Yeah, just cramp. Was stretching it out for a while before he totally missed that kick and was subbed immediately after.
  16. One of the reasons this combo can work so well is that both players are at the stages of their careers (and lives) that they are completely team orientated. They have nothing left to prove for themselves and are therefore prepared to do whatever is required to help the team win a premiership. If one is running hot out of he middle, the other is happy to leave them there and do another role.
  17. Out of the three games Petty's played forward, only Richmond had any obvious defensive and intercept worries, and if you believe the footy media, that was because Richmond were deliberately kicking the ball to grass to mitigate our intercept marking strength. Petty's presence down bvack instead of one of the smalls would have likely made the situation worse.
  18. I don't understand how posters have already totally written Schache off already either. Most consistent Casey VFL watches were convinced he was the most likely to get the call up ahead of JVR before Schache got his concussion. When he returned he was clearly Casey's best tall against Essendon VFL.
  19. You don't see Petty as an option as one of the two tall forwards? Every time this year that we have had both May and Lever available, the coaches have played Petty forward. Given TMac, BBB and as far as we know Schache were all fit to play on Monday night, Petty is definitely in the coaches considerations for that spot right now.
  20. @Demonland @binman @george_on_the_outer Thanks again for a great podcast. Interesting discussion about the forward mix. I crunched some numbers looking at team performance based on where Petty plays. The numbers at least show things clearly work better with him forward. Lots of other variables possibly influencing things of course. Another factor that I think comes into this is that because some opposition teams are deliberately getting the ball to the ground in our backline to take away our intercept marking strength, our coaches are only going with two talls (May and Lever if fit), which means Petty doesn't have a spot down back.
  21. It's these sort of numbers as well as comments Goodwin has made that make me think Petty will be persisted with up forward. I am pretty sure the green ones are on the side of the ledger that we want them to be.
  22. I just rewatched that passage of play. It was a desperate, full stretch dive by Gus to reach the ball and deny a Richmond player taking possession. That was his sole objective. There is no way he had any further designs on the direction or distance the ball travelled after that. All he wanted to do was deny easy possession for his opponent. The rule is not there for that sort of thing. 13:05 remaining on the clock in the second quarter if anyone wants to watch again.
  23. I can confirm there were plenty of Richmond supporters there. The aisles were full of them heading to the exits very early into the final quarter when we were less than 2 goals up. Don’t let Tiger supporters claim they are thing more than one of the most fickle supporter groups in the league.
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