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  1. I don’t read everything that comes out of the club, so I obviously missed where the club admitted that. Or are you confusing an actual fact with a Demonland “fact”.
  2. So if Gawn plays the next two weeks, you will interpret that as proof the club is panicking?
  3. The kid thing is interesting. To me he is a kid, with all the naivety and lack of maturity and experience that goes along with that. To my son (20) and many around his age, he is a spoiled brat who has been given an opportunity that so many kids that age would die for, yet he ran home to mummy.
  4. If a team is playing an opposition only once in the season, playing that game at a neutral venue is the most fair way to do it isn’t it?
  5. I often think the stories about certain players that get on the MFC socials are there by design to prepare supporters for likely changes, debuts etc etc.
  6. Surely the doctors and conditioning staff can decide that.
  7. Huge stretch to suggest the potential of Gawn being selected is a sign of panic. There is NO WAY he plays if he’s not ready.
  8. I think Ken Hinkley has mis-read the room too by calling JHF's decision to go home a "courageous" one. Could very well have inflamed things even more. Most people I know think it was anything but brave to walk out on the team that drafted you No. 1 after 12 months.
  9. It's taken until Monday morning for me to even think about posting anything. All I have to say is that I was ok to give them a mulligan for the Brisbane loss. There were enough mitigating circumstances around that one. However to play the way we did against Essendon? I can't see a reason for it, and in all honesty, it's eroded away some of the very high trust I had built up with them. We've all become so used to see us play a certain way, and for it to suddenly go missing like that is puzzling to say the least. It will take a while before the confidence returns to the very high level it was prior to Saturday.
  10. Goody is not a coach that plays games and lies. Very much the opposite.
  11. It appears the honeymoon is over at Arden St. How soon before we get a crack at them?
  12. I’d prefer it the other way round myself.
  13. Are there any players you’d like us to be irrationally critical of? This is the DL Gameday thread after all, where pretty much compulsory for all posters.
  14. Looking forward to the commentators going ape droppings every time Tippa goes anywhere near the ball. /endsarcasm
  15. His was a funny. What was the Sydney player trying to show the umpire? IMG_0356.MOV
  16. Good one tiges. Don’t stand on the mark to the guy 60m out. Let him waltz to 50 and kick the goal. Lovely.
  17. Were membership numbers required to purchase tickets?
  18. Yeah, the crowds at the two double-header’s are going to be very interesting. Looking forward to hear from those at the ground what it’s like because I don’t think the broadcasters will be very honest with the crowd size, especially during the first half of our game.
  19. It’s been putrid this quarter.
  20. He’s a disaster. 40’s is generous. Be close to 60 I would have thought.
  21. Haven’t seen that much blood coming out of a head gash for a long time!!!
  22. Cochrane’s a big part of their problem. The media love him which I just don’t understand. Surely the buck has to stop with him for the list management disaster that ended up with Bowes and Pick 7 going to Geelong. Most other clubs would have been rightly crucified for that mess.
  23. He’s unfinished, but there’s plenty to work with. He will be an interesting watch but could very well justify his draft position in 5 years.
  24. We’re big fans of the time slot and Friday night double header in my household, but the footy fans here are a tradie apprentice who starts and finishes early, a uni student and myself that works from home. Won’t suit everyone.
  25. Interesting forecast from BoM. "Chance of Thunderstorm" could be significant or absolutley nothing and the "1 to 20 mm" is really hedging their bet. I think with Gawn out of the side, we are ok height wise even if it does get wet. I think we'll have either Laurie or JJ as the sub as a little protection if it does get real wet and a tall sturggles.
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